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Dominant Rage is a fighting game developed and published by Revelation Heroes Entertainment for the Nexus and Knuckleduster after being announced at Fantendo Fanon Feature 2017. It is set to feature around 16 fighters in a variety of arenas. 


Dominant Rage is a fighting game in which up to four players fight each other using a variety of moves and special attacks, including devastating finishers. In terms of its basic combat, DR plays like a traditional fighting game such as Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, but with more arcade-style arenas akin to the Super Smash Bros series.

The basic goal of the game is to lower the opponents health bar to empty. In addition, landing hits on the opponent charges the players rage meter, which is divided into ten sections. One section can be expended to enhance a special move, or eight sections can be expended to perform a finishing move. If a finishing move is performed while the target is under a certain health threshold, they are killed.

Game Modes

  • Tournament
  • Arcade
  • Versus


This is a summary. For the full story, please see Dominant Rage/Story.

Hundreds of years ago, powerful warriors from other worlds congregated on an island to participate in ritual combat to appease their God-King, until a single warrior ignited a revoloution that ended in the God Kings defeat. To ensure that he could never take power again, they used ancient magics to prevent travel from other worlds. And so the island was forgotten and abandoned.

Now, the powerful megacorporation Pyratech occupies the island, performing sinister research into interdimensional travel. To prove the power of their creations they are hosting a new tournament on the island, inviting people from all around the world to participate. But many have come to suspect that Pyratech truly desires something greater....


(Real Name: Chris Mason)
A special operative representing the American military at the tournament. Mason has been enhanced both genetically and cybernetically to be the first true super soldier. Though publically he is entering the tournament to test his strength, in truth he has been entered to investigate the truth behind Pyratech. Chris fights using Krav Maga.
(Real Name: Mina Rue)

Mexican fighter and current posessor of the Shadow, a symbiotic being that will protect it's host at any cost; even from her own drinking problems. Mina fights slow, but the shadow strikes fast. Together, they operate defensively, pushing Mina's back against the wall to give the Shadow opportunities to attack.

She joined the tournament in hopes that Pyratech would take interest in the Shadow and remove it from her.

Talon The chosen warrior of the White Dragon monks, Talon is a skilled practitioner of Tai Chi who also posesses the power of the Heavenly Path. His blinding fast strikes and powerful Ki attacks make him a force to be reckoned with, but his drive to win the tournament and defeat Wystan Crane make him truly deadly.
Eden Aventia A soldier who was lost on a secret mission to another realm five years ago, Eden managed to survive by herself until Jarrod Crane brought her back to our world. Upon returning home, she is now able to channel energy from the other side, granting her mysterious new powers.
Dr Jekill / Mr Hyde Once a respected doctor, Jekill lost his career after self-experimentation created the Hyde persona. Now struggling with the vicious monster that is constantly within him, Jekill has joined the tournament to put his rage towards something productive. Jekill is a fast character, moving quickly and striking out with his surgical knife, as well as a vial of acid concealed in his coat. But Jekill can also force himself to become Hyde, a clawed beast who trades Jekill's speed and precision for brute force.
(Real Name: Marston Brells)
With manipulation of sand and the ability to redirect heat, Marston is a mid-range fighter who scorches foes with blasts of sand. Marston combines his innate powers with the force of a revolving shotgun and saif, with a play-style that aims to keep foes precisely where you want them. Sandman fights to prove himself amongst his peers.
TK Johnson A former boxer, Johnson was renowned the world over for his skill and nigh-scratchless record, until he was beaten by Keenan Curri. Johnson relies only on his fists, combining evasiveness with medium strikes to outlast the opponent. He came to the tournament in hopes of regaining his former glory.
Alisandra A great sorceress from Italy, Alisandra enters the tournament in hopes of amassing power and knowledge. Utilising a variety of dark magic and fast imps, she keeps her enemies at a distance. When they get too close, she summons a demon to force her foes back.
Camilla A powerful vampire matriarch, Camilla has been promised a permanent solution to the hardships of the sun if she wins, and she isn't afraid to whet her appetite in the middle of combat. Her petite frame hides the vicious strength befitting a vampire of her stature; getting close to Camilla is a grave mistake.
Natasha A Russian agent investigating Pyratech, Natasha has been forced to join the tournament. With her blinding fast speed and uncanny knack for camouflage, Natasha weaves around her enemies, never giving them a chance to strike her and punishing even the slightest mistake with death.
(Real Name: Maria Rubarez)
A hispanic gangster, Maria Rubarez has spent her life fighting against authorities like Pyratech. But nonetheless she was drawn by the promise of riches; for now, Pyratech is an acceptable evil. Crossbones fights quick and dirty, utilising her pistols and a baton make her an efficient all-rounder.
Vargulf Cursed long ago by the clan he abandoned, Vargulf is an immortal viking bound to the spirit of the wolf. Wielding a war-axe, Vargulf splits between big, heavy strikes with the axe and fast, lunging attacks in his wolf form. Combined with his various grapples, the Vargulf's unrelenting fury will never give the enemy a chance to attack. The Vargulf entered the tournament only for his love of the fight.
Teddy A bear from the wilds of Japan, trained as Natasha's bodyguard. Teddy may appear slow, but he has learned to use his entire body as one, enormous weapon, crushing his opponents with heavy grapples and other moves that utilise his raw strength to defend his partner at any cost. But even before his training, Teddy was smarter than your average bear, for reasons currently unknown.
Boomer A genetically modified Kangaroo with heightened intelligence, Boomer is one of many intelligent animals produced by Pyratech, though by far the most successful. Skilled in a unique style of kickboxing enhanced by using his tail, Boomer has been entered into the tournament to prove Pyratech's proficiency in genetic modification. However, Boomer's intelligence has led him to develop free will, and with it a desire to forge his own path.
Alpharend-42 An experimental Pyratech robot, the latest of the Alpharend line is being tested in fire; it's heavy plating reduces the amount of time it's stunned for by miliseconds, more than enough time to take advantage of an opponent being too close.
(Real Name: Rex Adams)
Rex Adams was dead--center of a nuclear explosion. But what should have killed him instead gave him new life, bathing his body in deadly energy. An unrelenting force, Atomix has joined the tournament after promises that he can be made even stronger, making this tank a powerful asset to Pyratech.
Scarab After being exposed to the energies of the other world in Pyratech's first attempts at interdimensional travel, mild mannered scientist Doctor Elijah Lyris became a barely sentient beast. Calling himself 'The Scarab', the creatures chitinous hide and claws make it a formidable foe. A fast, relentless brawler, Scarab seeks only blood.
Ion Ion is a cybernetic marvel, a cyborg of unknown age and unparalleled power. With one extra large arm, Ion utilises his excess energy output to burn grappled opponents, roasting them alive in brutal combat. Nobody's sure why he chose to fight in the tournament, but it seems like he might have a grudge against Pyratech.
(Real Name: Jarrod Crane)
Son to the acting CEO of Pyratech, Jarrod Crane has spent his entire life mastering everything he can, including combat. The tournament champion, Jarrod combines grapples with mixed martial arts to keep his opponents on the ground, while his psychic powers pull fleeing foes towards him.

Unlocked by completing Tournament mode.

Jack Master of fear, Jack is the name given to a horrifying creature that feeds off of misery. Its entrance in Pyratech's tournament is completely unprecedented, as it has never been seen fighting before. Jack switches between it's relatively docile human like form and grotesque Nightmare form, with the latter having longer reach and higher mobility.

Unlocked by beating Exemplar in Arcade mode on 'Spiteful' difficulty and then defeating Jack.

The Iron Queen
(Real Name: Eva)
A beautiful woman from the other world, Eva has been kept on ice in the Pyratech labs for ten years. Now awoken, she seeks to destroy Pyratech and return to her home. Electrically charged, Eva is an incredibly powerful and swift fighter.

Unlocked by beating Arcade mode with Exemplar.


An advanced offshoot of the Alphagen line of robots, Omegarend has been filled with observational data of all the contestants, making it capable of using all their moves. Vicious, furious, and near unstoppable.

Unlocked by beating Arcade with every non-unlockable character.

Dominick Vaard The champion of the other side, Dominick Vaard was once a man, but is now a seemingly immortal being of immense power. Capable of launching incredibly strong energy attacks, Dominick fights with brutality unmatched by anyone else.

Secret boss.

Wystan Crane

CEO of Pyratech and the man behind the tournament. Wystan hosted the tournament both to prove the superiority of his inventions and to provide data so he could make them stronger, ultimately building towards opening a portal to the other world so he can tap into it's vast power and take it as his own.

Enhanced by cybernetics, Wystan is incredibly powerful despite his age. An imposing threat for any competitor, Wystan will crush anyone who opposes his goals.

Final boss.


Assault Dropship

High in the air, fighters battle inside a dropship as it soars above the island.


The Pier where the contestants arrive is a beautiful beach on the edge of the jungle. With the sun beating down and a small crowd of onlookers, the pier is as lovely a place as any to spill blood.

The arena is on a very slightly slope, and you can drop beneath the pier into the knee-high water.

Ancient Colosseum

An ancient structure used for the tournaments of old, the coliseum is a traditional arena with plenty of seating for onlookers.

The only arena that is completely flat, with no obstacles or platforms.

Eternal Gardens

A beautiful garden that seems perfectly well kept despite the islands state of abandoment, lush vegetation grows around marbled statues.

The edges of the map drop slightly to foot-high water. Enemies can be thrown into statues.

Alchemical Parlor An abandoned alchemy lab, now where Dr Jekill spends his nights.
Forgotten Crypt A crypt hidden deep in the cavernous depths, many warriors fought and died here. Sand seeps from a hole in the ceiling, filling the room.
The Ring A cold, metal slab, set up to look like a traditional boxing ring.
The Tower Alisandra's home follows her wherever she goes.
Blood Pit A secret room filled with spikes, clearly a trap that many would-be explorers fell into.
Pyratech Lab One of the labs constructed by Pyratech on the island, the staff mill about in the background while test tubes bubble and computers beep.

Various objects can be thrown, and fighters can jump onto the benches.

Shipwreck Shore On the opposite side of the island from the pier, many ships have found their demise on these shores.
Deep Woods Deep in the woods, the lush vegetation hides vicious creatures lurking just out of view.
Animal Pens An enclosed area where the genetically enhanced animals are kept.
Air Hangar A Pyratech air hangar with multiple Alpharend units on standby in the back.
Thermal Plant
Whispering Cliffs Part way up the mountain, the wind is deafening.
Hot Springs

At the base of the mountain lies these hot springs, the perfect place to rest and recuperate after a battle. Though for some, the soothing waters are not enough to ease tensions.

The ground is uneven, with a platform on either side.

Terror's Hold
Cryo Lab
The Threshold

Cut Content

  • Chris Mason and Eden Aventia replaced Ghost, a ninja with control over the wind, and Aidan, a brazillian demon hunter equipped with dual daggers and pistols seeking to kill Lucifer, respectively.
  • Later in development, Boomer replaced Dieno, an intelligent raptor with similar origins.
  • Fang, a creature built from the DNA of countless beasts from the other world. Partially inspired Omegarend-0.
  • Kassias, a guardian who prevents intruders from accessing the other world on behalf of his master.
  • Lucifer, the prince of hell. Would have utilised ice and fire as a control-type character.
  • Valkyrie, an undead warrior fighting to protect the souls of the dead.


  • Like some of guygombaa's other properties, Dominant Rage already existed, albeit as a forum roleplay instead of a fictional game.
    • Dr Jekill and Marston Brells are the only two characters to originate from the roleplay.
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