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Donkey Kong 64 3D is a 3DS remake of the critically acclaimed N64 game Donkey Kong 64. It features updated graphics as well as a Mirror Mode, which is the whole game mirrored. This mode is unlocked after Normal Mode is completed.


Same as the original.

Playable Characters

Donkey Kong (items are yellow)

Diddy Kong (unlocked in Jungle Japes by Donkey Kong, items are red)

Lanky Kong (unlocked in Angry Aztec by Donkey Kong, items are blue)

Tiny Kong (unlocked in Angry Aztec by Diddy Kong, items are purple)

Chunky Kong (unlocked in Frantic Factory by Lanky Kong, items are green)



Cranky Kong (manages a potion shop)

Funky Kong (manages an armor shop)

Candy Kong (manages a music store)

Dixie Kong (cameo in credits)

Snide (if the player gives him blueprints, more time will be granted when shutting down the Blast-O Matic)

K. Lumsy

Banana Fairy (one in each level, gives the player special powers)

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