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Three years later from Donkey Kong 64, King K. Rool lost a battle and his body. The Kremlings tried to repair their leader with a mechanical body, but they repaired him to a new character called Mecha K. Rool. Then, Mecha K. Rool wanted revenge so he trapped nine Kongs, but he forgot Donkey Kong who had to save all nine of them.


There are ten playable characters in this game.

Image Name Shooter Where To Find Music Opposite Character
Donkey Kong Coconut Gun Jungle Japes Bongos Swanky Kong
Swanky Kong Watermelon Healer (Heals Health) Fungus Forest Microphone Donkey Kong
Diiddy Kong Peanut Popguns Angry Aztec Electric Guitar Dixie Kong
Dixie Kong Walnut Shaker (Shake Then Throw Like A Time Bomb) Angry Aztec Flute Diddy Kong
Kiddy Kong
Kiddy Kong None Crystal Cave Violin Chunky Kong
Chunky Kong
Chunky Kong Pineapple Launcher Franctic Factory Triangle Kiddy Kong
Timber Wave
Timber Smoke Bomb Timber's Island None Tiptup Jr.
Tiny Kong Feather Bow Kremling Isle 1 Saxophone Lanky Kong
Lanky Kong Grape Shooter Gloomy Galleon Trombone Tiny Kong
Tiptup Jr.
Tiptup Jr. Fire Egg Launcher Bannana Fairy Island None Timber



Cranky's Potions

Taj's Tent

Image Name What Taj Does What It Does
Donkey Kong Gives him Giant Punch! Donkey Kong will be able to defeat enemies in one hit.
Diddy Kong Allows Diddy to juggle. Allows Diddy to juggle to attack.
Tiptup Jr.
Tiptup Jr. Tiptup Jr. obtains his first attack Allows Tiptup Jr. to attack enemies with his shell.


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