Donkey Kong Country: Expedition of the Six Simians is a 3D adventure/free-roaming platformer game designed as a spiritual successor to the 1999 release of Donkey Kong 64, developed by Retro Studios and Nintendo EPD, and published by Nintendo. It was released on the Nintendo Switch console.


Cranky Kong is browsing through his collection of books in his study one day while the other Kongs are off playing and enjoying themselves in the deep jungle. He reads upon a strange text speaking of the Potassium Emblems, a collection of medallions resembling banana slices, guarded away across areas around the island. Unaware, King K. Rool and his lackeys of the Kremling Krew are prying upon this treasure for their own greedy delight, knowing it could fufill a sense of devious delight. Cranky is alarmed by some of the Kritters, and resorts to fending off while the other Kongs catch realization their long-time foes are around for more mischief. King K. Rool manages to nab the book from Cranky, but unfortunately the page is torn to bits, scattered about as the Kongs and Kremlings must piece them together if they're in a race for the treasure. Cranky, has hope though the Kongs will pull through on their journey.

Playable Kongs

Donkey Kong: The muscle of the gang, and an all-around ape of physical feats. He is strong in delivering a powerful punch or kick at baddies, as well as a slight roll in his movement to boost. DK's climbing skill is also beneficial to helping him navigate cliffs or atop canopies, and his Coconut Catapult is sure to fling creamy pies that can stun foes.

Diddy Kong: An agile little monkey and DK's buddy. Diddy once again is shown to have excellent speed and agility, allowing him to bounce atop by springing on his tail, as well as slap and whirl around foes. Diddy is great at climbing treetops and making tricky leaps, and equipped with his Peanut Popguns he's ready to blast down some baddies. His Barrel Jetpack function also returns, allowing him to soar a bit while midair.

Dixie Kong: While absent in DK 64, Dixie returns this time around as a playable character. This cheery chimp plays a bit much like Diddy, but lighter and floaty, as she can twirl through the air with her hair, as well as load her Gum Magnum to shoot gumballs that pop and stick foes in their place, as well as create bubbles that can be used as platforms.

Tiny Kong: She may not be as tiny as she was in DK 64, but this passionate primate accompanies her sister, Dixie, once again in their journey. Tiny's still capable of twirling across air, although more abruptdly than Dixie, as well as performing cartwheels and triple jumps that allow her to reach higher terrain. Her new weapon in hand, the Berry Bow, allows for her to shoot blueberries at projectiles that'll leave foes stunned or dizzy.

Lanky Kong: This outlandish and humorous orangutan returns to accompany his best pals on their expedition. With his rubbery, flexible arms, Lanky exerts strong slaps and jabs at his foes, while being able to run while handstanding and hurling across high-jumps with his appendages. He can't expand his body to float through air, but he does possess a new ability allowing him to whirl and plow through the toughest things by spinning. Lanky is also armed with his trusty Grape Blowpipe, allowing him to shoot fruits at aim with a simple spit.

Chunky Kong: This gentle giant isn't as slow and luggy as you may remember, in fact, he's got a bit of a boost now in his speed as he can sprint and leap with simple bounds. Chunky's brute strength makes for advantage in breaking through walls of rocks or other solid surfaces, and his elegant and agile motion make him well-balanced for travelling across ice or swimming through water. Chunky's sure to load up on his Pineapple Powitzer when splatting and shooting down tougher foes.

Supporting Kongs

Cranky Kong: Cranky's part in the story of minimal, but this bumbling, short-tempered old simian provides his worth of help by teaching the Kongs upgrades to their moves, as well as tips and tricks on how to overcome challenges for finding/recovering Potassium Emblems. He can be found at his cabin located in each world.

Funky Kong: Funky's back to tending as a mechanic, but still loads up on armaments and ammo to support the Kongs on their quest. He runs a shop where Kong Coins can be used to be reinforcements, as well as provide transportation via a boat, airplane or skimobile to reach new areas. Just look for his mechanic shack around if you need to purchase some rations.

Candy Kong: Candy still has a music shop in business, allowing her much support in the Kongs' inquiring and levelling up their musical instrumentals which play for finding secrets or special events in uncovering Potassium Emblems.

Kiddy Kong: An infant primate who loves to play around on his tire swing. As Chunky's baby brother, Kiddy's got quite the knack for helping out the Kongs by letting them play mini-challenges to earn Kong Coins or even a Potassium Emblem at his playhouse.

Animal Buddies & Other Allies

Rambi the Rhinoceros: He's gruff, tough and ready to charge. Rambi can be summoned from his special crate on some worlds, allowing him to give one powerful ride for the Kongs. As they mount upon his back, Rambi can slam and ram through enemies and obstacles, as well as cross over sharp brambles without trouble to reach new areas.

Ellie the Elephant: This playful pachyderm returns, and she's quite grown-up as well. Ellie functions similar to Rambi, allowing the Kongs to ride her but is a strong swimmer at crossing through water. She can also slurp up water in her trunk to spray, as well as pick up heavy objects like barrels to carry along. Her large ears also can flap and help cool off when travelling in hotter, arid climates, where you may find her welcoming to help in her crate.

Troff and Scoff: A pig and a hippopotamus who are good allies with the Kongs. Troff finds benefit in helping the Kongs through murky, muddy mires to reach new territory, while Scoff is very buoyant and can be used as a living boat to travel across rabid waters with ease, bumping and bouncing around without a single bruise.

Taffy: A new animal companion appearing in the Kongs' adventure. A light yellow giraffe with brown blotches and a neck scarf, Taffy is tall and constructive to allowing her primate pals to reach new areas by climbing on her neck, as well as keeping her head above water as she swims through shallow ponds and lagoons. 

Squawks: A cheeky green parrot who's always flying in for a new, exciting adventure. Squawks can be called upon by the Kongs with their musical instruments, serving much help to carry a lantern through dark, dank caves, providing a latch that can held upon to navigate the Kongs, as well as even in one challenge soaring about and shooting nuts or seeds at aerial baddies.

Roary: A kind, noble lion who lives deep in the jungle. After he gets some help from the Kongs with his predicament involving a thorn caught in his paw, he rewards them with a Potassium Emblem. You can later find him at his temple cave where he challenges in a foot race around his home to earn another emblem.

Enguarde: The swift, sharp swordfish reappears in underwater areas, allowing the Kongs to ride on his back as his probes and protrudes his sharp bill at aquatic enemies, as well as being able to soar and leap on waves or geysers to reach higher areas. 

Delphi: A kind, energetic dolphin who challenges Enguarde and the Kongs to a race under and above water. She rewards with emblems upon completing her challenges whenever you can find her.

Flimsy: A flamingo who really likes to fly. He plays a similar role to the friendly Necky in DK 64, allowing for a challenge to keep up with him as one of the Kongs soars and takes to the air. He also rewards a Potassium Emblem or two upon his chalenge competed.

Berg: This polar bear lives in the snowy mountains later travelled on by the Kongs. He will reward a Potassium Emblem if one of them can beat him in a figure-skating challenge on open ice.

Snoot: A giant anteater with a nose for catching whatever does bug him. He rewards an emblem if the Kongs can help him by taking down as many ants he "pops" out of their mounds and blowing into the ground.

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