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SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Donkey Kong 64 DS
Developer(s) SPLogoSymbol.png St. Clair Publications
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Genre(s) 3D collect-a-thon platforming
Series Donkey Kong
Predecessor SSB Mario Series.png Super Mario 64 DS
Successor SSB Mario Series.png Super Mario Sunshine Deluxe
Release Date(s) Japan: July 9, 2006

Everywhere else: July 31, 2006

Mode(s) Up to 4 players simultaneously
Age Rating(s) North America (ESRB): E

Europe (PEGI): 7
Australia (ACB): G
Japan (CERO): A

Media Included Nintendo DS cartridge
Available Input Nintendo DS controller

Donkey Kong 64 DS is an enhanced remake of the original game, developed by St. Clair Publications and released in July 2006, on the 25th anniversary of the release of the original Donkey Kong arcade game. Clearly inspired by Super Mario 64 DS, the game features many similar changes, such as a new character, slightly altered plot, and a goal of 251 Golden Bananas, 50 more than the original game. Unfortunately, the game also features some copyright censorship to remove any references to Rare (although some references were ADDED in Creepy Castle...).

The game was intended to be part of a series of 3D platformers that would get the "SM64DS treatment"; however, the next game in the series, Super Mario Sunshine Deluxe, wouldn't be released until 16 years later, and plans for similar-styled remakes of Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie have fallen through and will likely never be picked up.


The game starts out the same until the scene where the Kremlings crash Crocodile Isle. Unbeknownst to them, Krusha is tossed off the island in the crash; he lands at DK's treehouse. Since none of the Kremlings can swim, he is essentially stranded on the island until they can find a way to bring him back.

Meanwhile, K. Rool has decided to kidnap all five Kongs this time, and force them to watch him use his Blast-O-Matic to destroy DK Island. With all five Kongs gone, Squawks clearly has no idea what to do. On a hunch, Krusha decides to visit Cranky Kong; Cranky, naturally, looks at Krusha with some skepticism, but decides that if Krusha can complete the Training Barrels, he might entrust Krusha with his "special reward".

The Training Barrel that teaches you how to swim has one more function: since Krusha dies instantly when he touches water, he gets to learn how to put on a Kong Mask, a powerup inspired by the character caps in Super Mario 64 DS. Putting on the provided DK Mask transforms him into Donkey Kong, and thus allows him to swim. The other three Training Barrels are unchanged from the original game. Once Krusha completes all four barrels, he gets to learn the Simian Slam so he can leave.

Krusha eventually finds a switch that creates a bridge to K. Lumsy's island, and thus allows him to return home. However, in the process, he feels sympathy for K. Lumsy's plight, and lets himself get suckered into a quest to free K. Lumsy from his prison.


For the most part, the game is the same as the original. However, the addition of Krusha as a "sixth Kong" has changed several things around. Either way, you must venture out into open, vast levels similar to those found in Super Mario 64. Your objective in every level is to obtain Golden Bananas among other collectibles. Only Krusha is available from the start, but the five Kongs, DK, Diddy, Lanky, Tiny, and Chunky Kong, are eventually freed and become available during the adventure; you can use Tag Barrels, located throughout every level, to switch between them.

All six characters are required for completing the game because each of them must use their unique abilities to recover the Golden Bananas. There are 30 Golden Bananas in every level, and each character has five Golden Bananas to obtain.

The gameplay is heavily based upon item collection, and each level has multiple items for each character to collect. However, it is not mandatory to collect every single item unless you're going for 101% completion. Many of the collectables (including Banana Medals, Banana Coins, Bananas, and Blueprints) are of a certain color, and can only be collected by a Kong specifically associated with that color:

  • Krusha: Black
  • DK: Yellow
  • Diddy: Red
  • Lanky: Blue
  • Tiny: Purple
  • Chunky: Green

Banana Coins are the game's currency, used to buy the services of Cranky Kong, Funky Kong, and Candy Kong, as well as unlock new minigames from Swanky Kong's kiosks. At Cranky's Lab, the Kongs can purchase a potion to learn a unique ability. At Funky's Store, each Kong can purchase their own weapon that fires a certain type of ammo. At Candy's Music Shop, the Kongs can purchase their own musical instrument to perform on a Music Pad. Cranky offers more abilities to the Kongs in the later levels, and likewise, Candy and Funky offer more upgrades in later levels.

DK Isles is the hub area from where the Kongs can access the other levels. Every level has its own lobby on DK Isles and a portal leading into the level itself. At first, the level lobbies are blocked or inaccessible by the Kongs. To unlock a level's lobby, the Kongs must use a Boss Key to open a padlock of K. Lumsy's cage. This results in K. Lumsy happily celebrating and creating a tremor that unlocks access into a lobby (with the exception of the first level, Jungle Japes, which is accessed after Krusha agrees to help K. Lumsy). In every lobby, B. Locker prevents the Kongs from entering a level unless they have at least a certain number of Golden Bananas to meet B. Locker's requirement. The later levels require the Kongs to have more Golden Bananas in order to enter.

A boss appears at the end of every level and is only accessible by way of a Troff 'n' Scoff portal. Here the Kongs feed Scoff with a certain number of bananas, and as Scoff eats them, he progressively becomes larger. Eventually Scoff becomes large enough for Troff's platform to be raised up to the key for Troff to unlock the door leading to the level boss. Each boss can only be fought by a certain Kong, whose face appears on the door just before the battle. The boss battles are constructed around the designated Kong's abilities. After that Kong defeats the boss, the Kongs obtain a Boss Key.

The game also features Animal Friends. To use them, a specific Kong has to jump into their crate. See their section for more.

Changes from the original

  • As noted above, Krusha is a "sixth Kong".
  • 251 Bananas, 241 Golden and 10 Silver, 50 more than the original.
  • 4,200 regular bananas, 700 more than the original.
  • Eight more Banana Medals, bringing the total to 48
  • Eight more blueprints, bringing that total to 48 as well
  • Two more Battle Arena Crowns, for 12
  • Five more Banana Fairies to collect, for a total of 25.
  • A maximum of 10 more minutes to take down the Blast-O-Matic.
  • Starting with the Super Simian Slam, some of Cranky's moves are available a level earlier than they previously were, possibly making the game easier.
  • You can now use your shooter underwater, Banjo-Tooie style. A similar upgrade was made to Diddy's Jetbarrel move.
  • As a result of them now being easier to kill, Shuriken and Scubis now give you melons.
  • Kasplats that have no blueprints will also now give you a melon when killed.
  • Faster respawning of enemies, using the method seen in Banjo-Tooie.
  • Extra melons are not thrown in with musical instrument purchases. You must get the second melon in Frantic Factory, a level later than before, potentially making the early game harder.
  • However, Candy Kong now appears in Fungi Forest and sells the third melon there, a level earlier, making the late game slightly easier.
  • Swanky Kong appears, with a new game mode.
  • More animal buddies, with Ellie the Elephant, Rattly the Rattlesnake, Squitter the Spider, and a playable Squawks.
  • More use of barrels.
  • Some unused beta elements in the original game became used in this game.
  • Nearly all references to Rare were removed. (However, in Creepy Castle, one was added...)
  • DK now has a "recovery" animation for when he's hit by a Klobber, a Klump's belly, or a sideways whack from a Kosha.
  • Per St. Clair Publications tradition, the game uses Banjo-Kazooie-styled text boxes and voice acting (albeit limited for this game).
  • Many game glitches were fixed without introducing new glitches as the Wii-U Virtual Console re-release of the original did.
  • Higher quality graphics.


  • B Button: Jump, swim fast underwater
  • A Button: Attack, swim slowly underwater, swim faster while floating in the water, grab and throw objects, shoot weapon (with weapon out), hold to charge up shockwave attack and release to use it, take a picture with the Camera
  • R Button: Crouch, dive underwater, activate pad move, stand your ground (with weapon out), use Bananaport Pad, jump off a vine
  • L Button Center camera behind the character (hold to fix the camera in a position), face the other direction when holding vines
  • +Control Pad: Move character, move cursor in menus
  • start: Pause
  • Y Button: Run
  • X Button: Switch to wide view, first person view, then back to normal view
  • B Button + B Button: Ponytail Twirl (Tiny), Diddy's double jump
  • B Button + A Button: Jumping attack
  • B Button + R Button: Simian Slam
  • R Button + B Button: Backflip
  • R Button + A Button: Special move (Diddy, Lanky, Chunky)
  • L Button + A Button: Throw an orange
  • L Button + Y Button: Take out/put away weapon, cancel barrel ability or animal transformation
  • L Button + B Button: Take out the camera
  • L Button + X Button: Play an instrument
  • +Control Pad + Y Button + A Button: Running attack
  • +Control Pad + Y Button + R Button + A Button: Long jump
  • +Control Pad + Y Button + R Button + A Button: Roll/slide (DK and Tiny only)
  • The camera angle is handled by buttons on the Touch Screen

As with Super Mario 64 DS, the fact that movement in a 3D game had to be handled with a Control Pad and run button à la the 2D games was a major bone of contention among critics; however, playing the game on a Nintendo 3DS and using the Circle Pad Circle Pad helps alleviate this.



Character Name Description Stats


In this game, Krusha is the starting character. Originally a staunch supporter of the Kremling Krew, he finds himself further and further pushed from this as he unwittingly immerses himself in the Kongs' side of the conflict and begins to see their side of the story. Unfortunately, he dies instantly if he touches water, so swimming challenges could prove to be difficult. Fortunately, if he can scrounge up some Crystal Coconuts, he can get Cranky Kong to find a way around this... Power: ****

Speed: **
Jump: **

Banana Color: Black
Gun: Orange Blaster
Instrument: Trumpet Takedown

Donkey Kong.png


Imagine being such a pussy that you have to be rescued by a Kremling. Held prisoner in Jungle Japes, DK is the balanced character of the game. Donkey Kong can kick forward if the player presses the A Button button, and can use a double-handed punch while in the air by pressing the A Button button as he jumps. He can also access Barrel Cannon minigames via his Kong Pad, and use Gorilla Grab to pull levers. Power: ***

Speed: ***
Jump: ***

Banana Color: Yellow
Gun: Coconut Shooter
Instrument: Bongo Blast

Diddy Kong.png

Diddy Kong

Imprisoned in Angry Aztec in the exact same cage where Tiny was in the first game, Diddy now has to be freed by Krusha. Diddy's main attack is his trademark cartwheel. While Diddy is in midair, you can press the A Button button for him to spin his tail. From his Kong Pad, Diddy can perform the Simian Spring to reach heights by bouncing on his tail, and he can use Chimpy Charge to charge into switches and fragile walls. But his trademark attack, the one most often seen in future DK games and Smash Bros., is the Rocketbarrel Boost. Power: **

Speed: ****
Jump: ****

Banana Color: Red
Gun: Peanut Popguns
Instrument: Guitar Gazump

Lanky Kong.png

Lanky Kong

The only Kong in this game to be found in the exact same place he was in the original, Lanky Kong is held in Angry Aztec's Llama Temple and must again be rescued by DK. Lanky's main selling point is his long arms; by pressing the A Button button, you can have Lanky stretch them out to attack enemies or to reach far-off switches. Lanky can also inflate himself with his Kong Pad; this thankfully hasn't attracted creepy fetishists to DK's fandom like it did with a certain famous book. His OrangStand ability allows him to move up steep slopes. Power: ***

Speed: **
Jump: ****

Banana Color: Blue
Gun: Grape Blowgun
Instrument: Trombone Tremor

Tiny Kong.png

Tiny Kong

Now held in Frantic Factory, Tiny has the highest speed and agility of the Kongs, but the weakest attacks. A blatant Dixie Kong ripoff, Tiny's main attack is using her ponytails to whip other enemies, done by pressing the A Button button. While Tiny is in midair, she can use her Ponytail Twirl to slowly glide through the air. She can also shrink herself to a very small size, allowing her to access small entrances. Power: *

Speed: *****
Jump: *****

Banana Color: Purple
Gun: Feather Crossbow
Instrument: Saxophone Slam


Chunky Kong

And then there's Chunky! He's not dead. Moved to Gloomy Galleon this time around, with Tiny being required to rescue him, Chunky is the strongest of the Kongs, as he can lift boulders and other heavy objects that they can't. However, he is slow, and can't jump high. By pressing A Button, the player can have Chunky perform his main attack, where he rapidly spins to attack an enemy. By standing on his associated Kong Pad, Chunky can perform Gorilla Gone to become invisible. By jumping into his Kong Barrel, Chunky can perform Hunky Chunky, which turns him to a giant size. Power: *****

Speed: *
Jump: *

Banana Color: Green
Gun: Pineapple Launcher
Instrument: Triangle Trample

Animal Friends

Animal Name Description
Rambi DKCR.png


He can use his strong horn to smash crates, attack enemies, and break huts and wooden walls depicting his face. Rambi's crate appears in Jungle Japes, and only Donkey Kong can enter the crate to transform into him. Rambi also makes an appearance in one of DK's Hideout Helm challenges.


He can walk on walls. Also, as in DKC2 and 3, he can spit out webs to hit enemies, or make platforms. Squitter's crate appears in Angry Aztec, and only Diddy Kong can enter the crate to transform into him. He, too, makes an appearance in a Hideout Helm challenge; however, it's only for show and it's functionally the same as the original.


As in DKC2, Rattly's primary ability is jumping super high. His crate is found in Frantic Factory and accessible only to Tiny Kong.


Enguarde can use his pointy bill to smash open treasure chests and reveal hidden items. He can jump out from the water and go through stars with the DK logo in the center. Enguarde's crate appears in Gloomy Galleon, and Lanky is the only character who can transform into him.


Squawks attacks enemies with coconuts. He can also fly through rings. His crate appears in Fungi Forest, and only Krusha can transform into him.


Ellie can suck up water and blast it at enemies to kill them; she can also throw barrels into water as stepping stones. Her crate appears only in Creepy Castle, and Chunky is the only character who can transform into her.


  • In the Beaver Bother bonus game, you play as a Klaptrap.

Supporting characters

Character Name Description
Banana Fairy.png

Banana Fairy Princess

Living in a Banana Fairy head-shaped structure on a distant island, only Tiny Kong can visit her, and when she does, the Banana Fairy Princess will request that the Kongs search for and return her Banana Fairies to her. This gives the Kongs her special camera as well as a shockwave attack that can defeat almost any enemy in one hit.
K. Lumsy.png

K. Lumsy

Locked up because he was a "traitor" to the Kremlings, one of the game's main objectives is to free him.
Wrinkly Kong.png

Wrinkly Kong

Cranky's wife is dead in this game, but helpful nonetheless. In a level lobby, pass by her doors and she'll give out hints relevant to each Kong. The door outlines match their banana colors (so the purple door drops a hint for Tiny, the green one for Chunky, etc.).

Troff 'n' Scoff

Troff is the pig, and Scoff is the hippo. They're how you access a level's boss; feed Scoff enough bananas, and he'll stomp down on his pad, allowing Troff to reach the key.


K. Rool's chief technician, but K. Rool kicked him off the Kremling Krew because he "didn't trust" Snide, which hints at some racism on K. Rool's part. Now, Snide's out for revenge and needs your help. Give him his blueprints, and he'll give you Golden Bananas in exchange.

Minor characters

Throughout the game, the Kongs meet various characters within certain worlds. These characters often don't appear outside said world, with a few exceptions.

Character Name Description

B. Locker

Blocks a level entrance. Once you give him the displayed number of Golden Bananas, he lets you in.


A character appearing in Fungi Forest. The Beanstalk sprouted from a small pink seed found by Tiny Kong and holds a Golden Banana at its top.

Scarab Beetle

A ridiculously fast beetle who will only give you a Golden Banana if you beat her AND get 50 DK Coins.

Master Necky Jr.

A buzzard character sporting a pilot helmet and goggles appears in Angry Aztec. He can only be met as Diddy Kong after freeing him from his caged prison. Upon doing so, he will challenge Diddy Kong to race through the rings he leaves behind; if beaten, he will reward Diddy with a Golden Banana.

Frozen Tomato

This guy is found only in Crystal Caves. He appears in the igloo where only Lanky can visit him. He will challenge Lanky to a game and reward him with a Golden Banana should he win.


The Llama is a character who appears in Angry Aztec. He is first seen locked in a cage before being freed by DK. After being freed, he rewards DK with a Golden Banana and can later be found in his own temple.


The Mermaid is a character only appearing in Gloomy Galleon. She lives in a shell like structure deep underwater and can only be visited by Tiny Kong with her Mini-Monkey ability. When Tiny visits the Mermaid, she will ask her to retrieve her lost pearls. Once Tiny retrieves the pearls, she will be given a Golden Banana.


The "announcer" for the final fight against K. Rool.


Tiny Kong meets this guy twice, and she'll have to beat him in a race each time.


The Owl is a character appearing in Fungi Forest. Unlike in the original game, his Golden Banana goes to Krusha as Squawks, rather than to Diddy Kong. Available only at night, after talking with him, the Owl will start a similar, ring based challenge to the one the Buzzard gave Diddy, with the difference being a Bonus Barrel reward rather than a direct Golden Banana.


The Rabbit is a character that appears in Fungi Forest and Crystal Caves. He can only be talked to by Lanky in Fungi Forest and encountered only by Chunky in Crystal Caves. In Fungi Forest, he will challenge Lanky to a race for a Golden Banana. In Crystal Caves, he is tied up to a TNT Barrel surrounded by Flames. Chunky must keep him safe from the Flames for a set time to free the Rabbit and obtain a Golden Banana.

Captain Clapper

Captain Clapper appears in Gloomy Galleon and can only be spoken to by Donkey Kong. After Donkey Kong frees him from his cage prison, the Seal will thank him with a Golden Banana as well as a racing minigame for a second Golden Banana.

Willy the Worm

Willy appears only in Fungi Forest and can only truly be interacted with by Chunky Kong. Willy lives in an apple surrounded by monstrous tomatoes and requests Chunky to help him by defeating the tomatoes and moving his apple home. By doing so, he rewards Chunky with a Golden Banana.

Buildings and abilities

Cranky's Lab

Found in every area of the game except Creepy Castle and Hideout Helm. Cranky has seemingly taken up science as a hobby, and in his lab, the player can buy different potions in exchange for Banana Coins to learn new techniques and abilities needed to progress throughout the game.

Also, if the Kongs visit Cranky at his lab with at least 18 Banana Medals, Cranky allows them to play one inning of Triple Play, the very first game St. Clair Publications ever made, for the SP Coin; this replaces Jetpac and the Rareware Coin from the original. The Kongs must beat the Lynchburg Red Sox as the Salem Buccaneers in order to win.

There are three kinds of potions that are available for the Kongs and each type of potion gives them a different ability. The types of abilities are as follows:

  • Pad Move - These abilities are activated when any of the Kongs stand on a circular pad with their face on it.
  • Barrel Move - To activate a Barrel Move, the playable Kong has to enter a wooden barrel with their face on it.
  • Special Move - Most of the Kongs' Special Moves can be used anytime, with the exception of Donkey Kong's, which can only be used near rusty levers.

There are also shared potions which give all the Kongs the same ability - to press Kong Switches with their face on them.

Potions and prices

Shared potions
Potion Name Function Price World purchased in
Simian Slam A typical ground pound. Free (after completing Cranky's Training Barrels) DK Isles
Super Simian Slam Allow Kongs to activate blue switches 5 coins Gloomy Galleon
Super Duper Simian Slam Allow Kongs to activate red switches 7 coins Crystal Caves
Individual potions
Kong Pad Move Barrel Move Special Move
Krusha Fire Blast (7 coins, purchased at Fungi Forest): Enables Krusha to breathe fire. And yes, this is a Pokémon reference: anything hit by this move has "the symbol" radiate out from it. Metal Mayhem (3 coins, purchased at Angry Aztec): Krusha turns into metal, allowing him to survive being in water. However, he can only walk on the sea floor. Twisted Twister: (5 coins, purchased at Frantic Factory): Krusha can jump, then press B Button again to launch a tornado that can boost him, help him cross hazards, and kill enemies.
DK Baboon Blast (3 coins, purchased at Jungle Japes): Blasts him to the skies to do Barrel Cannon mazes. Strong Kong (5 coins, purchased at Angry Aztec): Turns him invincible Gorilla Grab, (7 coins, purchased at Frantic Factory): Press A Button on a lever to pull it.
Diddy Simian Spring (7 coins, purchased at Frantic Factory): Diddy can jump to great heights using his tail. Rocketbarrel Boost (5 coins, purchased at Angry Aztec): Diddy equips his now-iconic Jetbarrel and takes to the skies. Press B Button to go higher, R Button to hover in place, and A Button to shoot. New to this game is Banjo-Tooie-style aiming! Chimpy Charge (3 coins, purchased at Jungle Japes): Allows him to charge head first into gongs or certain switches.
Lanky Baboon Balloon (5 coins, purchased at Frantic Factory): Lanky inflates himself and floats. OrangStand Sprint (7 coins, purchased at Fungi Forest): The OrangStand, but faster OrangStand (3 coins, purchased at Jungle Japes): Allows him to walk up steep hills or platforms on his hands.
Tiny Monkeyport (7 coins, purchased at Fungi Forest): Essentially a Bananaport, but only for Tiny. Mini-Monkey, (3 coins, purchased at Jungle Japes): A Tiny Barrel allows her to shrink to get into small places or passageways. Ponytail Twirl (5 coins, purchased at Frantic Factory): Jump extension using her ponytails.
Chunky Gorilla Gone (7 coins, purchased at Fungi Forest): Makes Chunky invisible. Allows him to see other invisible things. Hunky Chunky (3 coins, purchased at Jungle Japes): A Chunky Barrel allows him to increase in size to lift bigger objects, climb bigger trees or pound bigger pads. Primate Punch (5 coins, purchased at Frantic Factory): Allows him to use a roundhouse punch that would KO most enemies or break certain obstacles.

Funky's Store

Funky's Store is a shop owned by Funky Kong where the Kongs can buy and reload their weapons. Each Kong has his or her own personalized weapon. They can use these weapons to shoot a variety of fruit-based projectiles to attack enemies, hit certain switches that have a certain fruit emblem on them, and hit Banana Balloons. Initially, the Kongs can have 50 rounds of ammunition, but this amount increases when the Kongs buy Funky's upgrades. The prices of his upgrades are as follows:

  • The actual shooter - 3 coins, each Kong must buy individually
  • Ammo Belt 1 - 3 Coins (purchased at Angry Aztec)
  • Homing Ammo - 5 Coins (purchased at Frantic Factory)
  • Ammo Belt 2 - 5 Coins (purchased at Fungi Forest)
  • Sniper Scope - 7 Coins (purchased at Creepy Castle)

Candy's Music Shop

Candy Kong owns a music shop where she provides the Kongs with powerful instruments that they can use to make a variety of things happen. At certain points of the game, Candy also gives the Kongs an extra melon (we'll spare you the jokes...), increasing their HP by four more hits. Usually, when the Kongs play their instruments on certain locations, doors open or areas that were previously impossible to reach become accessible. The power of the instrument can also defeat all the enemies on the screen, but playing it reduces its energy. The Kongs can touch Candy's Headphones to replenish their instruments' energy, or visit Candy herself. The instrument, however, does not lose any energy if the Kongs play it when they are standing on a Music Pad.

  • The actual instrument - 3 Coins; each Kong must buy individually
  • Second melon: 3 Coins (purchased at Frantic Factory)
  • Upgrade 1 - 5 Coins (purchased at Gloomy Galleon)
  • Third Melon: 5 Coins (purchased at Fungi Forest)
  • Upgrade 2 - 7 Coins (purchased at Crystal Caves)
  • Upgrade 3 - 9 Coins (purchased at Creepy Castle)

Swanky's Kong Klub

Inspired by the playroom in Super Mario 64 DS, this mode lets you play the various bonus stages over and over again and even allows you to play them in multiplayer for a high score. Unlike the other Kongs, Swanky only appears in one place: next to the Banana Fairy Island. After you've "unlocked" a bonus stage by playing it for the first time and getting the Banana, visit Swanky and pay 5 Coins to play an ultra-hard version of the stage. Beat this stage and it becomes available in Multiplayer, under the "Bonus Room Blitz" option (which itself plays precisely that theme when chosen).

Among the possible bonus stages:

Stage Target in the Kong Klub Rules in multiplayer
Batty Barrel Bandit 3 jackpots in 35 seconds You're measured on how many jackpots you can get, and how fast. Game ends when you miss a banana.
Peril Path Panic 12 Fairies This variant of the bonus game was unused in the original. You're measured on how many Fairies you can save, and how fast. Game ends when a Klaptrap eats one.
Big Bug Bash 12 flies This game is played to time, 60 seconds by default. Whoever gets the most flies wins.
Searchlight Seek 12 Klaptraps This game is played to time, 60 seconds by default. Whoever gets the most Klaptraps wins.
Kremling Kosh 30 Kritters This game is played to time, 60 seconds by default. Whoever gets the most Kritters wins.
Splish Splash Salvage 15 DK Coins Uses an unused variant in the original game. This game is played to time, 60 seconds by default. Whoever gets the most coins wins. Unique to multiplayer is the fact that getting smacked by a Shuri makes you lose a coin.
Speedy Swing Sortie 6 DK Coins in 60 seconds Uses yet another unused variant in the original game, notable for its use of Zingers. This game is played to time, 60 seconds by default. Whoever gets the most coins wins. Hitting a Zinger or falling too far makes you lose a coin.
Mad Maze Maul 12 enemies in 120 seconds Uses yet another unused variant in the original game, notable for its use of Zingers, Klobbers, and a Klump. The multiplayer game goes until you get hit by an enemy, at which point you're ranked on how many kills you got as well as how long you lasted.
Minecart Mayhem 3 TNT Barrel Carts in 60 seconds The multiplayer game goes until you get hit by a TNT Barrel, at which point you're ranked on how long you lasted. More barrels are added every 60 seconds.
Stealthy Snoop 90 seconds Uses yet another unused variant in the original game. In multiplayer, the game goes until you get spotted, at which point you're ranked on how long you lasted.
Teetering Turtle Trouble 60 seconds The game goes until you let a turtle fall, at which point you're ranked on how long you lasted.
Busy Barrel Barrage 60 seconds The game goes until you get hit by a Kritter, at which point you're ranked on how long you lasted as well as how many kills you got.
Beaver Bother 15 Gnawties The game is played to time, 60 seconds by default. Whoever herds the most Gnawties wins.
Krazy Kong Klamor 10 Bananas, light blinks fast The multiplayer game continues until you hit a Kong, at which point you're ranked based on how many Bananas you hit and how long you lasted. The lights blink faster every 60 seconds.
Stash Snatch 4 DK Coins in 120 seconds Uses yet another variant that was unused in the original game, which also uses the mechanics of Stealthy Snoop. Unlike in the YouTube video shown, however, Stealthy Snoop's music plays for this bonus. In multiplayer, the game is played to time, 60 seconds by default. Whoever gets the most coins wins. Hitting enemies makes you lose a coin.

Snide's HQ

As you progress, you'll find Kasplats holding blueprints. Go to Snide's H.Q., and Snide will trade them in for Golden Bananas. There are a total of 48 blueprints in the game, 6 per world along with 6 in DK Isles. Unfortunately, you don't get a "true" reward for turning them all in this time thanks to Swanky Kong taking that part of Snide's job; however, you do get to roam freely around his building and may find some Easter eggs. In addition, collecting blueprints increases the amount of time that the Kongs have to complete the final world, Hideout Helm, by one minute per blueprint collected, to a maximum of 60 minutes.

Wrinkly Doors

Wrinkly Doors are found in the lobby of each level (excluding Hideout Helm). As the name suggests, Wrinkly Kong will come out of each door if a Kong approaches it and give the Kong advice on one of their Golden Bananas hidden in each level. The doors are color coded for each Kong: black for Krusha, yellow for Donkey Kong, red for Diddy Kong, purple for Tiny Kong, blue for Lanky Kong and green for Chunky Kong.


See also: /DK Isles
Level Name Description
Jungle Japes
Main article: /Jungle Japes

It wouldn't be a DK game without a jungle. DK himself is imprisoned here, however. The main enemies include Gnawties and Zingers. There are also several dark tunnels in the jungle, connecting the various areas. The boss of this level is Army Dillo, and he is fought by Krusha.

Angry Aztec
Main article: /Angry Aztec

Located in a group of ancient temples in the middle of the desert, Diddy and Lanky Kong can be found here, in different temples. In the outside area, there is a constant sandstorm, but it doesn't affect gameplay. There are also several "rivers" of ultra-hot quicksand that damage the Kongs should they touch it. The boss of this level is Dogadon, and he is fought by Diddy Kong. Another notable resident is Kroc, found in the Five-Monkey Temple and ready to shoot the Kongs dead when they get his Bananas.

Frantic Factory
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Tiny Kong is imprisoned in this unsafe, poorly-run toy factory owned by the Kremlings. Many rooms contain machines and boxes, along with challenges for each Kong to face. You can even play a full copy of the original Donkey Kong arcade game here (a rare instance of the original arcade version being re-released until 2018, possibly thanks to a lawsuit Nintendo had with Ikegami Tsushinki once), and must do so for a Golden Banana and the Nintendo Coin. The boss of this level is Mad Jack, and he must be defeated by Tiny Kong.

Gloomy Galleon
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This level takes place in a water area surrounded by huge cliffs, where several sunken ships from earlier DKC games are found. Many of the sunken ships are locations to treasures and Golden Bananas. However, the inside of these shipwrecks are extremely dark, and as such, the Kongs receive help from Glimmer, who illuminates the area for them. Tiny Kong can also meet a Mermaid, who has lost all of her pearls and asks Tiny to find them. The boss of this level is Puftoss, and he is battled by Lanky Kong.

Fungi Forest
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Apparently originally intended to appear in Banjo-Kazooie as "Fungus Forest", this level is set in a vast forest area with many mushrooms and several wooden barns. The main gimmick in this level is the giant cuckoo clock located in the center of the forest which can change day into night; this would be the last St. Clair Publications-made game to feature it, as future incarnations of Fungi Forest (such as in Life in FCHS: The New Old Video Game) would use a real-time mechanic in conjunction with the Nintendo system's clock. The draw of this gimmick is that some areas are only accessible in the day or at night. The main boss of this level is a rematch with Dogadon, and he is fought by Chunky Kong.

Crystal Caves
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A huge cavern with several icy crystals. There are also rivers and ponds throughout the cavern, as well as a few cabins that contain collectibles inside them. Kroc's back, now shooting the Kongs if they fail specific challenges. But the main gimmick is the giant Kosha at the highest part of the cavern that constantly smashes the floor, raining down stalactites on the Kongs. The boss fight of this level is a rematch against Army Dillo, and he is fought by DK.

Creepy Castle
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This is a huge, medieval castle floating above the clouds in the sky. The outside consists of several grassy and wooden platforms with enemies such as Dry Kritters and Koshas. The castle consists of several haunted rooms. The largest room in the castle is the Ballroom, a huge room with images of K. Rool and three giant candles. Next to this room is the Museum, which contains several ancient statues. The castle also has several underground catacombs. The boss of this level is King Kutout, and he can be fought by all the Kongs, although only Krusha is mandatory.

Hideout Helm
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K. Rool's throne; this is where the Blast-o-Matic is located. As soon as the Kongs enter this stage, a timer appears on the bottom of the screen, indicating how much time the Kongs have to shut down the machine before it destroys Donkey Kong Island. Depending on how many Blueprints the Kongs collected, the amount of time increases. The default time is 12 minutes, and each blueprint given to Snide adds one minute to the timer for a maximum of 60. The machine must be disabled by completing minigames with each Kong, thus disabling the machine by sections.


Enemy Name Description


Blue beavers that are very easy to defeat.


Enemies that went unused in the original game but have been brought back to life here. They attack by rolling at you. You can only kill them when they're unrolled; however, hitting them while they're rolled up forces them to unroll and stuns them for a few seconds.


K. Rool's main henchmen. They are common throughout the game in levels and mini games.


Wasps that are commonly seen throughout each level. They mainly attack by dropping oranges or by swooping down to sting the Kongs.


Planned for the original game, but scrapped. Rekoils are similar to Kritters, but bounce. You could probably guess that.


Beat these guys down for one of Snide's blueprints. The color of their hair tells you which Kong's blueprint they have; gray-haired Kasplats will hold nothing. Their main attacks are creating shockwaves and using various punches. Kasplats only die instantly to your own shockwave or a musical instrument; however, you can eventually kill them with your normal attacks, ammo, and oranges after many hits.


Klumps in this game seem to be patterned after General Klump in the cartoon. They attack by throwing oranges. At close range, they can also push back the Kongs with their bellies, a prototype to K. Rool's gimmick in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Although the Kongs can attack them directly, they only die to oranges, shockwaves, a musical instrument, or Hunky Chunky. Klumps drop three oranges when defeated.


Green Kritters hiding in barrels. If a Kong gets close enough, they will pop their heads and feet out and follow the Kong in an attempt to hit them. In this game, regular-sized Klobbers actually can be hurt and will become throwable barrels, as in DK Country 2. Giant ones, however, are still as resilient as they were in the original game.


Similar to Klobber, but it hides in a TNT Barrel. This makes it more fragile, and it will blow itself up after 15 seconds.


Krashes are burly Kremlings in minecarts who appear in the relevant bonus levels, swinging their clubs.


Chases the Kongs around, attempting to bite them. Green ones can be defeated by most attacks, though once they are defeated, their jaws will remain and continue chasing the Kong for 10 seconds. Red Klaptraps are immune to direct attacks and can only die to ammo, and they're unique in that they drop three supply crates when killed. Purple Klaptraps are the most resilient and can only be killed by oranges; they also drop three oranges when defeated.


Small Kremlings who wield large, spiked clubs. Get hit and you lose two watermelon slices. Koshas are immune to all but the shockwave, a musical instrument, or Hunky Chunky. You can also kill them with oranges, but you have to get their guard down first, as they'll just whack the oranges away normally...

"Ghost" Kritter

Kritters in bedsheet ghost costumes. They don't do much.

Mushroom Kritter

These are blue Kremlings wearing mushroom costumes. They appear in Fungi Forest in the daytime, where they disguise themselves as normal mushrooms until the Kongs get too close. Once they do, they pop out and chase the Kong. They go down just as easily as a normal Kritter, though.

Dry Kremling

Living skeleton Kritters who appear mainly in nighttime areas. They attack with swords. They go down just as easily as regular Kritters; hit them with weaker attacks, and you'll decapitate them and take an arm off.

Ruler, Mr. Dice, Sir Domino, and the Super Block

Miscellaneous Frantic Factory toys.


Robotic Zingers only appearing in Frantic Factory. They act just like normal Zingers, only with robot designs, such as landing wheels for legs and a propeller instead of wings. They attack in the same way by dropping oranges, but they never swoop down at the Kongs.


Pufferfish enemies found mostly in water areas, such as Gloomy Galleon. They are mostly stationary until a Kong approaches them, to which they will explode. Puftups aid Puftoss in his battle. The King Kutout battle features moving Puftups.


Starfish enemies that only appear underwater. They attack by charging into the Kongs as they swim.


Pink Shuriken that attack with whips rather than charging.


Found only in Creepy Castle's library, they are invincible enemies that only DK encounters. He must use his Strong Kong ability to pass through them. They look almost exactly the same as Cheato, from the Banjo-Kazooie series.


Flames are fireball enemies appearing only in one of Chunky Kong's missions in Crystal Caves. They try to light a TNT barrel with the rabbit Lanky raced tied to it. Flames can be defeated with any attack.


Bat enemies commonly found in dark areas, mainly Fungi Forest during the night and Creepy Castle. They often replace Zingers during these times, though they do not drop green oranges. They do, however, swoop down at the Kongs.


Tomatoes are enemies found only in Fungi Forest where they surround Willy's apple in one of the forest's areas. Chunky Kong must use his Hunky Chunky ability to defeat them. The only attack Tomatoes have is ramming.


Robotic, wind-up Kremlings, appearing only in Frantic Factory. They attack mainly by trying to run into the Kongs. Although the Kongs can stun them with their direct attacks, Robo-Kritters can only truly be defeated by oranges, the shockwave attack, a musical instrument, or, randomly, Chunky Kong's Primate Punch.


Clamboes appear in Gloomy Galleon, in the treasure chest area within the cove where they hold the Mermaid's pearls. Tiny is the only one who encounters them, though they can't be defeated. They open and close their mouths at regular intervals, which causes damage if touched.


An unseen enemy that only takes the form of a green crosshair on the screen. He appears in Angry Aztec, Crystal Caves, and Creepy Castle, and usually appear after the Kong retrieves a Golden Banana or fails a challenge in a specific area. His only attack is taking aim at the Kong present and firing a blast that either instantly knocks out the Kong or removes a single melon slice after a set amount of time.

Resident Demon

The Resident Demon is a large, skeletal Kremling only appearing in the minecart challenge in Creepy Castle. It attacks by swiping its disembodied claws at Donkey Kong or by sending Skull Carts holding TNT down the tracks.


Boss Name World Banana requirement Kong used Description
Army Dillo.png

Army Dillo

Jungle Japes,

Crystal Caves

60 (Jungle Japes)

360 (Crystal Caves)

Krusha (Jungle Japes)

DK (Crystal Caves)

His general attack pattern is firing fireballs from the cannons attached to his shell and rolling along the ground to try and flatten his enemy. In his rematch in Crystal Caves, he now has rockets attached to his shell, which he uses to create shockwaves upon landing. After taking enough hits, he will also fire homing missiles at DK.


Angry Aztec

Fungi Forest

120 (Angry Aztec)

300 (Fungi Forest)

Diddy Kong (Angry Aztec)

Chunky Kong (Fungi Forest)

Dogadon flies around the stage spitting fireballs at his. Each time he is struck, he spits more fireballs, moving to a new corner each time. In his rematch, he will stomp the arena, causing it to slowly sink into the lava. Chunky must use his Hunky Chunky ability to fully defeat Dogadon.
Mad Jack.png

Mad Jack

Frantic Factory 180 Tiny Kong Mad Jack's arena takes place on a 4-by-4 grid of tall platforms. Mad Jack will hide in his box and jump from platform to platform, attempting to flatten Tiny. When standing still, he will throw fireballs at her. After being hit 3 times, he will start firing lasers that shock a platform when hit. He will be invisible after taking four hits.


Gloomy Galleon 240 Lanky Kong Puftoss sits in the middle of the small pond, spitting fireballs at Lanky. After a few hits, he will jump up and cause shock waves to travel to the outer walls of the arena. He may also summon Puftups to home in on, and damage Lanky.

King Kutout

Creepy Castle 480 All (Krusha goes first) A cardboard cutout of K. Rool that acts as the boss of Creepy Castle. The cutout is capable of firing lasers from its head and creating duplicate cut outs to fool the Kongs. The Kongs must use a cannon to strike the cutout.
DK64 King K. Rool Boxing.png

K. Rool

DK Isles N/A All (Krusha goes first) The final battle, which plays out in a boxing style. K. Rool uses a variety of attacks to harm the Kongs, from creating shockwaves, to throwing his gloves like boomerangs, to punching the Kongs, to faking being knocked out.


Item Name Description

Golden Banana

The main collectible item. Each level has five Golden Bananas for each Kong to find, and they must complete certain challenges, often designed around each Kong's abilities, to earn the Golden Banana. There is a total of 251 Golden Bananas in the entire game. While not all Golden Bananas are required for finishing the game, they are required for 101% completion. After capturing every Banana Fairy, Tiny can visit the Banana Fairy Princess and receive the 241st Golden Banana with the St. Clair Publications logo on it instead of the usual Nintendo logo. Finally, there are 10 extra Silver Bananas that are given to you upon completion of certain challenges, hence 251.


You must collect these, and feed them to Troff 'n' Scoff so that you can fight the level boss. Each banana is of a certain color that can only be obtained by the Kong who corresponds to that color. Each level has 600 bananas, with 100 for each Kong to collect. Bananas are found in every level except Hideout Helm, and they can be found individually, in bunches of fives, or packed into a Banana Balloon, which contains ten bananas.

Banana Coin

Currency. Use this to pay for the various services of the other Kongs.

Banana Medal

Get 75 bananas of one Kong's color for one of these. There are 48 Banana Medals in the game and six in each level. If the Kongs have at least 18 Banana Medals, Cranky Kong allows them to play Triple Play. In Hideout Helm, which does not feature any bananas, the Banana Medals are obtained differently: a Kong is rewarded a Banana Medal for completing one of their Bonus Stages.

Boss Key

These keys open K. Lumsy's cage. There are eight Boss Keys, and as their name suggests, each one is guarded by a boss at the end of a level. The only exception is the eighth and final Boss Key, which is acquired at the end of Hideout Helm. Every time a Kong unlocks a padlock of K. Lumsy's cage, he happily celebrates and causes a tremor that slightly alters the layout in the hub world, allowing the Kongs to access more levels.
Kong Mask Wear these to transform into another Kong. While transformed, you get to use all their abilities. However, your voice doesn't change.


Melons represent the Kongs' health meter, and are made up of four slices. The Kongs start with one melon, but during their adventure, they can obtain two more from Candy Kong. If a Kong gets hit by an enemy or comes in contact with a stage hazard, they lose a melon slice, sometimes even two. They can obtain more melon slices by breaking open a Melon Crate or by defeating enemies such as Kritters or Gnawties. If the Kongs lose all their melon slices, they are sent back to the start of the level.

Melon Crate

Break these to get four melon slices.


Grenades. The Kongs can carry up to 20 Oranges, but Funky's Ammo Belts increase this limit to 25, and again to 30.


Recharge your musical instruments with these.

Supply Crate

Gives you five more shots of ammo. The red ones give you homing missiles!

Crystal Coconut

Powers your Kong Barrel moves. Also, the Shockwave uses up one. You can initially only hold 25, but each Banana Fairy you capture gives you one more.

Banana Camera Film

These power the Banana Fairy's camera, and as such, are necessary for you to capture Banana Fairies.
SP Coin Replaces the Rareware Coin. Win an inning of Triple Play to get it.

Nintendo Coin

Win the Donkey Kong arcade game twice to get this.


Give these to Snide for a Golden Banana.

Battle Arena Crown

Battle Arena Crowns are the reward for completing a Battle Arena Pad challenge, where the Kongs must survive several enemies within a time limit. There are 12 Battle Arena Crowns, six of which are required to enter K. Rool's throne room in Hideout Helm.

Other items

  • Bonus Barrels in this game use their traditional DK Country 2 design.
    File:Bonus Barrel.png
  • Target Switch: A switch with a certain kind of ammo on it. Shoot it down with the correct ammo to press it.
  • Kong Head Switch: Similar to the above, but must be activated by a Kong's ability, typically Diddy's Chimpy Charge or Chunky's Primate Punch. Will not always have Diddy or Chunky's head on it.
  • Bananaport Pads: In this game, Bananaports function like the Warp Pads in Banjo-Tooie, making them far more flexible.


As in the original game, as you collect Banana Fairies, the Mystery option will be unlocked in the main menu, giving you the following things:

Banana Fairies caught Unlockable Name Description
5 DK Theater Allows you to replay all cutscenes you've seen before.
10 Bonuses Play arenas themed around each animal partner, as well as the full games of DK Arcade and Triple Play. You cannot play your Swanky's Kong Klub stages here.
15 Bosses Refight any boss you've seen before.
20 Cheats Allows you to set infinite supplies of certain items.
25 Sound Test Listen to all the music in the game.


Nothing yet, but here just in case...

Pre-release and unused content

Main article: /Beta elements

Many beta elements from the original were retained in this game. Some were actually used, however.


Main article: /Glitches

Almost all glitches in the original were fixed. This actually required a partial recreation of the game from scratch, due to a problematic programming practice Rare used in the original (using the game's inconsistent framerates as a feature). The end result is that this game wasn't a porting disaster like the Wii-U Virtual Console release.