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Donkey Kong 64 Remastered
Donkey Kong 64 Remastered.jpg
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s) NTSC: June 22, 2015

PAL: July 4, 2015

JAPAN: July 8, 2015

Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer

Donkey Kong 64 Remastered is a remake of the Donkey Kong 64 from the Nintendo 64. It was released for the Nintendo Switch on June 22, 2015. As a remaster of the iconic N64 title, it features HD graphics, exclusive cutscenes, unlockable content, and most of the original voice cast from the Donkey Kong series. Along with these new additions, the game maintains its classic platforming style with the stages having enhanced soundtracks, as well as a few minor modifications to improve the flow and design of the gameplay. Like the N64 title, Remastered's plot Donkey Kong rescue his friends and reclaim the Golden Bananas and save his homeland.


King K. Rool returns in a gigantic mechanical island, with a large weapon called the Blast-O-Matic, in order to destroy Donkey Kong Island. However, due to the incompetence of the crew aboard, the island crashes and the Blast-O-Matic malfunctions. To buy some time, K. Rool has his soldiers capture Diddy Kong (after he challenged and fought the entire Kremling Krew on his own), Lanky Kong, Tiny Kong and Chunky Kong and locks them up. In addition, he has his minions steal Donkey Kong's hoard of Golden Bananas.

A comparison between the first level of the original game and the Remastered version

Squawks informs Donkey Kong of the disappearance of his hoard and the Kongs and then Donkey tells Cranky about what happened immediately afterwards. After entering Cranky's Training Barrels under Cranky's command, he is given a potion: Simian Slam. Donkey is also told to acquire fifteen banana medals for a special surprise. Donkey then uses his newly-acquired potion to exit the inside of Donkey Kong Island. Unfortunately, every other area outside is blocked, except for an island attached to K. Rool's mechanical island. There, Donkey meets K. Lumsy, a gargantuan Kritter who disobeyed the tyrannical king's order to wreck havoc on Donkey Kong Island. When Donkey agrees to free him, K. Lumsy dances in joy and dislodges the boulder on Donkey Kong Island that blocks the first world: Jungle Japes. Donkey then acquires his first Golden Banana. He uses this to get past B. Locker, who needs to have a certain number of Golden Bananas shown so he can grant entry. On this occasion, the guardian only needs one.

Once Donkey arrives in Jungle Japes, Squawks asks him to gather loose bananas before going into a Troff n' Scoff Portal. He then sets off to find his Golden Bananas. Along the way, he reunites with Funky Kong, who now runs an ammo store, meets Snide, the technician of the Blast-O-Matic who is asking for his blueprints on his machine so he can help the Kongs, enter his first Battle Arena and win a crown and rescue Diddy, who assists him in his loose banana and Golden Banana quest. Afterwards, he enters a Troff n' Scoff portal and exchanges sixty loose bananas in order to fight Army Dillo who holds the first key to K. Lumsy's cage.

Donkey and Diddy then return the first key to K. Lumsy, and this time, the temple that contains the entrance to Angry Aztec is opened. Before they enter, they have to show five Golden Bananas to B. Locker. Inside the world, the duo reunite with Candy, who offers them instruments and a second melon to make their adventure a bit easier. Donkey and Diddy then rescue Tiny and Lanky and collect their Golden Bananas and loose bananas. Diddy then gives away one hundred twenty loose bananas to Troff n' Scoff in order to face off against Dogadon, the second guardian of K. Lumsy's keys.

The four Kongs return the second key to K. Lumsy and he lifts a platform and opens a doorway that leads to an entrance to Frantic Factory and also opens the gateway to Gloomy Galleon. Before that, Tiny Kong pays a visit to the Banana Fairy, who asks Tiny to retrieve twenty fairies using a magical camera. The four man (or four simian, as the case may be) band has to show fifteen Golden Bananas to B. Locker before access can be granted to Frantic Factory. There, Lanky frees Chunky and the four do the same thing as usual: gather their loose bananas and find their Golden Bananas. Donkey Kong also has to play the arcade game Donkey Kong twice in order to get a Nintendo Coin, which would become important later on. After that, Tiny Kong gives away two hundred bananas and faces off against Mad Jack, the third guardian of K. Lumsy's keys.

The Kongs then show thirty Golden Bananas to B. Locker in the entrance to Gloomy Galleon. The five do the same tasks they had to do in the previous worlds. The Kongs then acquire fifteen banana medals and play the game Jetpac, in order to acquire the Rareware Coin which, like the Nintendo Coin, would be important later on. Lanky then gives 250 bananas to Troff n' Scoff in order to face off against Puftoss, the fourth guardian of K. Lumsy's keys.

The five Kongs then return to K. Lumsy, who destroys a boulder that hides a cannon that shoots towards a floating island that houses the entrance to Fungi Forest. The group shows fifty Golden Bananas to get past B. Locker. Inside the world, there are two switches that change the time of day: one for noon, the other for midnight. They are crucial in retrieving certain Golden Bananas and loose bananas. Also, the Kongs receive an interesting upgrade from Funky: ammo that can home in on enemies. Chunky then gives away 300 bananas to encounter Dogadon from Angry Aztec, who also holds the fifth key to K. Lumsy's cage.

The Kongs then return to K. Lumsy and he opens the boulder on the side of Donkey Kong Island that houses the entrance to Crystal Caves and dislodges the boulder that contains a cannon that shoots towards the entrance to Creepy Castle. The five Kongs then show sixty-five bananas to B. Locker. Here, the Kongs receive their third melon from Candy. The Kongs receive their final individual potions. Tiny's Monkeyport ability, given from Cranky, enables her to use special pads that teleport her into special areas the others can't reach. It's used to stop a rather giant Kosha who is knocking stalactites to hinder the Kongs. Donkey then feeds Troff N' Scoff 350 bananas and faces off against Army Dillo, who also holds the 6th key to K. Lumsy's cage.

The Kongs then return to K. Lumsy and head to Creepy Castle, where they have to show eighty bananas to B. Locker. This is the largest and most challenging world yet. There is a demon who haunts the tunnels, many undead Kremlings roam around and some places have echoing laughter. The Kongs also receive the last of their upgrades here. All the Kongs then feed Scoff n' Troff 400 bananas to face off against King Kut Out, a cardboard image of King K. Rool that fires lasers, to retrieve the 7th key to K. Lumsy's cage.

The five Kongs then finish up collecting items on the island.

The Kongs return to K. Lumsy and the doorway to Hideout Helm is opened. Unfortunately, K. Rool is aware of his enemies' presence and starts up the Blast-o-Matic. Fortunately, in collecting the Blast-o-Matic blueprints, Snide is able to delay the sequence to fifty minutes. This gives the Kongs enough time to shut down the power by beating the challenges. They also collect the banana medals. When the machine is shut down, a door to K. Rool opens. Before they go in, Diddy acquires the final crown from the last arena. The group enters afterwards, but K. Rool flees in the Flying Krock. They acquire the 8th and final key to K. Lumsy's cage with the Nintendo and Rareware Coins. The Kongs also catch the last fairy.

Shorty afterwards, they finally free K. Lumsy, who explores the island. When he sees the Flying Krock, he follows it out of curiosity. K. Lumsy then trips over a rock and swats the getaway vehicle onto the island.

The five Kongs find the island's crash site and enter through the bottom. The Kongs then have to beat K. Rool in a boxing match, where the Kongs use their special abilities to beat down K. Rool, with Chunky dealing the final blow. King K. Rool soon tries to flee the arena but is tricked by Candy, Funky, and Cranky, who send him flying out of the arena and away from D.K. Isles for good.

After defeating K. Rool, the Kongs and several friends celebrate the victory at DK's house.

Playable Characters

The kongs that you can take control of when playing a level. You can select them at the start of the level and you can also jump in certain Tag Barrels in order to switch Kongs mid-level.

Kongs Description
DonkeyKong SSBUltimate.png

Donkey Kong: He's the only ape who still cares enough to wear a tie. DK may not be the most powerful Kong - or the quickest - but he applies a strong blue-collar work ethic to the business of Kremling Crushing. That may be why he's the leader of the Kong Clan.

  • Weapon: Coconut Gun
  • Instrument: Bongos
  • Crystal Coconut Ability - Strong Kong: This ability allows DK to turn invincible for a short time.
DiddyKong SSBUltimate.png

Diddy Kong: You'll probably recognize his familiar furry mug from past adventures. A mere bantamweight in bulk, this courageous chimp is the heavyweight champion of hard-core attitude. Whether he's rocking out on a six-stringed, amplified guitar or rocketing through the sky, he's always giving it 100 percent - Diddy Style.

  • Weapon: Peanut Pop-Guns
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Crystal Coconut Ability - Rocketbarrel Pack: This ability allows Diddy to take flight and shoot down enemies with his Peanut Pop-Guns.
Lanky Kong SSB4.png

Lanky Kong: This knuckle-dragging Kong looks like a clown, and it's more than just a coincidence. Think of him as a twisted twig on a distant branch of the family tree. Kremlings and Klaptraps may snicker at his goofy gait as he ambles in their direction, but there's nothing funny about a hyper extended sucker punch.

  • Weapon: Grape Shooter
  • Instrument: Trombone
  • Crystal Coconut Ability - OranguStand Sprint: This temporarily gives Lanky a speed boost.
Tiny Kong SSB4.png

Tiny Kong: Dixie's VERY little sister brings a big dose of flower power to the Kong's campaign. You'll find her pigtails perfect for pugilism and not too bad for a helicopter ride from the treetops. Tiny never shrinks from her responsibilities - even when she shrinks herself physically for a mouse's eye view of the action.

  • Weapon: Feather Bow
  • Instrument: Saxophone
  • Crystal Coconut Ability - Mini-Monkey: This allows her to temporarily shrink in size and reach hidden areas. She will also move faster in this state, fast enough to run on water even.
DK64 Chunky Kong.png

Chunky Kong: He's big. He's bad. He plays the triangle. Chunky is something of a primate paradox: brutal when the situation demands it, yet almost meek at other times. He's also not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so he'll need all the help you can give him. If there's heavy lifting to be done, however, Chunky is the Monkey to see.

  • Weapon: Pineapple Launcher
  • Instrument: Triangle
  • Crystal Coconut Ability - Hunky Chunky: This will allow him to become a giant and destroy everything in his path for a short time.

NPK's (Non-Playable Kongs)

Cranky Kong SSB4.png
Cranky Kong: He's seemingly taken up science as a hobby; Cranky's Lab can be found in every area, except Hideout Helm. At Cranky's Lab, the Kongs can pay for several potions that can give them new powers and abilities.
540px-Funky Kong Artwork - Tropical Freeze.png
Funky Kong: The Kong in charge of running the Funky Shop, where you can purchase items to use in levels.
Candy Kong SSB4.png
Candy Kong: She can usually be seen in front of some barrels that lead to bonus stages where you can collect a bunch of bananas to earn extra lives.
K. Lumsy.jpg
K. Lumsy: Unlike all other Kremlings, he thinks that Kongs are cute. As such, when K. Lumsy was ordered by the leader of the Kremling Krew, King K. Rool, to smash Donkey Kong Island during the Kremling invasion, the giant crocodile refused. This act of disobedience resulted in K. Lumsy being imprisoned in a large cage with eight locks. The keys to these locks were given to various minions of the Kremling king, who were commanded to protect the keys at any cost. The cage itself was tethered to Crocodile Isle, the moving base of operations of the Kremling Krew. K. Lumsy was to remain in the cage as punishment for his actions. He was to only be released when he learned to be a vicious destroyer who has no sympathies towards the Kong family.
Troff: He is a giant pink pig and an ally of the Kongs. He guard the doors that lead to the bosses who hold the eight keys to K. Lumsy's cage.
Scoff: He is a giant blue hippopotamus and an ally of the Kongs. He guard the doors that lead to the bosses who hold the eight keys to K. Lumsy's cage.

Animal Buddies

Animals Description
Rambi 3D Model.png
Rambi the Rhino: This rhino is capable of barging through enemies and obstacles. It appears in Jungle Japes, Hideout Helm (one of DK's games), and the unlockable "Rambi Arena".
Enguarde 3D Model.png
Enguarde the Swordfish: This swordfish can be found in underwater levels and can swim very fast while charging through enemies with it's nose. It appears only in Gloomy Galleon and the unlockable "Enguarde Arena".


Enemies Description
Kritter SSB for Wii U.png
Kritter: These guys will simply walk forward and slash the Kongs if they get close.
Klaptrap: They will give chase to the Kongs. If they're defeated, their dentures will chase you for a bit.
Klobber: They will hide in barrels and pop-out if a Kong gets near them. They will then start chasing that Kong. They can only be defeated by an Orange Grenade.
Kaboom Render.png
Kaboom: These guys are a type of Kremlings who wear TNT Barrels on them. They will then start chasing that Kong. They can only be defeated by an Orange Grenade.
Klump Render.png
Klump: These guys will throw Orange Grenades at the Kongs.
Kosha 3D model.png
Kosha: Unlike most Kremlings, they are brown, and also war horned Viking-esque helmets. Also unique is their method of attack; they carry around gigantic spiked clubs that are too heavy for them. They attempt to use these clubs to smash the Kongs. If the club hits a Kong, two melon slices are taken away from their health meter. If the club does not hit a Kong when swung, the Kosha would struggle to lift it again for a moment due to its heaviness.
Kasplat 3D model.png
Kasplat: They act very similar to Krushas in size and appearance and they appear to be very strong. There are forty Kasplats in the game, five on each level (except for Hideout Helm).
Krash: These guys are much more muscular and use a club, which they try to smack the Kong with. If they succeed in doing damaging the Kong, the Kong will lose coins. These Krashes can be defeated by causing them to crash into something such as a pile of rocks. Usually, a Kong would have to pull a lever to drop something into a Krash's path.
Krobot: These guys are silver, human-shaped metal alligators with glowing red eyes and gold turning wind-up keys in their back; from time to time, they stop while the key rewinds itself. They have more endurance than most enemies, flinching at regular attacks and ammunition but not being damaged; to defeat them requires an instrument, an Orange Grenade, the Kongs' shockwave attack, or Chunky Kong's Primate Punch. They are one of only four enemies in the game to possess endurance such as this, the others being the Klumps, the Koshas, and the Klobbers. They yield two quarter Watermelons when defeated.
Kritter-in-a-Sheet: These guys is simply a Kritter wearing a bedsheet with two eyeholes, attempting to take on the appearance of a ghost.

Kritter-in-a-Sheets are quite rare. They are only found in the area Creepy Castle and don't often respawn (some only do so if a player leaves the area and re-enters). Unlike normal Kritters, they attack the Kongs by simply running into them. A Kritter-in-a-Sheet is very weak and can be defeated by any means.

Krossbones: These guys are semi-common enemies found in Creepy Castle and Fungi Forest at night. Unlike normal Kritters, who attack by biting and punching, Krossbones attack by swinging a bone club that seems to be a part of their body and by doing a short ranged kick. They are able to move very fast. Krossbones can be defeated by simply pummeling them; whenever a Krossbones is hit with an attack, one of their body parts fall off.
Gnawty Render.png
Gnawty: These beavers will walk forward and chase the Kongs if they get near them.
Fig 20 zinger.png
Zinger: These guys will fly back and forth, up and down and even in circles. They can't be jumped on.
Puftup: These guys are blowfish enemies have made various appearances since. Puftup's name comes from the fact that it is "Puffed-up."
Shuri: These guys are underwater starfish enemies have made a few other appearances since. Their name derives from a spinning weapon, a shuriken, hence their behavior.


Boss Description
Army Dillo in 3D Model.png
Army Dillo: The boss of the Jungle Japes and Crystal Caves. He is an enormous Army with a large, heavily armed iron shell. On the side of the shell are two retractable, oversized cannons that shoot fireballs. He is fought by Donkey Kong in Jungle Japes and Crystal Caves.
Dogadon in 3D Model.png

Dogadon: The boss of the Angry Aztec and Fungi Forest. He is an orange and black dragon, giant in comparison to any of the Kongs. He has four legs with three claws on the end of each one, spikes lining his spine and his long arrowhead tail, and dragonfly-like wings. In Angry Aztec, he is fought by Diddy Kong, and In Fungi Forest, he is fought by Chunky Kong.

Mad Jack in 3D Model.png
Mad Jack: The boss of the Frantic Factory. He's a brown/green eye and a red robotic eye, and wears what appears to be a red smock with scratches at the front and side and orange gloves that have holes in them. He has a green head with seven spikes made out of metal. Through the holes in the gloves, coils are visible. This suggests that his fingers are made out of springs, as well as his arms. His box is orange with different patterns like spirals, sparkles, stars, and question marks on the sides, as well as a blue rim on the edge of the box. He is fought by Tiny Kong.
Puftoss in 3D Model.png
Puftoss: The boss of the Gloomy Galleon. He is a gigantic Puftup with a golden color scheme on its top, in comparison to the purple one seen on the usual Puftups. Other notable differences are the three jagged teeth on his lower jaw, and decidedly more frightening eyes, with more of a red tint to them than the usual Puftups. He is fought by Lanky Kong.
Giant Spider 3D Model.png
Giant Spider: He's a giant purple one-eyed spider mini-boss found in the nighttime in Fungi Forest and is fought by Tiny Kong.
King Kut Out: The boss of the Creepy Castle. It is a cardboard version of King K. Rool created and operated by two Kritters in a futile effort to trick the Kongs. He is comprised of four parts: head, torso, left arm, and right arm. His high-pitched voice and ability to fire lasers make this piece of cardboard quite unique. It is fought by Kongs.
KingKrool SSBUltimate.png
King K. Rool: In his most common appearance, he wears a red cape and a gold crown, but he is fond of adopting many other looks and costumes as well. When he took on the alias of Kaptain K. Rool, he traded in the cape for a red coat and the crown. In Final boss, He also known as "King Krusha K. Rool". Apart from that, he wears a blue spandex suit with white stripes on the side, a brown belt with a large, thick golden buckle, a pair of red boxing gloves, and a pair of magenta shoes, with a gaping hole in the left one. Featuring 5 rounds in the arena.

Items & Objects

Items Description
Banana: These are scattered all over the levels. Collecting 100 of these will give you and extra life.
Banana PNG825.png
Banana Bunch: These will give the Kongs 5 Bananas.
Golden Banana SMW3D.png
Golden Banana: These can be found at the end of each level. Collecting them will complete said level.
BananaCoin Yellow.png
Banana Coins: These can be used to buy items from the Funky Shop.
Balloon Battle
Balloon: These will give you an extra life if you collect them.
YS Watermelon.gif
Watermelon: These will heal the Kongs.
Orange Grenades.gif
Orange Grenade: These can be thrown forward. They will explode after a few seconds or after colliding with something.
Supply Crate: These crates contain ammo for the weapons the Kongs carry.
Crystal Coconut: Having a certain amount of these in your possession allows the Kongs to perform their Crystal Coconut Ability.
Barrel: These can be picked up and thrown at enemies.
180px-TNT Barrel DK64.png
TNT Barrel: These can be picked up and thrown at enemies. Unlike regular barrels,these will explode when they collide with something.
Barrel Cannon.png

Cannon Barrel: Entering these will launch you in the direction they're pointing.

Tag Barrel: These can be found in certain levels. Jumping in them allows you to switch Kongs.


Worlds Description
Jungle Japes: The first world of the game, The player can learn to do many things, such as collecting items and being able to play as Rambi, an Animal Buddy. The entrance to this world is located on the base of Donkey Kong Island, and requires one Golden Banana (which can be obtained near the entrance to the world's lobby itself) to enter. Diddy Kong is held captive here in a mountain prison. It is also the first time that Funky's Armory appears. The most hidden area of the jungle requires Tiny Kong to shoot both switches with her Feather Bow.
Angry Aztec: The second world of the game, This world has an Aztec-like motif, including some Egyptian too. It features numerous pools of scorching quicksand and large temples. This level has Tiny Kong and Lanky Kong trapped in separate temples. This level also introduces Candy Kong's Music Store. Here, Donkey Kong gets the chance to free a Llama from a cage. Dogadon, Angry Aztec's boss, is fought and defeated by Diddy.

In the center of one of the world's areas, there is a large totem with a spinning face. It might be a reference to either Inka Dinka Doo from the cartoon series or juju the totem pole from Banjo-Kazooie. The latter being because Diddy has to fire peanuts into his mouth.

Frantic Factory: The third world of the game, It is a rogue toy manufacturing factory. Chunky Kong is held captive here. The area's boss is Mad Jack, the evil Jack-in-the-Box. Entry to this level requires 15 Golden Bananas.

This stage is notable for having an arcade machine with the original Donkey Kong game. Completing this game will award Donkey Kong with a Golden Banana and, later, the Nintendo Coin.

Gloomy Galleon: The fourth world of the game, It is a water-based cove area featuring K. Rool's sunken navy from earlier Donkey Kong games. The stage has a mild pirate theme with both underwater and cave-like areas. Players have to use Lanky Kong to defeat the area's boss, which is Puftoss. In this level, Lanky Kong can also transform into Enguarde. This level is also the first to feature Koshas.

It is similar to the Glimmer's Galleon level from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest because Shuris and Puftups are here.

Fungi Forest: The fifth world of the game, as the name states, features numerous forests of mushrooms. The stage centers around a giant Cuckoo Clock, which has the ability to change day into night and vice-versa. Most of the areas of this world are only accessible during certain times of the day, and enemies are also affected by time as well, often becoming more hostile when day becomes night.

Dogadon is fought in a rematch by Chunky Kong here. He is stronger than in his first fight.

This world introduces blue Kong Switches; these can only be activated once the Kongs get the Super Simian Slam potion from Cranky Kong.

Entry to this World requires fifty Golden Bananas.

Crystal Caves: The sixth world of the game, as the name of the world suggests, it is a cave made of crystals. A giant Kosha lurks in the highest part of the cave, raining stalactites down on the unsuspecting Kongs. The area has all the Kong shops in it. The boss is a rematch with Army Dillo, the boss from Jungle Japes.

Entering Crystal Caves requires sixty-five Golden Bananas.

Creepy Castle: The seventh world of the game, this world's primary feature is an enormous castle floating high in the sky; falling off will result in instant death. This world can be played outside the castle and inside the dungeons. Outside, it is constantly a rain storm and dark, but the interior of the castle is not much better; Inside, there is almost no light, mist and a constant, gloomy atmosphere prevades the different rooms. A loud moaning and a wide array of other noises can be heard while inside the haunted structure. The boss is King Kut Out, a hastily-made cardboard cut out of King K. Rool; and can be fought by all five Kongs, but only Lanky Kong is necessary to defeat it.

This world introduces red Kong Switches, which can only be activated by the Super Duper Simian Slam.

Hideout Helm: The eight and final world of the game, it is the interior of King K. Rool's mechanical island, the home and headquarters of the Kremling Krew. The goal of this world is to first shut down King K. Rool's Blast-O-Matic machine before it becomes fully operational and destroys Donkey Kong Island, and second to reach K. Rool's throne room. Succeeding in this utilizes most of the skills that the Kongs have accumulated throughout the game.

This world has no Golden Bananas or regular bananas to collect, and the Kongs have an infinite supply of Crystal Coconuts at their disposal to navigate the obstacles.