Donkey Kong 4 is the 4th installment of the DK arcade series it is a reboot for the WII-U


3 years after jumpman's death in DK Jr., Mario must revive him with a 1-up without Cranky,DK (Jr. and third) and Diddy catching him.


Mario must climb up buildings to stop DK The Third and get a 1-up, after four levels of plant jumping and barrels, Mario Fights cranky and gets the 1-up and unlocks jumpman who fights cranky and Jr. . After Jumpman completes 10 levels he fights king boo and unlocks luigi,who fights diddy and King Boo (unlike the others he shoots boos),he then fights "the big fly-guy" (a bug shy-guy) and unlocks Stanley who fights "the big fly-guy"" (throws bugs).


Characters Mario: Special Power-Up:Super mushroom Unlocked:default Enemy:DK

Jumpman: Special Power-Up:Hammer Unlocked:Get 1-up Enemys:Cranky and Jr.

Luigi: Special Power-Up:Poltorgust 5,000 Unlocked:Beat King Boo Enemys:Diddy and King Boo

Stanley the bugman: Special Power-Up:Bug poison Unlocked:Beat "the big fly-guy" Enemy: "the big fly-guy"


DK: tosses barrels full of hungry plants

Cranky: tosses burning barrels and oil barrels

Jr.: tosses fruits and snapjaws

King Boo: Tosses Boos

Diddy: Tosses Barrels of Boos

"The big fly guy": tosses bugs


Mini-Mario: At the end of game in the party Mini-Mario can be seen waving. Fall-Man:At the end of the game he high-fives jumpman


The game ends with Mario saving peach and his mother (AKA jumpmans wife), Pauline and learning this was all a surprise for Mario similar to the latest Mario vs. DK game, even Jumpman is surprised.


The levels themselves have nipper plants growing, goombas that live there (they have bill blasters!) and a laktiu.


  • similar to his artwork design,Jumpman has a Hat with no letter, blue shirt,red overalls,white buttons,Blue shoes,Black hair, and a fancy mustache
  • Fall-man is on the box-art holding mini-Mario even though they're cameos
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