Donkey Kong 2: Retro Days (Also known as Donkey Kong Next in Japan) is the sequel to the game that started it all, and its retro!!! It has loads of new everyday features to really show it off!!!

Story Mode

Story mode is the main mode in Donkey Kong 2. It has bunches of levels chained together that you need to complete to save Pauline. There are several hazards and enemies you will need to conquer to beat Donkey Kong and rescue Pauline again!!! Like princess peach, right? There are 4 floors in each stage and 12 stages to be beaten, each even harder than before.

Difficulty Settings

Now with difficultys to suit the persons needs and wants!!!

Easy Mode

5 Lives, Less Barrels, More Time, all the begginers needs in one difficulty!!!

Regular Mode

3 Lives, Average Time, Average Barrels, if you are a gamer, this is the easy mode.

Original Mode

3 Lives, More Barrels, Less-Average Time, just like the classic days.

Insane Mode

2 Lives, Fast Barrels, Low Time, Double enemies!!! Pros Only.

Story Mode Hazards

Now with more hazards!!!! Yay???


Normal Barrel

I bet everyone saw this coming, the classic barrel.

Turbo Barrel

Blue Barrel that is double speed!!!

Bouncy Barrel

Green Bouncy Barrel, Make sure to jump over... or under the barrel!


This tile will burn you if you step on it, Hoppity hop!


This wont kill you, but it will slide you into something that kills you.

Laser Beam

The laser will go through row of tiles, won't show up untill Stage 4.


Normal Spikes


Shooting Spikes

These Spikes are very good at following you.

Falling Spikes

Falling on top of you.


Like barrels, but can change speed at anytime, beware stages 6 and 8!!! Becuase those are when Donkey Kong uses nothing but crates.

Falling Tile

You step on it, then 3 to 5 seconds later it falls. Only found in stages 3,5, and 7.

Story Mode Enemies

Wait what? there are enemies? This isn't fair!!!


Donkey Kong's Goomba, hop on it and it's gone.


A Bongo-like creature that will grow spikes from time to time.


Your average Tiki, that grows Shooting Spikes.

Rest TBA...

Story Mode Powers

The powers that aid you in your quest.

Jumpman's Hammer

The Original power-up, can smash anything solid.


Lets you take another hit.


Makes you Immortal for a while.


Gives you the power to shoot fire.

Ying Yang

Turns half the enemies on screen against Donkey Kong.

Rest TBA...

Co-op Mode

Let 3 other people assist Jumpman on his quest!!! 3 co-op stages in between for extra fun.

Co-op Mode Hazards and Enemies

Co-op exclusive enemies for the win!

Force Beam

The player of that color must walk through the field and hit the switch to deactivate it.

Co-op Barrel

All people have to jump over this Red Barrel to destroy it.

Teleport Pod

All players must stand on the pad to teleport.

Co-op Power-Ups

Power-ups for the game only for co-op.

Strong Gloves

Let players throw them across large gaps.

Magnetic Suit

Let the player that didn't get thrown get atracted to the other side.

Player Barrel

Lets player combine into one big barrel.

VS Modes

Many modes that people can play against each other in a Donkey Kong-atition!

Playable Characters


The main hero of the game.


Luigi never gets enough time to shine.


The old princess peach.

Diddy Kong

Just for fun, we added Diddy Kong.

Race to the Top!!!

Be the first player to reach the top of the course while avoiding barrels, crates, and lasers in 7 different floors!



Fireplace Brawl

Let everyone use fireballs against each other TO DEATH!!!

Soup Brawl

Jump on everyone to kill them, ALL OF THEM!!!!!

Barrel Dodger

Dodge endless waves of barrels and be the last one standing!!! You can even choose if the ground is Ice, or if crates can appear!!!

Classic Battle

Be the first person to complete the first 100m of the original Donkey Kong!!!


This is not even close to done, we got more modes and goodies on the way!!!

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