Donkey Kong Country: World of Bananas
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
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Platform(s) Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) 2D Platforming, Action Adventure
Series Donkey Kong Country
Predecessor Donkey Kong Country: Cataclysmic Bind
Donkey Kong Country: World of Bananas is an upcoming 2D Platforming, Action Adventure game for the Visus Sphere. It is the second Donkey Kong Country Game made by Darklight Studios and the first one exclusive to the Visus Sphere. It once again follows the titular, Great Ape, Donkey Kong whom goes across the DKC World to retreive his stolen Banana Hoard from the finally returning, Kremlings and their leader, King K. Rool.


During a particularly stormy night on Donkey Kong Island, Donkey Kong is sleeping soundly in his bed while Diddy Kong is somewhat agitated by the Lightning and Thunder, curiously Diddy notices ominous shadows moving around the house and goes out to investigate, however all the player can see is mysterious figures kidnapping Diddy Kong and stealing Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard as a large member of the group cackles in the storm.

The next Day, Donkey Kong wakes up to find Diddy Kong missing, curiously he goes around to Cranky Kong's home to find the old ape missing as well, beginning to become a bit concerned he checks at Dixie and Tiny's home to find it empty as well and even checks Chunky's home to find him missing as well. Donkey Kong begins to panic and then thinks that it might be his birthday, however does a quick count on his fingers and toes and concludes it's not and goes to check the Banana Hoard only to find it completely missing.

Stunned by this revelation Donkey Kong follows a mysterious trail of Banana Peels to find a pair of Kremlings chowing down on some Bananas making Donkey Kong furious, pounding his chest in rage. The Kremlings notice and in fear run for their lives from Donkey Kong who gives pursuit.


The Game functions similarily to previous Donkey Kong Games, the player controls Donkey Kong (and later on the other Kongs as well) as they progress through the story chasing after the Kremlings. The player is able to perform a variety of techniques such as Donkey Kong's Ape Roll, his ability to lift and throw barrels, his ground pounds as well as the various techniques of the other Kongs as well.

As the player progresses through the levels they will find a variety of collectables along the way which will unlock various bits of content dependent on how much of the collectible the player has collected and what collectible it is. The player will also encounter a large assortment of enemies along their travels ranging from Kremlings to native animals of the islands Donkey Kong visits. The game after the first location is complete borrows a concept from DKC3 in which the player navigates between locations via modes of transport, in this sense the player can discover secret levels and minigames to gain extras, although the player does not need to upgrade their mode of transport after each location, instead completing a location reveals new territory to explore.


Playable Characters

There are a total of 11 Playable Characters in Donkey Kong Country: World of Bananas, Funky Kong returns to being the Shop Vendor for the Kongs while the other 6 Playable Kongs from the last game return as playable. In addition 5 new Kongs are playable.

Character Unlocked Description Kong POW Ability
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong SSB4
From Start The King of the Jungle, Donkey Kong is a force to be reckoned with, his mighty fists can deal a crushing punch, ground pound or clap and he is heavy enough to crush most enemies under his weight. Donkey Kong is also remarkably fast able to climb trees at a blinding speed, he can be a bit of a simpleton at times altough means well by his actions.
Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong SSB4

World 2

Flooded Cliffs

Donkey Kong's loyal best friend, Diddy Kong is a swift and nimble chimp, able to fly through the air both longer and higher than his Ape friend. Diddy Kong can also rely on his Rocket Blast to send him skyward in exchange for his inability to Ground Pound. In addition Diddy Kong is a natural climber able to swing along vines at break neck speed although his swimming ability is limited.
Dixie Kong
Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

World 4

Verdant Atoll

Good friend of Donkey Kong and girlfriend of Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong is agile, nimble and a master of long distance movement. Her hair allows her to lift things even Diddy couldn't life and lets her hover through the air for a short period of time. In addition she can also perform a Jump Spin while attacking in the air.
Cranky Kong

World 7

Brazen Island

Donkey Kong's Grandfather, Cranky Kong used to battle Plumbers but even though he's retired from his villainous past he still helps out Donkey Kong in keeping the Banana Stash safe. He jokingly insults Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong talking about how much harder his games were (often breaking the 4th wall).
Tiny Kong
Tiny Kong WoB

World 5

Flowery Reef

Dixie's younger sister, the two are often confused as most people think Tiny is the older of the two. With a playful and carefree attitude, Tiny Kong often goes off exploring and generally is able to convince Dixie or Chunky Kong to tag along as well. She is extremely agile, able to reach further in her jumps than DK.
Chunky Kong
Chunky Kong WoD

World 9

Paradise Bird Island

Simple-minded yet kind-hearted individual, Chunky is by far the strongest and largest of teh Kongs, towering over even Donkey Kong in size, this however is shown to be at times a disadvantage for him as he is rather clumsy, often tripping over his two feet and his heavy weight leaves him being a rather weak jumper.
Lanky Kong
Lanky Kong SSB4

World 8

Hot Top Mountain

A mysterious relative of the DK Family, no one is quite sure what relation Lanky Kong has to the group although his goofy-attitude and helpful nature often lend him to aiding the DK Family and becoming an honorary member. His long arms allow him to attack enemies from afar and swing from one vine to another further than any other Kong.
Dread Kong
Dread Kong WoB

World 12

Crescent Castle

Once an adversary of DK, Dread Kong and the other Warrior Kongs have become more respectful of the great ape and see him more as a rival than anything else. Dread Kong live close to DK Island and often talks to Funky Kong as they both have a love of Surfing.
Karate Kong
200px-Karate Kong

World 14

Bubbling Forest

Another of the Warrior Kongs, Karate Kong is very disciplined and prefers solidarity to talking to the other Kongs although seems to get along well with Cranky Kong as apparently the two have known each other for a long time. Karate Kong is very nimble and is believed to have been mentoring Dixie Kong on how to use her Ponytail in combat.
Ninja Kong
Ninja Kong

World 11

Sharktooth Bay

Said to have a real competitive drive, Ninja Kong believes that after his defeat at the hands of DK that if he continues training he will soon beat the ape again. DK seemingly unaware of this plan actually trains with Ninja Kong and the two seem to have developed a sort of brother-rivalry. Ninja Kong often acts mischieviously, attempting to trip up DK in their races and competitions although this is easily reversed on him by Diddy Kong or Cranky Kong.
Sumo Kong
Sumo Kong WoB

World 15

Magnetic Pass

The toughest of the Warrior Kongs, Sumo Kong's massive belly gives him extra endurance and an incredibly powerful Belly Slam. In addition, Sumo Kong is able to throw enemies about very easily although due to his massive weight is rather slow and has poor jumping abilities.



World Levels Boss
1 Doneky Kong Island 5 Robomono
2 Flooded Cliffs 5 Fallopus
3 Dunefield Island 6 Scorchion
4 Verdant Atoll 6 Vinap
5 Flowery Reef 6 Floweil
6 Shining Jungle 6 Lighninther
7 Brazen Island 7 Vixelame
8 Hot Top Mountain 7 Chilinon
9 Paradise Bird Island 8 Falafeather
10 Nocturnal Cavern 8 Necatcer
11 Sharktooth Bay 8 Visharak
12 Crescent Castle 8 Lunowoll
13 Forgotten Island 9 Chassarite
14 Bubbling Forest 9 Bubblerrel
15 Magnetic Passage 9 Statichant
16 Great Fort of Krem 10 King K. Rool



Boss World Description
Robomono 1 A giant Robotic Ape constructed by the Kremlings, Robomono protects the shoreline leading out from Donkey Kong Island where the Kremlings have set up their base. The creature is nearly 10 times the size of Donkey Kong and uses its massive fists and laser eyes to attack. Although the creature doesn't look very robotic thanks to its synthetic fur however if dealt enough damage its true skin will be revealed.
Fallopus 2 A giant three eyed Octopus, Fallopus is able to use its massive tentacles to crush its enemies as well as use its third eye to fire a small, yet precise laser to quickly deal with any opposition. Fallopus also keeps dangerous spikes located in the tips of its tentacles that it can shoot out for a ranged attack if its enemies are evasive.
Scorchion 3 This large and very deadly scorpion has terrorized its homeland for quite some time now. With powerful and malovelent abilities some even call Scorchion, Magical. It is able to fire powerful blasts of compressed venom as well as attack with its deadly stinger. In addition the creature lives up to the first half of its name by being able to charge up an incredible fire blast from its stinger which can be seen charging from small bioluminescent lights on its body.
Vinap 4 Extremely intelligent vines able to mimic whoever they face, the Vinap is able to unleash a deadly toxin cloud at close range as well as use the physical abilities of whoever it mimicks. In addition it can use its own vines for long range attacks to surprise its opponent and is even capable of shooting out thorns from its core, leaving it temporarily vulnerable although extremely dangerous.
Floweil 5 A large tree which is said to have been a watchful figure over its land, however it was corrupted when its trunk was split in two at a young age, creating two personalities, the evil half and the kind half. The Evil Half took control and blotted out sunlight for the kind half leaving a monsterous creature that could use its roots, branches, leaves and flowers to ward off any who came near it.
Lighninther 6 A deadly beast, Lighninther will stalk its prey for as long as necessary and hides in the shadows while doing so making it extremely hard if not impossible to see. The beast however can also release wicked lightning bolts to knock an enemy out from a distance or use its razor sharp claws and teeth to pounce on its enemies at close range.
Vixelame 7 A large graceful mother of the Brazen Island, Vixelmare has the unique ability as Den Mother to teleport allowing her to ambush her prey in plain sight attacking with ferocity and devesation as well as her sharp teeth and claws tearing through any hide no matter how tough.
Chilinon 8 A bizarre creature, the Chilinon is a large rodent-looking creature, it is able to breathe both Fire and Ice allowing to turn its home into a boiling pot of Molten Rock or completely freeze it over allowing Chilinon to slide all about. In addition it has deadly sharp claws and teeth which it can use in close range when it's standing upright.
Falafeather 9 A giant and elegenatly beautiful creature, the Falafeather is extremely territorial and the Kremlings use this to their advantage to attempt to intimidate Donkey Kong and the gang. The beast has razor sharp wings that can cut through the trees around its island as well as tail feathers that are able to hold huge boulders in its attempt to crush any prey it sees. That's not to say in close combat that Falafeather can't fight either as its wings can create gusts of wind to push prey away and its beak and talons can easily send DK flying.
Necatcer 10 A Queen Bee, Necatcer is very dangerous due to its poisonous stinger, huge body and swarms of underlings whom protect her at all costs. Necatcer can also dive to attack and use her wings to generate shockwaves that can knock DK to the ground.
Visharak 11 A monstrously large shark, Vishark is known for having a sort of monarchy status over the other sharks, its size and weapons are unmatched by any other shark. Vishark is able to leap out of the water and slide along the bridges around its home to grab prey from above land, in addition Vishark can also make direct lunges upwards to grab its prey.
Lunowoll 12 A massive robotic wall that seems to have been built with a superiority complex. King K. Rool installed the wall as the protector of the force field generator around his base of operations. Lunowoll has bizarre abilities allowing it to not only create hands and weapons out of the bricks of its body but also fire pulses of bizarre psychic energy at DK and the crew.
Chassarite 13 A mysterious Insect Queen, the Chassarite is the leader of the Chassaurs, an insect species with a mysterious gas that causes individuals to forget where they are. The Chassarite summons her minions to protect her but is no slouch when it comes to fighting either as she is capable of slashing with her massive scythes and can spit a deadly acid that burns through the ground. In addition she can fly surprisingly well despite her massive weight.
Bubblerrel 14 A mysterious creature comprised of water and bubbles, the Bubblerrel is capable of easily slipping from one area to another as the only solid part of its body is its nose. The creature being made almost completely of water is able to spit a jet of hot water or freeze the bubbles on its body solid and throw them with incredible speed. The creature also uses the pipes of its home to easily navigate from one area to another.
Statichant 15 A stag-like creature, the Statichant is capable of using the mysterious plants that wrap around its antlers to create halluinogenic mists that can cause DK and the others to see multiple Statichants. In addition the Statichant is able to ram across the room in an attempt to knock DK away.
King K. Rool 16 King of the Kremlings, King K. Rool is a dastardly individual whose repeatedly come face to face with DK and his family in attempts to steal their Banana Hordes or get revenge on them due to failed attempts. King K. Rool seems to have done some research since his last battle with the Kongs as he's equipped himself with a Morter Cannon on his back and his trusty Cannonball Blunderbuss as well as using his crown to protect his head.



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