There are different items that the Kongs can use in the game.

Healing Items

HP Healing Items

BP Healing Items

PP Healing Items

Offensive Items


Animal Buddies

Icon Name Image Description Function
Item Box Rambi-R
Rambi the Rhinoceros Rambi DKCR DK's Rhino buddy appears! With a fiery temper, Rambi is the strongest of the animal buddies. Rambi rams in to opponents when summoned, as well as swinging around his horn and destroying most shields.
Squawks the Parrot Squawks DKCR Squawks appears! Squawks has a very unique ability, being he only character in the game who flies permenantly. Squawks can lift you into the air to dodge ground attacks.
Enguarde the Swordfish 523px-Enguarde DKBB Enguarde appears! One of the most recurring allies to DK, Enguarde reappears in this game. Enguarde floods the stage, allowing the activated party members to dodge easier.
Squitter the Spider Squitter Squitter appears! He's the most offensive Animal Buddy. Squitter assists the party by shooting webs at opponents.
Parry the Parallel Bird ParryDKCRPG Parry appears! In his first appearence since his debut, Parry helps out in battle. Parry mimics the moves of the Kong using it, doubling the damage.
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