Donkey Kong's Banana Brawl Mania is a donkey kong country fighting game exclusively for the Legendary Pop-Fizz 42.


The same kind of gameplay as  the Super Smash Bros. Franchise

Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters

Animal Crates

Animal Crates are assistants in the Brawl Mode.

  • Rhambi
  • Espresso
  • Winky
  • Enguarde
  • Squaks

Kremling Drums

Kremling Drums are assistants in Brawl Mode

  • Gnawty
  • Armey
  • Slippa
  • Krusha
  • Klap Trap

Other Items

  • Star Barrel_ Smash it and Instantly be healed!
  • DK Barrel_ Smash it and get an ally (Story Mode Only)
  • Steal Barrel_Roll it upon your opponents.
  • TNT Barrel_Throw it and it Explodes!
  • Barrambel_ Hop inside and blast yourself out like a cannon ball! (Story Mode Only)
  • Bananas_Heals damage +10
  • Banan Bunches_ Heals damage +50
  • Animal Crates_Assistants
  • Kremling Drums_Assistants
  • Balloon_Get an extra life!
  • Crystal Coconuts_Gives you a special power!

Party Bosses

  • Very Gnawty
  • Necky
  • Queen B.
  • Turent Tusk
  • Dumb Drum
  • Crocktapus


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