Diddy Kong Racing was going to get two sequels, one for the Game Boy Advance named Diddy Kong Pilot (which developed into Banjo-Pilot) and the one that this game is based on, Donkey Kong Racing for the Nintendo GameCube. However, in the extremely early 2000's, Rare was unfortunately bought by the evil Microsoft, so both games were cancelled.


After 2-3 decades of his defeat, the evil Wizpig finally gets his revenge on Diddy Kong. Because his evil was so great, the Kremlings and Snowmads were forced to team up with the Kongs.



Jungle Cup

  1. Diddy Jungle
  2. Dixie Jungle
  3. Cranky Jungle
  4. DK Jungle
  5. Funky Jungle

Beach Cup

  1. Kritter Beach
  2. Krusha Beach
  3. Klaptrap Beach
  4. Klump Beach
  5. K. Rool Beach

Cave Cup

  1. Tuck Cave
  2. Fluff Cave
  3. Waldough Cave
  4. Pompy Cave
  5. Lord Fredrik Cave

Factory Cup

  1. Kong Factory
  2. Kremling Factory
  3. Snowmad Factory
  4. Tiki Factory

Finale Cup

  1. Tower of Wizpig
  2. Ghost House of Wizpig
  3. Castle of Wizpig
  4. Wizpig the Final Boss

Extra Cup

  1. N64 Rainbow Road
  2. GCN Rainbow Road
  3. DS Rainbow Road
  4. Wii Rainbow Road


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