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Donnie Fox is a hero from the RTAverse who is part of the Journey team. A gentle young man against violence who attended a Hero Camp, Donnie headed through the portal to become a true hero.

Donnie is a main character of Fantendo - Journey. Reception has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Journey

Physical Appearance

Donnie is a rather large 17 year old latino male who is pretty tall. He has light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and buzz-cut black hair. He usually wears a striped blue t-shirt, a light grey hoodie, light blue jeans, and brown leather boots. He has a bit of facial hair.


Donnie lacks any real superpowers, but is very strong due to his size and skilled at combat because of his combat training at the Hero Camp. He is a heavy hitter who is surprisingly agile and athletic for his size, and good at predicting the opponent's moves.

Donnie is also pretty intelligent and has had training in strategy, being able to formulate plans quickly and change them if needed to.


Donnie is shy and isn't good with words, being a bit clumsy and naive at social interaction. Because of this, he doesn't always express his opinion and is occasionally a doormat.

Underneath it, he's very polite and gentle, liking to befriend people and comfort them in times of sadness, as well as help out those in need. He dislikes violence, but recognizes that it's a part of life and uses it to defend innocent people if he must.





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