Donkey Kong Generations is a platform game where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong meet their past selves and travel through stages from Donkey Kong's history, from the DKC series to the newer DK games. Concept-wise, this game is a lot like Sonic Team and SEGA's Sonic Generations. But unlike Sonic Generations, Classic and Modern versions of two characters are playable instead of Classic and Modern versions of one character. In this case, the Classic and Modern versions of both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are playable. It was developed for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS.



Donkey Kong Country Representation Stage: Jungle Hijinx

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Representation Stage: Bramble Scramble

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Kong Double Trouble Representation Stage: Krevice Kreepers

N64/Gamecube Era:

Diddy Kong Racing Representation Stage: Walrus Cove

Donkey Kong 64 Representation Stage: Fungi Forest

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Representation Stage: Durian Kingdom

Modern Era:

DK King of Swing Representation Stage: Risky Reef

DK Jungle Climber Representation Stage: Road to Ruins

Donkey Kong Country Returns Representation Stage: Furious Fire


SNES Era Rival Boss: Mario (in Donkey Kong Jr.)

SNES Era Major Boss: King K. Rool (in Gangplank Galleon)

N64/Gamecube Era Rival Boss: Wizpig (in Future Funland)

N64/Gamecube Era Major Boss: Ghastly King (in Ghastly King's Lair)

Modern Era Rival Boss: Thugly (in Thugly's Highrise)

Modern Era Major Boss: Giant K. Rool (in Planet Plantaen)

Final Boss: Time Eater (in The Center Of Time)

Super Boss: Crystal Tiki Tong (in Tiki Tong Terror)

Note: Crystal Tiki Tong is accessed through a gate that opens up to the right of the Time Eater's gate. It's only accessible after all the stages, rival battles, boss battles (including the Time Eater) and missions are completed and all the Puzzle Pieces and K-O-N-G letters (eight per stage, four for Classic, and four for Modern) are collected.


The story begins with Classic Donkey Kong travelling through Kongo Jungle (the classic Jungle Hijinx stage), when all of a sudden, a dark deity from out of nowhere called the Time Eater appears and turns Donkey Kong's world into a white limbo. Meanwhile, in the present day, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Kiddy Kong, Cranky Kong, Candy Kong, Funky Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong and Chunky Kong are throwing a surprise birthday party for Donkey Kong and are having some drinks and snacks, when all of sudden, that same Time Eater comes to the present and kidnaps every kong and sucks them through portals showing locations from Donkey Kong's past games. Donkey Kong tries to fight the demon, but is easily overpowered and knocked unconcious. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Kongo Jungle (in other words, the modern Jungle Hijinx stage) and travels through it, restoring its colour and saving Modern Diddy Kong, who happened to be frozen right next to the stage's entrance. Soon after, they meet Classic Diddy Kong, who tells them that he's looking for his friend. After restoring colour and life to Bramble Scramble and Krevice Kreepers, saving Dixie and Kiddy, and earning the boss key from the first rival boss, Mario, Modern Donkey Kong briefly meets Classic Donkey Kong before the latter goes into a white portal to fight Classic King K. Rool on Gangplank Galleon. After Classic Donkey Kong defeats his nemesis, the same time travelling monster from before kidnaps Classic King K. Rool. Right after that, Classic Donkey Kong returns to the White Space, has a real meeting with his future self and reunites with Classic Diddy Kong. They then come to the conclusion that they're travelling through time and space and they become more intrigued than ever to uncover the mystery of the Time Eater and restore the colours to every stage before the damage becomes permanent.

After defeating Ghastly King, the boss of the N64/Gamecube Era, the Modern Kongs and the Classic Kongs look at their progress and find that they've restored colour to the worlds, and that they only have a few more locations to go. When they look at the new locations, they find a Golden Banana floating in the air. The Time Eater appears in front of it and grabs it, but all of a sudden, a burst of light appears and it dazes the Time Eater briefly, causing it to lose its grip on the Golden Banana, which has gone flying to a different area. The two Diddy Kongs come to the conclusion that they need the Golden Banana, encouraging the two Donkey Kongs to continue.



Donkey Kong (both Classic and Modern, playable by default)

Diddy Kong (both Classic and Modern, unlocked after completion of Modern Jungle Hijinx)


Diddy Kong (Modern Diddy Kong mission in Jungle Hijinx and Classic Diddy Kong mission in Bramble Scramble only)

Dixie Kong

Kiddy Kong

Cranky Kong

Candy Kong

Funky Kong

Tiny Kong

Lanky Kong

Chunky Kong

King K. Rool (both Classic and Modern)

Original Donkey Kong (purpose unknown)


To put it simply, the game is a 2.5D platformer where you go through 9 stages from the Kongs' past, each with 2 acts, a Classic act, and a Modern act. Classic Donkey Kong and Classic Diddy Kong's gameplay is just like the original Donkey Kong Country, while Modern Donkey Kong and Modern Diddy Kong's gameplay is like that of Donkey Kong Country Returns, except that Diddy can now be fully controlled in single player, and Donkey Kong can pick him up and throw him with brute force to send him flying very far or very high, which is useful for finding well hidden bonus rooms and progressing through certain parts of the stages. There are also animal buddies to ride in each stage. For example, Rambi will provide support in Jungle Hijinx and Fungi Forest, Squawks will help out in Bramble Scramble and Durian Kingdom, Enguarde will lend the kongs a hand in Risky Reef, Expresso will assist the kongs in Road to Ruins, and the kongs will find Squitter in Krevice Kreepers. When the Kongs are in the hub world, the White Space, they can visit a shop to the left of Jungle Hijinx to buy new skills with the Bananas they've collected in the stages, and they can visit the Collection Room to the left of the shop to watch cutscenes that have already been seen, view pieces of concept art that they've earned, and listen to unlockable music tracks that have been collected, which include music tracks from various Donkey Kong games, such as the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, the Donkey Kong Land trilogy, Donkey Kong 64, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and even non-Donkey Kong games that have Donkey Kong related music tracks, such as the Mario Kart series and Punch-Out!! for the Wii.

Friend Missions

Jungle Hijinx:

Classic: Vs. Kiddy Kong - Kiddy rolls and jumps across water to race Classic DK and Classic Diddy to the finish.

Modern: Vs. Diddy Kong - Modern DK goes strictly solo and Modern Diddy uses his Jetpack to race him to the finish.

Bramble Scramble:

Classic: With Diddy Kong - Classic Diddy uses his Jetpack to help Classic DK get to the goal.

Modern: With Dixie Kong - Dixie uses her ponytail to help Modern DK and Modern Diddy reach the goal.

Krevice Kreepers:

Classic: Vs. Dixie Kong - Dixie uses her ponytail helicopter to race Classic DK and Classic Diddy to the finish.

Modern: With Kiddy Kong - Kiddy uses his strength to help Modern DK and Modern Diddy find a certain amount of golden bananas before reaching the goal.

Walrus Cove:

Classic: Vs. Cranky Kong - Cranky uses his barrel rockets to race Classic DK and Classic Diddy to the finish while picking up a certain amount of Banana Birds.

Modern: Vs. Funky Kong - Funky surfs across the water and puts barriers in Modern DK and Modern Diddy's way which must be deactivated with switches as they try to reach the goal.

Fungi Forest:

Classic: Vs. Candy Kong - Candy hinders Classic DK and Classic DK with musical note bombs while they try to get to the goal.

Modern: With Cranky Kong - Cranky assists Modern DK and Modern Diddy with banana juice they can use to prevent themselves from getting KO'd while they try to reach the goal.

Durian Kingdom:

Classic: With Funky Kong - Funky assists Classic DK and Classic Diddy with his rocket barrels as they try to climb a large structure to the goal.

Modern: With Candy Kong - Candy lends a helping hand to Modern DK and Modern Diddy by charming the well-shielded enemies that get in their way while they try to reach the goal.

Risky Reef:

Classic: With Chunky Kong - Chunky uses his strength to help Classic DK and Classic Diddy reach the goal by throwing them through the reef.

Modern: With Tiny Kong - Tiny uses her feather crossbow to plug up water geyser blockades to help Modern DK and Modern Diddy reach the goal.

Road to Ruins:

Classic: Vs. Tiny Kong - Tiny shrinks down to a small size and uses her Ponytail Whirl to race Classic DK and Classic Diddy to the goal, all the while activating traps with tiny switches.

Modern: Vs. Lanky Kong - Lanky shoots musical notes from his trombone which Modern DK has to punch back at him until Lanky messes up a note.

Furious Fire:

Classic: With Lanky Kong - Lanky uses Baboon Balloon to help Classic DK and Classic Diddy fly over giant chasms with boiling lava at the bottom of them and reach the goal.

Modern: Vs. Chunky Kong - Chunky grows gigantic and runs around the volcano making craters erupt while Modern DK and Modern Diddy have to touch him twice and shrink him before he ends up burning them to a crisp.


The soundtrack of Donkey Kong Generations consists of remixed songs from past Donkey Kong games, from the SNES Era games to the Modern Era games. They include:

Title Theme: The original title theme from the original Donkey Kong Country. Starts with the DKC version's intro, and switches to the DKCR mix for the rest.

Jungle Hijinx (DK Island Swing): The Classic version sounds like the original DKC mix with extra beats, while the Modern version sounds like the DKCR mix, only faster paced and with some guitars.

Bramble Scramble (Stickerbrush Symphony): The Classic version sounds like the original DKC2 mix with extra beats, while the Modern version is an orchestrated mix with violins.

Krevice Kreepers (Rockface Rumble): The Classic version sounds like the original DKC3 mix with harder drum sounds and a heavier guitar, while the Modern version has heavy guitar, hard drum sounds and chanting that sounds like the chanting from the Tiki Tak Tribe's theme.

Vs. Mario (Donkey Kong Junior medley): Sounds like the music from Donkey Kong Jr., 8-bit and all. It sounds pretty innocent for a rival battle theme.

Vs. King K. Rool (Gang-Plank Galleon): Sounds similar the Super Smash Bros. Brawl mix, only it doesn't have the outro and doesn't start all over again when it loops. It loops in the way the original mix did.

Walrus Cove: The Classic version sounds like an upbeat song with christmas bells and flute sounds, while the Modern version is a calm piano piece with some violin and orchestra.

Fungi Forest: The Classic version has a disco-style to it's music at day, and a techno beat at night, while the Modern version is based on the original daytime mix with violin at day, and some eerie orchestra at night.

Durian Kingdom: The Classic version has an SNES-y remix of Battle for Storm Hill with loud bongos, while the Modern version is an orchestra remix of both Battle for Storm Hill and Aerie Fortress.

Vs. Wizpig: It sounds like a hardcore techno/rave remix of Wizpig's boss theme from Diddy Kong Racing.

Vs. Ghastly King: It sounds like Ghastly King's music but with a choir and a portion with an electric guitar.

Risky Reef: The Classic version sounds like an SNES rendition of the original track, while the Modern version sounds more atmospheric, with choir, violin and guitar.

Road to Ruins: The Classic version sounds reminiscent of Voices of the Temple from DKC, while the Modern version sounds upbeat, like the original mix, but has drums and animal noises in the background.

Furious Fire: The Classic version sounds like a techno and electric guitar remix of the Furious Fire theme, while the Modern version is an orchestrated drum piece with ominous chanting that sounds more like the original mix.

Vs. Thugly: It's similar to the original theme used for Mugly and Thugly's battles in DKCR, only harder on beat and more xylophone heavy.

Vs. Giant K. Rool: Despite the battle being a recreation of DK Jungle Climber's final battle, the music used for it is a hard rock remix of K. Rool's battle theme from Donkey Kong 64.

Vs. Time Eater: See the Time Eater's battle themes for an idea on how this music would sound.

Vs. Crystal Tiki Tong: It's basically Tiki Tong's battle theme from DKCR with some Shadow Temple-esque choir at some points and drum sounds to accompany the main choir.

Vs. Kaptain K. Rool (Crocodile Cacophony, 3DS only): It's a rock remix of Crocodile Cacophony from Donkey Kong Land 2 that starts out with an 8-bit intro.

Vs. Dogadon (3DS only): It's a more heavy metal and drum themed version of Dogadon's Angry Aztec boss theme from Donkey Kong 64.

Vs. Krocodile Kaiser (3DS only): It's an orchestrated mashup remix of each final boss theme from the Donkey Kong Country series, minus Gang-Plank Galleon.

White Space: Listen to the White Space music from Sonic Generations for an idea on how this sounds.


"I think I got it figured out now! Yeah, me too! We... Hey, quit mimicking me! No you quit mimicking me! DK! Tell my double to quit mimicking me!" - Both Modern Diddy Kong and Classic Diddy Kong simultaneously in a cutscene that follows the defeat of Classic King K. Rool in the Gangplank Galleon Boss Gate

"Come forth, Kong! Put up a good final fight!" - Classic King K. Rool to Classic Donkey Kong at the beginning of the game's first major boss battle

"Thanks for your help, Diddy! Boy, this brings back memories of Angry Aztec! I was little back then, now here I am as a big girl, and you save me once again! I can always count on you, brave little man!" - Tiny Kong to Modern Diddy Kong after she's unfrozen

"Thank you Donkey, my soul brother! You did a radical job back there! Beware, for I have looked into the heart of our new foe, and I saw only darkness. Darkness even darker than my sunglasses." - Funky Kong to Classic Donkey Kong after he's unfrozen

How to fight the Rivals and Bosses

  • Mario is fought in the way he is fought in the Donkey Kong Jr. arcade game. In the first round, Classic Donkey Kong must climb a structure while Mario sicks a bunch of alligators at him. After climbing the ropes to the top and avoiding all the alligators, Classic DK can jump on Mario's head. In the second round, Classic DK must climb up to the tops of trees and avoid Mario's bird minions. When the top is reached, Mario can be jumped on again. In the third round, Classic DK has to jump across platforms while avoiding spark balls. At the end, Mario can be jumped on once again. In the final round, Classic DK must climb these ropes to plant orange bombs on Mario's platform above, while dodging birds and alligators. When all of the orange bombs are planted, the platform will explode and send Mario packing, ending the battle.
  • Classic King K. Rool will start the battle by stomping a few feet forward, then he'll throw the crown straight at Classic DK, and when it hits the ground, it will come straight back to K. Rool's head, and then he'll attempt to stomp on Classic DK. The hero must run under K. Rool, and when K. Rool lands, a barrel will appear behind him, which Classic DK can use to throw at K. Rool and do damage. This process will repeat, and after the second hit, K. Rool will stomp to the other side of the ship and cause cannonballs to rain down on the deck. One of them will not disappear like the rest, and DK can trick K. Rool into ground pounding it, causing to explode and damage the crocodile tyrant. This process will also repeat, and after another two hits, K. Rool will fall, and the Kredits will start playing. But it's not over yet, K. Rool will hit the deck with a wind up punch, sending him and Classic DK up to a giant crow's nest, where the last phase of the battle will take place. K. Rool will hop around the crow's nest, trying to flatten the simian. He'll then order cannons to fire cannonballs onto the crow's nest. After the cannonball storm ends, K. Rool will hurl his crown on the ground, causing it to bounce around the crow's nest, but it will also leave him vulnerable to a jump on the head. After this process is repeated, Classic DK and his scaly nemesis fall back down to the main deck, and the heroic ape stands victorious.
  • Wizpig starts out on foot, running from Modern Donkey Kong and Modern Diddy Kong through the starry city while dropping bombs in their path. A glowing balloon will float inbetween the heroes and the villain, and the heroes have to touch the balloon twice. After the first touch, the balloon will glow brighter, and after the second touch, the balloon pops and the kongs will power up and turn into a giant fist-shaped fireball. Next, they must crash into meteors to make them fly into Wizpig and slow him down. When he has slowed down enough, they can touch him and damage him until he is sent flying. However, the battle is not over yet, and before Wizpig hits the ground, he is picked up by his rocket and he starts flying. Modern DK and Modern Diddy board the Rocket Barrel and pursue the evil swine. Wizpig will fire rockets from his rocket and shoot lightning bolts from his hands, trying to hinder the Modern Kongs. Once again, the balloon must be touched twice and popped. However, now Wizpig can pop the balloon, and if he does, he'll make a bunch of lasers shoot at the Kongs, trying to obliterate them. Once the Kongs power up again, they'll have to slow down Wizpig's rocket with the meteors, and once they do that, they can wallop him until his rocket malfunctions, sends him to the moon and explodes, putting his days of terrorizing to an end for good.
  • The Ghastly King starts off like in his original battle, on top of his giant fire-breathing Hawg. The battle starts off on a path which will change in terrain due to the influence of the Ghastly King. He'll pound the walls and roar to cause cracks in the floor to open and rocks to fall. When Modern DK and/or Modern Diddy get closer, he'll try to hinder him with his energy blasts. When the Hawg is approached, the Kongs will have to use their breath move to blow the fire back so they can daze the Hawg and destroy it. After the Hawg's destruction, the Ghastly King will change the terrain again, sending the Kongs far away. The Kongs will need to do some platforming and energy blast dodging inorder to reach the Ghastly King again, and once they reach him again, they have to roll into his legs and trip him, damaging him. Next, the Ghastly King will put the Kongs on higher platforms with pitfalls below them. The falling rock attack continues, and the Ghastly King will start shooting lasers from his eyes. Once they reach him again, they bonk him on the head. Next, the Ghastly King will place them on ground level again, and start using a shockwave attack along with his hole-in-the-floor making move. When the Modern Kongs reach him once again, he will try to grab them to defend himself. He'll take more damage after being tripped. After the third hit, the Ghastly King will change the terrain even more. He'll stand on a single platform in the center of room, while the Kongs have to jump across surrounding platforms on pillars to survive. Ghastly King will start shooting lasers at the Kongs until he gets tired and tries a new attack. He'll breath a stream of fire at whatever platform the Kongs are currently standing in, and after dodging it, a mark will appear on the burned platform after it cools down. This will be the Kongs' chance to hit it with Modern DK's handslap or Modern Diddy's peanuts. This will cause part of the platform to fly straight at Ghastly King and send him flying to one of the surrounding platforms, allowing the heroes to hit his face with a hand slap or peanut shot while he's lying down. After this process is repeated once, the Ghastly King will collapse on his personal platform, but end up making it crumble and send himself plummeting to his demise.
  • Thugly will start out chasing Modern DK and Modern Diddy up a mountain, shooting fireballs, while the path crumbles behind them. When he tries to belly flop the Kongs and hits the ground, he'll make a shockwave which they'll have to jump over. Next, he'll try to ram the kongs, and they'll need to jump over him. He'll try to slow down and leave his weakspot open, allowing the Kongs to jump on his back. After 1 hit, he'll start to make rocks fall on the path by hopping. The process from before is then repeated, and the fiend will be hit again. Next, he'll turn orange and destroy the path, beginning the next phase of the battle. This time, it will be in on a bridge between two canyon walls, and Thugly will start using his stream of fire attack, which must be ducked under to avoid. He'll also try to ram the Modern Kongs, and if this attack is dodged, he'll hit the wall, walk backwards, make some rocks fall behind him and fall on his back, revealing his other weak point: his stomach. After being hit in the stomach once, Thugly will use his fireball attack, which he'll fire upward, and the big fireball will split into three smaller fire balls, and one of the smaller fireballs will multiply into three. Repeat the process, and Thugly will glow red with fury and begin the final phase of the fight. Thugly will destroy the bridge and the Kongs will be on an endless path again, only this time, it's in a cave. Thugly will hit the ceiling and smash the floor to make a rock slide in front of the Kongs, which they must jump over to dodge. He'll also add in his power-upped fireball attack to mix things up. He'll try to roll into the Kongs, and once this is jumped over, he'll reveal his weakspot again, and it must be jumped on. He'll then create a wall of fireballs that chases after the Kongs, and he'll throw rocks in the wall to push them in. After he is jumped on one last time, he'll get dazed and get hit by the wall of fire, knocking him out and earning Modern DK and Modern Diddy a fine victory.
  • Giant K. Rool will start out by trying to smash Modern DK and Modern Diddy with his hands and try to hit them with fireballs. They must wait until he throws two giant walls inbetween them and then he will make the fragments of wall try to crush them from both sides, which they can use as stepping stones to reach K. Rool's face. After one smack to the face, Giant K. Rool will throw mines on the arena and send meteors raining on the hairy heroes. After that fails, he'll smack his hands once more and breath more fire. When he cools down, the Modern Kongs will have to wait for the walls again and repeat the process from before to hit K. Rool's face again. After that, K. Rool will places more mines and throw down more meteors, and he'll make a gust of wind to attempt to throw the Kongs' into one of his hands so he can smash them under the weight of his fist. After that's over, the Kongs will dodge his fire once more until the walls come up again, giving them another chance to attack him, but this time, K. Rool will mix things up by shooting fireballs down at the heroes to hinder their ascent. After the third hit, K. Rool's meteor attack will produce larger meteors, and he'll try to grab the Kongs. After the fourth hit, K. Rool will decide it is time for a change of pace and start flying, carrying his colossal body into the air. He'll start to shoot streams of fire from his mouth, ice balls from his claws and blades of lightning from his feet while chasing the Modern DK and Modern Diddy through the area. Eventually, he'll try to fling giant meteors toward the Kongs and one of the meteors he throws will break open to reveal a barrel cannon. Once the barrel cannon is jumped into, a chain of barrel cannons will begin, and the Kongs must complete to hit K. Rool in the face again before he breaks the barrels with his fire, disrupting the chain. After taking that hit, K. Rool throw a giant mine that will follow the Kongs, while using his wind attack to blow them into it. This prevent themselves from getting blown up, Modern DK and Modern Diddy will need to roll (or cartwheel) to keep up the pace and move fast enough until the mine explodes without them being near it. The process repeats from there, and after the next hit, K. Rool will combine his attacks to make an attack that makes lightning bolts strike the ground, producing shockwaves that will freeze the kongs. After dodging this, the meteor and barrel cannon process repeats again, and after the next hit, K. Rool will levitate the Modern Kongs into the air with him, and they will need to navigate through the air dodging his attacks to reach his head once last time. When they get close, meteors with mines attached to them will explode, and each of them will turn into 8 damaging fragments will head in all 8 directions. One of them will once again contain a barrel cannon, and once it is reached, it will fire Modern DK and Modern Diddy into K. Rool's face for the final blow, finishing him, returning him to his normal size and sending him plummeting to the ground, with the Kongs following him all the way down, as they declare that the scaly green tyrant's days are numbered.

Voice Cast

Travis Willingham as Donkey Kong (Classic and Modern)

Andrew Sabiston as Diddy Kong (Classic and Modern)

Ben Campbell as King K. Rool (Classic and Modern)

Grey DeLisle as Dixie Kong

Takashi Nagasako as Kiddy Kong

Aron Tager as Cranky Kong

Karen Strassmen as Candy Kong

Damon DOliveira as Funky Kong

Kate Higgins as Tiny Kong

Frank Welker as Lanky Kong

Scott McNeil as Chunky Kong

Charles Martinet as Mario (Rival)

Hugo Weaving as Wizpig (Rival)

Frank Welker as Ghastly King (Boss)

Differences in the handheld version

  • There's a level select menu instead of a 2D hub world.
  • The story is slightly altered. Only DK and Diddy appear at the party, the other kongs don't need saving, DK speaks in text in cutscenes, the Time Eater is changed to a giant KAOS look-a-like, and the K. Rools aren't the main villains.
  • The stages and bosses are different from the console version, with the exception of Jungle Hijinx, and there's less of them. Bramble Scramble is replaced with Dungeon Danger from Donkey Kong Land 2, Krevice Kreepers is replaced with Tundra Blunda from Donkey Kong Land 3, Fungi Forest is replaced with Angry Aztec, Durian Kingdom is replaced with Necky Nutmare from Donkey Kong Country for the GBC, Road to Ruins is replaced with Planet Plantaen (level) and Furious Fire is replaced with Music Madness. That's three for the SNES/Game Boy Era, 2 for the N64/GBC Era, and 2 for the Modern Era. Mario is the still the first rival, Wizpig is still the second rival (even though the handheld version has hardly any Diddy Kong Racing representation), and Thugly is still the third rival. The first boss is Kaptain K. Rool instead of King K. Rool, and the second boss is Dogadon instead of Ghastly King. However, Giant K. Rool from Jungle Climber is still the third boss, and he plays more like his Jungle Climber counterpart than the console version's fight. Lastly, the Time Eater, the final boss, is replaced with the the KAOS-like robot, and there's no Super Boss.
  • The stages used for the bosses are also regular stages within the handheld version. Dungeon Danger is a stage and the place for the fight with Kaptain K. Rool, Angry Aztec is a stage and the place for the battle with Dogadon, and Planet Plantaen is both Giant K. Rool's arena and a regular stage (unlike in the console version, where it was only used for Giant K. Rool).
  • The games represented in this version are Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Land 2, Donkey Kong Land 3, Donkey Kong 64, Donkey Kong Country GBC, DK Jungle Climber and Donkey Kong Country Returns. For some reason, representation for the first Donkey Kong Land is nowhere to seen aside from the Airship theme being an unlockable song.

Stages (3DS version)

SNES/Game Boy Era:

Donkey Kong Country Representation Stage: Jungle Hijinx

Donkey Kong Land 2 Representation Stage: Dungeon Danger

Donkey Kong Land 3 Representation Stage: Tundra Blunda

N64/Game Boy Colour Era:

Donkey Kong 64 Representation Stage: Angry Aztec

Donkey Kong Country GBC Representation Stage: Necky Nutmare

Modern Era:

DK Jungle Climber Representation Stage: Planet Plantaen

Donkey Kong Country Returns Representation Stage: Music Madness

Bosses (3DS version)

SNES/Game Boy Era Rival Boss: Mario (in Donkey Kong Jr.)

SNES/Game Boy Era Major Boss: Kaptain K. Rool (in K. Rool Duel)

N64/Game Boy Colour Era Rival Boss: Wizpig (in Future Funland)

N64/Game Boy Colour Era Major Boss: Dogadon (in Angry Aztec)

Modern Era Rival Boss: Thugly (in Thugly's Highrise)

Modern Era Major Boss: Giant K. Rool (in Planet Plantaen)

Final Boss: Krocodile Kaiser (in Clock Fortress)


  • Tiny Kong, Candy Kong and Funky Kong's classic forms do appear, but unlike Classic Donkey Kong, Classic Diddy Kong and Classic King K. Rool, Tiny, Candy and Funky's classic forms only make cameos in unlockable Donkey Kong 64 artwork, obtained by collecting puzzle pieces or musical notes from mission gate bells.
  • The first three kongs that DK saves all have correlations with the stages they're frozen next to and the games those stages appeared in. Jungle Hijinx comes from Diddy's debut game, Bramble Scramble comes from Dixie's debut game, and Krevice Kreepers comes from Kiddy's debut game.
  • Before the SNES Era boss is defeated, only Classic Donkey Kong can be played as during the Classic segments of Jungle Hijinx, Bramble Scramble and Krevice Kreepers, the Classic Diddy Kong mission in Bramble Scramble is inaccessible, and Classic Donkey Kong fights Mario (the SNES Era rival) and Classic King K. Rool (the SNES Era boss) alone.
  • In most of the levels, gimmicks from similar levels from their respective games are implemented. For example, Jungle Hijinx starts raining near the end, similar to the level, Ropey Rampage, Krevice Kreepers has the burning rope gimmick from Kong-Fused Cliffs, Walrus Cove has the snowballs from Snowball Valley and the small houses from Frosty Village, and Furious Fire has the platforms that can burn the kongs after rising out of the lava from Moving Melters, and near the end point, the lava starts to rise like in Red Red Rising.
  • Tiny Kong appears to have regained her tomboy personality from Donkey Kong 64 in this game.
  • The Time Eater is red and black in this game instead of purple and black.



Other Kongs:

Villains (Rivals and Bosses):
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