Donkey Kong 3D Country is a platformer game by AdamGregory03. It is supposedly a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns.


A space ship lands on the island and a figure commands his troops of Piggy Soldiers onto the island. While there, they tie up DK and steal his banana hoard. DK manages to get free and, along with Diddy, sets off to retrieve his bananas.


Animal Buddies

Non-Playable Characters

Worlds and Levels

There is confirmed to be eight worlds, the eigth one being a secret world. Each world is to have seven levels. Five regular levels, one boss level, and one secret temple level unlocked by collecting the K-O-N-G letters in the regular levels of the world.

  • Jungles
    • Jungle Jinx
    • Fun Flowers
    • Vine Valley
    • Hoppin' Poppin'
    • River Rampage
    • Wulf's Cavern (boss)
    • Dangerous Dodging (temple)
  • Beach
    • Slippy Sands
    • Coral Coast
    • Kelp Katastrophy
    • Lazy Lagoon
    • Sunset Seaside
    • Shark Showdown (boss)
    • Ocean Commotion (temple)
  • Desert
    • Dry Dunes
    • Tumbleweed Way
    • Swingin' Saloon
    • Cactus Canyons
    • Messy Mirage
    • King Tutankong (boss)
    • Pharoh Phallings (temple)
  • Mountains
    • Perfect Pines
    • Crazy Carts
    • Rocky Roads
    • Rapid Rampage
    • Mine Mayhem
    • Mount N. Goat's Hut (boss)
    • Awesome Alpines (temple)
  • Tundra
    • Polar Peak
    • Freezing Follies
    • Snowman's Land
    • Icicle Alley
    • Cool Callings
    • Meet Mr. Abominable (boss)
    • Blizzard Blast (temple)
  • Volcano
    • Burning Boards
    • Hotrock Hustle
    • Smokey Sidewalk
    • Boiling Toils
    • Lava Landing
    • Mugly's Back (boss)
    • Run or Burn (temple)
  • Castles
    • Endangered Entrance
    • Moat Mockery
    • Hassle Hallways
    • Spooky Statues
    • Mangy Mix-Up
    • The Final Battle (boss)
    • Road to Bronze Palace (temple)
  • Bronze Palace (hidden world)



  • Piggy Soldiers
  • Piggy Bombers
  • Piggy Dashers
  • Piggy Guards
  • Piggy Cheifs

More coming.


  • Bananas (collectible)
  • Banana Bunches (collectible)
  • DK Barrels (revives Diddy)
  • Red Balloons (1-Up)
  • Green Balloons (2-Up)
  • Blue Balloons (3-Up)
  • K-O-N-G Letters (collectible)
  • Banana Flags (checkpoints)
  • Mine Carts (rideable)


  • The game has a similar title to another game, Super Mario 3D Land.
  • Unlike in Donkey Kong Country Returns, water levels return.
  • It is said that at first the villain was supposed to be a hyena, but was cut for being unable to come up with a design, and the returning villain is not King K. Rool.

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