Donkey Konga: Diddy's Ditty

Donkey Konga Diddy's Ditty Boxart

DK Diddy's Ditty Boxart GO

Developer(s) Nintendo

Bandai Namco Studios

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Composer(s) Toru Minegishi

Ryo Nagamatsu

Platform(s) Nintendo Switch

Nintendo DSGo

Genre(s) Music
Predecessor Donkey Konga 2

Donkey Konga 3 (JP)

Available Input DK Bongos

DK Keyboard

Donkey Konga: Diddy's Ditty is a 2020 music game for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo DSGo developed by Nintendo and Bandai Namco. It is the fourth installment of the Donkey Konga series and uses the remastered DK Bongos and the brand new DK Keyboard.

The game includes over sixty songs and the option to load MIDI files using a micro SD card. Unlike previous installments in the series, popular songs are not covered and use their original versions.


Donkey Konga: Diddy's Ditty plays just like previous installments in the series. Symbols pass by horizontally and show when to hit the bongos and/or clap. A new feature in the game is the addition of the DK Keyboard which is very similar to the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit's piano. The keys of the keyboard have certain colors and the colored symbols that show on screen must be pressed in time with the music.

Street Preformance

The main mode of the game. Players pick a stage and a certain song and play for coins and bananas. There are three levels; Monkey, Chimp, and Gorilla. After the song is over, a screen displays the stage's inhabitants' feedback and how many coins and bananas the player has earned.

Remix Roundup

A challenge mode of some sorts. There is only one level that features all the songs in the game in a form of medleys. It is unlimited, and ends when the player loses all of their lives.

Instrument Improv

This is where players can practice playing their bongos and/or keyboard with or without playing a song.

Mad Music

A store where players can purchase certain songs and minigames to play.

Crazy Cap

A store where players can purchase outfits for the Kong Family as well as Rambi the Rhino.


While Donkey Kong is cleaning out his tree house, Diddy Kong finds a strange object filled with dust on a closet shelf. The object turns out to be a pair of bongos that both Kongs used years ago. Diddy gets out his toy piano and starts to play with his uncle. Suddenly, both of the Kongs get a great idea. They can travel to New Donk City and preform on the streets for extra cash and maybe even bananas. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong exit their treehouse and get on Rambi the Rhino so he can take them to New Donk City. 

After the long rhino ride, they finally arrive there. They both sit near the plaza and play their instruments. After getting enough money, they are able to travel the world and play for everyone.




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