Donkey Kong Country: Diddy's Jungle Journey is an upcoming Nintendo XDS game and is planned for release mid-2018, and is the 2nd DKC game to feature Diddy Kong as the main character.


Instead of Worlds, Diddy's Jungle Journey uses regions as different areas. In total there are 9 regions found in the entire game, each having between 4-11 levels.

Region Number

Name of Region

Number of courses


1 Crazy Clifftops 6 Clifftop Climb (First Level)

Cliff Rumble (Boss Level)

2 Treetop Swamp 9 Ropey Rampage (Remade Level)
3 Deep Deep Savana 11 TBA
4 Middle Meter Woods 7 Smasher Heights (Boss Level)
5 DK Jungle 4 Jungle Hijinks (Remade Level)

Robot Rumble (Boss Level)

6 Barrel Land 10 TBA
7 Hammerhead Heights 8 TBA
8 Kremling Volcano 11 TBA
9 Wonder Woods 9 Jungle Remix (Final Boss Level)


Each Region has between 4-11 levels. This is a list of all the levels

Region 1: Crazy Clifftops

Level Number

Level Name

Enemies Found


1 Clifftop Climb Hard Kremlings

Crazy Frogs

First level in the game
2 Clifftop Control Room TBA None
3 Jumpy Waterfalls Jumpy Narwhals First underwater level in the game
4 Barrel Ship Madness TBA First level to use barrels.
5 Safe-top Dive Parachute Kremlings

Air Shooters

6 Cliff Rumble Slippy Snakes

Homing Kremlings

BOSS: B-R Kremling

First boss level in the game.

Region 2: Treetop Swamp

Level Number

Level Name

Enemies Found


1 (7) Water Cave Homing Kremlings

Jumpy Poison Narwhals

2 (8) Poisonous Grounds TBA None
3 (9) TBA TBA None
4 (10) Treetop Jungle TBA None
5 (11) Ropey Rampage Fakers


Remade Level
6 (12) Unique Swampland Mini Swamp-Hands

MINI-BOSS: Swamp-Hands

Mini-Boss Level
7 (13) Banana Run-through TBA Speed Level with Time Limit
8 (14) Disaster Swamp Tornado Kremlings

Mini Swamp-Hands

9 (15) Swampy Madness Tornado Kremlings

BOSS: Swampy Sailor

Boss Level
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