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Donkey Kong Land Returns is the fourth game in the Donkey Kong Land series, and was released for 3DS. The game seems to be heavily based on Donkey Kong Country Returns. The game features the ability to send course records via SpotPass. The game also has a Level Editor. Finally, up to 4 players can play levels locally or via the internet in 3 different ways (Co-op, Speed Run or Banana Battle).

Game Modes


Level Editor





This game takes place after the events of Donkey Kong Country Returns. The Tiki Tak Tribe want revenge on Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. They do this by stealing their Banana Hoard again. The two Kongs go after them, this time with the help of Dixie and Tiny(only playable in multiplayer).



Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong

Dixie Kong (P3 in Multiplayer only)

Tiny Kong (P4 in Multiplayer only)


Cranky Kong (manages a shop in which the player can buy things by spending Banana Coins)

Tutorial Pig (Saves checkpoints and offers a Super Guide after 8 lives are lost in a level)

Super Kong (Super Guide-clears the level for the player)

Animal Buddies

Rambi(destroys boxes and spikes and defeats enemies)

Squawks (helps the player find Puzzle Pieces)

Quawks (helps the player find K-O-N-G Letters)

Enguarde (helps the player move faster, destroys blocks and defeats enemies underwater)

Expresso(helps the player move faster and briefly fly)

Winky(helps the player jump high)

Squitter (shoots webs which make temporary platforms)

Clapper (freezes liquid so the player can move on it)

Glimmer(helps the player see in dark underwater levels)

Ellie (grabs and throws things from a distance)



Scurvy Crew


Mole Miner Max



Colonel Pluck

Tiki Tong

Super Tiki Tong

King K. Rool










Golden Temple


Most of the levels are the same as Donkey Kong Country Returns.


1-1 Jungle Hijinxs

1-S Cranky Kong's Shop

1-2 King of Cling

1-3 Rambi Rampage

1-4 Sunset Shore

1-5 Canopy Cannons

1-6 Crazy Cart

1-B Mugly's Mound


2-1 Poppin' Planks

2-S Cranky Kong's Shop

2-2 Deep-Sea Swordfish

2-3 Whale Trail

2-4 Cannon Cluster

2-5 Octopus Ocean

2-6 Shipwreck Trek

2-7 Tidal Terror

2-B Pinchin' Pirates


3-1 Wonky Waterway

3-S Cranky Kong's Shop

3-2 Expresso Ride-O

3-3 Button Bash

3-4 Damp Dungeon

3-5 Rambi's Return

3-6 Temple Topple

3-B Ruined Roost


4-1 Rickety Rails

4-S Cranky Kong's Shop

4-2 Grip 'n' Trip

4-3 Bomb Blast

4-4 Cave Waves

4-5 Crowded Cavern

4-6 Boulder Bash

4-B The Mole Train


5-1 Vine Valley

5-S Cranky Kong's Shop

5-2 Winky Springy

5-3 Flutter Flyaway

5-4 Poison Patrol

5-5 Longshot Launch

5-6 Springy Spores

5-7 Wigglevine Wonders

5-8 Muncher Marathon

5-B Mangoruby Run


6-1 Extensive Elephant

6-S Cranky Kong's Shop

6-2 Prehistoric Path

6-3 Sticky Situation

6-4 Boulder Roller

6-5 Arachnid Ally

6-6 Crumble Canyon

6-7 Tippy Shippy

6-8 Clifftop Climb

6-B Thugly's Highrise


7-1 Foggy Fumes

7-S Cranky Kong's Shop

7-2 Slammin' Steel

7-3 Handy Hazards

7-4 Gear Getaway

7-5 Old School Rules

7-6 Switcheroo

7-7 Music Madness

7-8 Lift-Off Launch

7-B Feather Fiend


8-1 Furious Fire

8-S Cranky Kong's Shop

8-2 Hot Rocket

8-3 Roasting Rails

8-4 Smokey Peak

8-5 Animal Assault

8-6 Moving Melters

8-7 Red Red Rising

8-B Tiki Tong Terror

Golden Temple

9-1 Platform Panic

9-2 Tumblin' Temple

9-3 Shifty Smashers

9-4 Jagged Jewels

9-5 Blast & Bounce

9-6 Perilious Passage

9-7 Treacherous Track

9-8 Five Monkey Trial

9-9 Golden Temple

9-B The Ultimate Battle

Items in Cranky Kong's Shop

Squawks Cost:15 Banana Coins

Quawks Cost:15 Banana Coins

Level Key (unlocks the last level before the boss in each world except Golden Temple) Cost:20 Banana Coins

Balloon (1 extra life) Cost:3 Banana Coins

Triple Balloons (3 extra lives) Cost:7 Banana Coins

7 Balloons (7 extra lives) Cost:15 Banana Coins

Extra Heart (adds an extra heart to the player's heart count) Cost:10 Banana Coins

Banana Juice (Makes the player temporarily invincible) Cost:20 Banana Coins

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