Donkey Kong Jungle World is a 3D platforming game for the Nintendo 3DS and Infinity GX. It will be released sometime in 2014. The game is being developed by SuyoGames.


As the story is being reworked, not much is known so far besides a new antagonist being introduced, the Kremlings are involved in this game after a long absence.


Characters (Kongs)

Image Name Description Special Move
Donkey Kong DK!!!.png Donkey Kong The king of swing is back in this tropical filled adventure to stop the Skulligans from demolishing Donkey Kong Island. Transforming Tune: Donkey Kong will unleash a magical tune that causes all enemies in the screen to turn into bananas.
Diddy Kong Racer.png Diddy Kong The well known companion of Donkey Kong tags along too! Unlike Donkey Kong, Diddy is more quick and uses his peanut gun to attack enemies. Overheat Overdrive: Diddy will have a powerful peanut blaster that can shoot fiery peanuts that deal twice the damage, not to mention the shot rate is higher,
DixieKong.png Dixie Kong Dixie also returns to join the skull smashing action, her main form of combat is using her hair like a whip to strike down enemies hard. Hairacane Havoc: Dixie will have her hair move extremely fast, causing a tornado to appear, and enemies who touch you will be hurt.
ChunkyKong.png Chunky Kong After many years, Chunky returns to deal some damage. Chunky can slam into enemies and also cause small quakes. Stone Stealth: Chunky will go into a stone like form and can jump higher and move more faster, he can also ground pound and send all enemies on screen flying back.




DK Jungle

Just a basic starting area.


Withering Woods

A swamp like forest area with a lot of blades and massive beehive like domes. One of the levels is called Slash Slice Silva.

Misty Mountains

A large mountainous region that is extremely cold and full of glaciers.

Carnival Core

A dangerous carnival that is happening inside a volcanic area.


Fearsome Factories

Supreme Stronghold

Remastered Levels

Remastered levels are mainly Donkey Kong Country levels that have been remastered in terms of level design and music and are in 3D. They are also now 3D platforming, rather than 2D platforming. Boss battles are also remastered and have more difficulty added.

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