Donkey Kong Country: Going Bananas! is a new installment to the DKC franchise.


Millions of years ago, there were supernatural bananas with amazing powers so valuable, that anyone to this day could be searching for it. Millions of years to today however, Donkey Kong has found them, and is having a monkey party with his fellow friends. Soon after, the menacing King K. Rool stole the magic bananas! Donkey Kong and his friends, angry at this, set off to get the magic bananas K. Rool scattered all over the country...

Playable Characters

Donkey Kong - Can roll into a ball, and slam his big hands on the ground.

Diddy Kong - Can shoot peanuts, and can use his rocket pack.

Dixie Kong - Can fly, and rock on with her guitar.

Lanky Kong - Can grab items and enemies from afar.

Cranky Kong - Whacks with his cane, and can bounce with it.

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