DKC: Cataclysmic Bind
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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) WiiU, NX, 3DS, Visus Sphere
1-2 Player
Age Rating(s)
OFLC G rating
Genre(s) Adventure, Platforming
Series Donkey Kong Country
Predecessor Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
 Donkey Kong Country: Cataclysm Bind is an upcoming sequel to the Donkey Kong Country series, completing the Returns Trilogy. It once again focuses Donkey Kong and his extended family of Kongs who go on adventures to secure their hoard of Bananas. In this installment, DK and co. must traverse 7 new Islands as well as DK Island due to the invading forces of the 7 Elements. In order to rescue DK Island from this new threat, DK and co. must defeat each of the guardians of the islands and claim the gem or that element.


The camera pans through a cave system, with a light at the end, rock faces jut out of the hole as the sound of various animals can be heard. The camera zooms out to reveal DK Island and suddenly stops, turns to face DK's Treehouse and heads straight for it, coming through the window we find DK about to eat a Banana before noticing the camera, smiling and waving before the camera zooms off, the camera then heads into the Banana Cove to find Diddy sleeping atop the pile of bananas, the Camera accidentally bumps the pile causing it to fall and waking Diddy, the camera escapes and turns to face the cave with the bananas being held against the cave entrance and Diddy stuck in the middle, DK jumps out of his Treehouse due to the noise and sees Diddy, smiles and then pulls Diddy out, however as he pulls Diddy out the Banana Pile gives way and both are swamped by the Bananas.

The camera continues to wander around the island, zooming in on a pond, where it finds Dixie tuning her guitar, Dixie notices the camera and waves before returning to tuning the guitar. The camera traverses through a small section of the forest to find Cranky's house where the old ape is sleeping, the camera accidentally knocks over a piece of pottery waking Cranky who angrily bashes the camera with his cane before it flees the scene. Continuing on the Camera finds Funky Kong at a dock as he is signalling for a ship to dock, Funky notices the camera and waves and smiles at it, however in doing so the Ship he was directing crashes into the harbour, with a small Seal in the cabin yelling at Funky about it. As the Camera looks back at Funky; DK, Diddy, Dixie & Cranky all arrive to greet the arrivals, the camera then looks over at the ship to see two Kongs walking down the dock, a large, muscular kong and a tall, feminine kong, as the light shines on them it is revealed to be Tiny & Chunky Kong, immediately after they see the other Kongs they all run over to hug one another. However just after the group are about to hug one another, a huge earthquake stops them in their tracks (except Chunky who falls off the dock). The Kongs turn around to see an Island quickly approaching the Dock, the Seal Captain quickly flees his boat as the Kongs all back off.

The island crashes into the Dock, knocking the Kongs and the Camera unconcious, as the camera re-activates, it zooms around the island to see a desert island has attached itself to DK Island with 6 more islands quickly approaching, as it zooms back to DK and co. six more tremors are felt as DK and co. watch 7 beams of light shoot towards the DK Island Volcano, causing the rocky structure to twist and turn into a giant temple.


Much like previous Donkey Kong Country Games the player controls DK and his friends on a 2.5D adventure, through wild and varying terrain. Like previous Donkey Kong Country Games of the return Trilogy, the player is able to move, jump and perform various skills. In addition an old feature from the original trilogy makes a return, the character swap. If there is only one player then they will be able to swap between DK and whichever teammate he has with him. This is due to the addition of Funky and Chunky as playable characters as unlike other DK characters, they are too large for Donkey Kong to carry on his back.

The player moves with the Analog Stick, jumps with Z (if Wii Remote+Nunchuck) or A (if WiiU Gamepad, WiiU Pro Controller, GameCube Controller or Classic Controller Pro) and can perform various attacks through a combination of the D-Pad and the B Button, additionally Ground Pounds can be performed by Shaking the Wii Remote and Nunchuck or repeatedly tapping the primary L and R Triggers on other controllers.

Each Kong has their own special ability, including DK which can be used with a specific D-Pad input and the Y Button (A on Wii Remote & Nunchuck).

  • DK - Kong Roll - Down
  • Diddy - Rocket Jet - Up
  • Dixie - Haircopter - Left or Right
  • Cranky - Cane Hopper - Down
  • Funky - Funky Twist - Left or Right
  • Tiny - Kick Flip - Up
  • Chunky - Colosso-Fist - Down


Playable Characters

Character Description Kong POW Ability
Donkey Kong SSB4

The King of the Jungle, DK loves Bananas to death and is easily agitated when something gets between him and his hoard. He is genorous and willing to share with his friends however despises the many thieves he has had encounters with.

Diddy Kong SSB4
DK's sidekick and weapon savvy companion, Diddy is faster and lighter than DK but at the same time more prone to unecessary sliding, he also has less of an impact of gravity based puzzles. Maximizes both characters' power for a short time allowing them to one shot any enemy.
Dixie Kong, the guitar grinding glider returns in this game with many of her powers from the previous game. She is able to glide long distances thanks to her Haircopter ability and while she can't jump as high as Diddy she can run faster than both him and DK. Adds a Golden Heart to both characters giving them an extra hit point.
DK's grandfather and the original Donkey Kong, Cranky is both wise and cheeky as well as quite harsh towards his grandson. His Cane Pogo allows him to avoid most hazards although he isn't as strong or fast as his Grandson. Gives both characters a temporary shield protecting them from any hazards or dangers.
540px-Funky Kong Artwork - Tropical Freeze
Funky has decided to take a break from the ship business to help DK out in stopping the 7 Elementals, he is a powerful fighter and when working with the King of the Jungle the duo are incredibly dangerous, he is faster than DK but can't jump as high. Causes Banana Coins to come out of enemies for a short period of time.
Dixie's younger (yet taller) sister Tiny Kong, returns from her absence to the series since Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. She brings with her several skills she's honed over the time away including various flips and kicks, she is also able to utilize her hair like a whip, and can jump the highest of all characters (except when Diddy uses his Rocket Jet). Causes all enemies to become temporarily frozen in place for a short period of time.
Chunky kong New
Tiny's Cousin, Chunky Kong also makes his return after a long absence, again sporting his Pinapple Launcher from Donkey Kong 64, he is by far one the strongest Kong even outmatching DK and Funky however is both the slowest and worst at jumping still. Temporarily makes both characters have Jetpacks that won't run out until the timer does.

Supporting Characters

Character Use in Game
Swanky Kong 7
Swanky takes the role of the item seller in this game (as both Cranky & Funky are helping DK). He has different responses for each of the Kongs from telling Cranky how youthful he looks to how wise Chunky is.
Professor Chops once again appears in the role of the checkpoint attendant, in addition to creating a return point if the player dies in a level, he also will give the player a Banana Coin the first time they pass through that checkpoint.
250px-Rambi DKCR
Rambi the Rhinoceros once again returns as an Animal Friend. He functions identically to how he did in the previous Donkey Kong Country Games.
578px-Squawks - Donkey Kong Country Returns
Squawks the Parrot returns to his role as an Animal Friend in Donkey Kong Country: Cataclysm Bind. He is helpful in Windy levels where hs is able to move around with relative ease where a character like Dixie or Diddy would get blown away.
Squitter the Spider
Squitter the Spider makes his return to the series since Donkey Kong Country 3. He is able to once again bounce on enemies to defeat them as well as create temporary platforms where necessary. In addition he has gained the ability to climb up most walls to allow him to reach secret areas.



  • Wisp
    • Green
    • Cyan
    • Midnight Blue
    • Magenta
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
  • Warrior
    • Green
    • Cyan
    • Midnight Blue
    • Magenta
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
  • Archer
    • Green
    • Cyan
    • Midnight Blue
    • Magenta
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
  • Magiguard
    • Green
    • Cyan
    • Midnight Blue
    • Magenta
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
  • Giant Wisp
    • Green
    • Cyan
    • Midnight Blue
    • Magenta
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
  • Behemoth
    • Green
    • Cyan
    • Midnight Blue
    • Magenta
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow

Jungle Ruins Enemies

  • Tapirs
    • Regular
    • Rolling
    • Rocky
    • Fire Snout
  • Frogs
    • Regular
    • High Jumper
    • Poison Dart
  • Ants
    • Regular
    • Soldier
    • Turret
    • Leaf-Cutter
  • Macaws
    • Regular
    • Dazzling
    • Crystal
    • Camouflage
  • Alligators
    • Regular
    • Stone
    • Giant

Icy Fields Enemies

  • Fox
    • Regular
    • Camouflage
    • Shadow
    • Icy
  • Owl
    • Regular
    • Giant
    • Paralyzing
  • Buffalo
    • Regular
    • Electrical
    • Frozen
    • Diamond
  • Hare
    • Regular
    • Speedster
    • Burrowing
    • Carrot Lancer
  • Polar Bear
    • Regular
    • Ice Claws
    • Drill

Lunar Lake Enemies

  • Bilby
    • Regular
    • Spiky Back
    • Shadow Gaze
    • Mega Claw
  • Bat
    • Regular
    • Laser
    • Giant
  • Badger
    • Regular
    • Thunder
    • Fire Breathing
    • Venomous
  • Slug
    • Regular
    • Luminous
    • Marble
    • Aquatic
  • Fish
    • Catfish
    • Bass
    • Leviathan

Cotton Cloud Enemies

  • Geese
    • Regular
    • Thunder
    • Homing
    • Bomb Dropper
  • Bee
    • Regular
    • Hornet
    • Jewel
  • Mantis
    • Regular
    • Giant
    • Spearing
    • Ninja
  • Flying Fish
    • Regular
    • Puffer
    • Rolling
    • Icicle
  • Flying Squirrel
    • Regular
    • Electrical
    • Fire Breathing

Hot Head Pits Enemies

  • Tortoise
    • Regular
    • Multi-Headed
    • Jet
    • Flaming Roller
  • Komodo Dragon
    • Regular
    • Giant
    • Flying
  • Elk
    • Regular
    • Buck Charge
    • Fiery
    • Shadow
  • Grizzly Bear
    • Regular
    • Fire Claws
    • Darkness
    • Whip
  • Butterfly
    • Giant
    • Fiery
    • Explosive

Cliff Canyon Junction Enemies

  • Lizard
    • Regular
    • Skink
    • Thorny
    • Frill Neck
  • Camel
    • Regular
    • Cannon Hump
    • Quaker
  • Scorpion
    • Regular
    • Giant
    • Pinching
    • Aquatic
  • Serpent
    • Regular
    • Ring
    • Side Winder
    • Sandstorm
  • Hyena
    • Regular
    • Acidic
    • Bristle-back

Plasma Peaks Enemies

  • Stingray
    • Gliding
    • Jet
    • Plasma Tail
    • Explosive
  • Eel
    • Hole Dwelling
    • Colossal
    • Razor Tooth
  • Ant
    • Electrical
    • Charge Antenna
    • Extreme Speed
    • Onyx
  • Great Cat
    • Lion
    • Panther
    • Leopard
    • Tiger
  • Echidna
    • Regular
    • Thunder-Back
    • Cannon

DK Island Enemies

  • Awk
    • Regular
    • Charging
    • Fiery
    • Icy
  • Snaps
    • Regular
    • Oceanic Colossal
    • Shadowy
  • Toothberries
    • Regular
    • Fruitful
    • Cactus
    • Fiesta
  • Bots
    • Steam Jet
    • Icy
    • Cloud Cover
    • Pogo
  • Char-Char
    • Regular
    • Icy
    • Gigantic


  • Crawnaw, the Alligator (Jungle Ruins)
  • Tectock, the Temple Statue (Jungle Ruins)
  • Karboros, the Boa Constrictor (Jungle Ruins)
  • Slipslup, the Penguin (Icy Fields)
  • Oranoa, the Whale (Icy Fields)
  • Chillate, the Ice Golem (Icy Fields)
  • Marpolo, the Marlin (Lunar Lake)
  • Starox, the Night Wolf (Lunar Lake)
  • Hydraunt, the Liquid Ghost (Lunar Lake)
  • Buzzini, the Hummingbird (Cotton Cloud Mountain)
  • Draloomani, the Dragonfly (Cotton Cloud Mountain)
  • Phounderbird, the Phoenix Thunderbird (Cotton Cloud Mountain)
  • Verranin, the Salamander (Hot Head Pits)
  • Reagma, the Lava Golem (Hot Head Pits)
  • Kilimonto, the Great Dragon (Hot Head Pits)
  • Milomole, the Blind Mole (Cliff Canyon Junction)
  • Terranox, the Buffalo (Cliffy Canyon Junction)
  • Zendrodrone, the Cave Bat (Cliff Canyon Junction)
  • Bablotz, the Charge Bull (Plasma Peaks)
  • Zeranote, the Lightning Zebra (Plasma Peaks)
  • Toalonis, the Storm Giraffe (Plasma Peaks)
  • Woondore & Plazindare, the Wind Golem & Electric Golem (DK Island)
  • Jungrate, Hyamane & Terranaught, the Jungle Golem, Water Golem & Earth Golem (DK Island)
  • Elamenironux, the Elemental Deity (DK Island)

Worlds and Levels

The game has a total of 9 Worlds to explore with 8 being part of the story and the ninth being an additional world for getting all the Puzzle Pieces  in each stage. Each World contains its own Swankster Shop as well as a Save Hut. Worlds diverge on their paths with alternate routes opening up should the player be able to find the secret exits.

Jungle Ruins

  • 1-1: Jungle Wreckage
  • 1-2: Bounce Flight Flowers
  • 1-3: Canopy Race
  • 1-Boss-1: Riverside Rampage
  • 1-4: Moss Cave Chase
  • 1-5: Luminous Ruins
  • 1-6: Wild Pyramid
  • 1-Boss-2: Ancient Palace
  • 1-7: Boulder Escape
  • 1-8: Leafy Launches
  • 1-9: Perilous Grove
  • 1-10: Twister Vines
  • 1-Boss-3: Great Green Shrine
  • 1-A: Wooden Windways
  • 1-B: Glow Glow Mines
  • 1-C: Ancient Trunk
  • 1-Kong: Tree Top Hijinxs

Icy Fields

  • 2-1: Powder Hills
  • 2-2: Snowy Forest
  • 2-3: Taboggan Traversal
  • 2-4: Cold Chill Clearing
  • 2-Boss-1: Ice Breaker Lake
  • 2-5: Shivering Creek
  • 2-6: Barren Blizzard
  • 2-7: Snow Sand Beach
  • 2-Boss-2: Oceanic Shore
  • 2-8: Sapphire Shaft
  • 2-9: Breeze Way Chase
  • 2-10: Frozen Burrows
  • 2-11: Ice Capped Quarry
  • 2-12: Mountainous Pathway
  • 2-Boss-3: Great Cyan Shrine
  • 2-A: Glacier Cliffs
  • 2-B: Iceberg Island
  • 2-C: Erosion Cave-In
  • 2-Kong: Frostbite Cove

Lunar Lake

  • 3-1: Starlight Pathway
  • 3-2: Dusk Descent
  • 3-3: Midnight Hideout
  • 3-4: Indigo Spike Trap
  • 3-5: Violet Forest
  • 3-Boss-1: Blue Jetty
  • 3-6: Night Cloud Cruise
  • 3-7: Darkness Bounds
  • 3-8: Shrouded Ascent
  • 3-Boss-2: Howling Crescent
  • 3-9: Rainy Hollow
  • 3-10: Treebark Trouble
  • 3-11: Lamplight Grove
  • 3-12: Twinkle Mountain
  • 3-13: Nightfall Cavern
  • 3-Boss-3: Great Midnight Shrine
  • 3-A: Lavender Falls
  • 3-B: Shadowy Eon
  • 3-C: Trickster Alley
  • 3-Kong: Eggplant Limbo

Cotton Cloud Mountain

  • 4-1: Tulip Meadow
  • 4-2: Rosey Beanstalk
  • 4-3: Lily Waterfall
  • 4-4: Daffodil Rise
  • 4-Boss-1: Dandelion Gusts
  • 4-5: Greenway Bridge
  • 4-6: Insect Highway
  • 4-7: Beetle Peaks
  • 4-8: Giant Caterpillar Capers
  • 4-Boss-2: Sky Pond
  • 4-9: Jump Pad Mountain
  • 4-10: Cloudy Carousel
  • 4-11: Stormy Fright
  • 4-12: Sky High Rails
  • 4-13: Atmospheric Soar
  • 4-Boss-3: Great Magenta Shrine
  • 4-A: Cactus Palace
  • 4-B: Wasp Hive Central
  • 4-C: Bolt Flight
  • 4-Kong: Skytop Panic

Hot Head Pits

  • 5-1: Fried Plains
  • 5-2: Blazing Jets
  • 5-3: Crashed Crater
  • 5-4: Thermal Coal Mine
  • 5-Boss-1: Bubble Broth Bath
  • 5-5: Serrated Lava River
  • 5-6: Blast Falls
  • 5-7: Volcanic Dam
  • 5-8: Black Stone Shore
  • 5-9: Obsidian Beach
  • 5-Boss-2: Lava Dome
  • 5-10: Crimson Manor
  • 5-11: Igneous Assembly
  • 5-12: Inferno Factory
  • 5-13: Boil Gold Smelter
  • 5-Boss-3: Great Red Shrine
  • 5-A: Nuclear Meltdown
  • 5-B: Magma Flood
  • 5-C: Maroon Complex
  • 5-Kong: Boiling Hijinxs

Cliff Canyon Junction

  • 6-1: Coal Folly
  • 6-2: Iron Crevice
  • 6-3: Jade Chasm
  • 6-4: Ruby Mines
  • 6-5: Flooded Pearl Quarry
  • 6-Boss-1: Diamond Mine Pit
  • 6-6: Secret River
  • 6-7: Dusty Dunes
  • 6-8: Sandstorm Abyss
  • 6-9: Blacklight Desert
  • 6-10: Sandfall Descent
  • 6-Boss-2: Twisting Canyon
  • 6-11: Darkened Wasteland
  • 6-12: Hallow Outpost
  • 6-13: Crypt Cavern
  • 6-Boss-3: Great Orange Shrine
  • 6-A: Copper-Tin Smelter
  • 6-B: Drought Boulder
  • 6-C: Nocturnal Break
  • 6-Kong: Terra Peril

Plasma Peaks

  • 7-1: Zap Tower
  • 7-2: Electrocute Factory
  • 7-3: Power Overload
  • 7-4: Explosive Escape
  • 7-Boss-1: Magnetic Arena
  • 7-5: Amp Graze
  • 7-6: Voltage Plains
  • 7-Boss-2: Lightning Strike Fields
  • 7-7: Ember Revenge
  • 7-8: Shockwave Symphony
  • 7-9: Flame Forest
  • 7-10: Psycho Storm
  • 7-11: Blackheart Crisp
  • 7-12: Watt Watt Boom
  • 7-13: Fiery Plasmastorm
  • 7-Boss-3: Great Yellow Shrine
  • 7-A: Industrial Ions
  • 7-B: Current Circuits
  • 7-C: Hydro Earther
  • 7-Kong: Thunderstorm Mayhem

DK Island

  • 8-1: Elemental Hijinxs
  • 8-2: Jungle Mania
  • 8-3: Avalanche Escape
  • 8-4: Icicle Crash Cave
  • 8-5: Starry Meteor Shower
  • 8-6: Deep Depth Abyss
  • 8-7: Cyclonic Storm
  • 8-8: Atmospheric Glide
  • 8-9: Pyro Buster Melter
  • 8-10: Craggy Coastline
  • 8-11: Rocky Ascent
  • 8-12: Thunderpeak Archway
  • 8-13: Buzzsaw Railroad
  • 8-14: Castle Plummit
  • 8-15: Mighty Tower
  • 8-Boss-1: Stormy Encounter
  • 8-Boss-2: Elemental Ambush
  • 8-16: Final Climb
  • 8-Boss-3: Bound Destination
  • 8-A: Leafy Chill Night
  • 8-B: Skyhigh Lava-Quake
  • 8-C: Plasma Fortress Twist
  • 8-Kong: Kong Kongo Catastrophe

Twisted Elements

  • 9-1: Green Shrub Turbine
  • 9-2: Cyan Glacial Clash
  • 9-3: Midnight Star Soar
  • 9-4: Magenta Cloud Armada
  • 9-5: Red Raging Lavafalls
  • 9-6: Orange Desert Cliff
  • 9-7: Yellow Plasma Factory
  • 9-8: Elemental Animal Escapade
  • 9-Kong: Core Attack Descent
  • 9-9: Summit Celebration


  • With the exception of 8-Kong & 9-Kong, all the Kong levels pay homage to another DKC level with two paying homage to the old and new versions of Jungle Hijinxs
  • It is never clear whether or not DK Island had always been able to support the Elemental Temple or whether the Elements just determined it to be suitable
  • In comparison to the previous two games in the Returns Trilogy, Cataclysm Bind is the only one of the three where its Penultimate level (Final Climb) is not a Fire-Themed Level
    • Additionally the game features the most levels overall out of the entire franchise
    • Also it has the most playable characters overall in any Donkey Kong game (including DK64)
  • Originally when the game was concieved, Cliff Canyon Junction was going to be the first world, to allow for Hot Head PIts (the Fire World) to be the second-to-last. This would've followed a common trope in platforming games where Fire based levels are the last, however instead the game opted to follow another trope in platforming where Grass based leves are first
  • There is a Golem for all 7 Elements however only the Ice Golem, Chillate is the Final Boss of its world
    • Additionally 5 don't appear as seperate bosses but rather as a duo and trio respectively
  • Originally Enguarde was going to be an Animal Buddy instead of Squitter however when the number of Water Levels was dropped significantly, to the point where some worlds didn't have any it was decided to remove him and put Squitter in
    • Squitter was chosen after Enguarde was cut and originally contended for the spot with Rattly and Expresso however Rattly was determined to be too similar to Cranky and Expresso was determined to be too similar to Dixie and Rambi in general
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