Donkey Kong Country: Ghostbusters Division is the third and final entry in Rare Studios' Donkey Kong Country Returns trilogy, acting as the sequel to the previous installment Tropical Freeze. This game also acts as a crossover between the series itself and the 2016 reboot of the Ghostbusters film franchise, featuring characters from both. While the game was primarily developed by Rare, both Warner Bros. and Blender Maximum worked on the game as well, eventually leading to Nintendo's publishing of the game. The game will be released in 2017 as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch.


Ghostbusters Division, as the third Donkey Kong Country Returns game, is not a departure from the series' gameplay. The first player, as Donkey Kong, will face a two-dimensional landscape that he will have to reach the end of. Obstacles will challenge Donkey Kong, but he has two hearts of health, displayed in the top left corner of the game at all times. Donkey Kong can also work with friends such as Diddy or Dixie Kong. These friends can be found in barrels or played as in multiplayer game modes; all of them will have a unique ability and add two extra hearts to Donkey Kong's health counter, but the friends themselves will disappear if these two hearts are depleted.

A new game mechanic is the ability to use Proton Packs. Ghosts can be found throughout the game, either through defeating living enemies or natural occurrences. These ghosts can be contained in Proton Packs early in the game, but can also be killed with them once the player reaches a certain point. The Proton Packs are harder to control than other commands in the game as their beams are somewhat shaky, but work much more efficiently as a plus.







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