Dokapon Universe
Developer(s) Sting
Publisher(s) Sting (JP)

Atlus (NA) BigBen Interactive (EU)

Platform(s) NX & PS4
Genre(s) Role-playing video game
Series Dokapon
Predecessor Dokapon Journey
Age Rating(s) E10+

Dokapon Universe is a board game-styled RPG that is a sequel to Dokapon Kingdom, a Wii & PS2 game released in 2008. It's the third game in the Dokapon series to be released in North America, and the second to be released in Europe.


Gameplay in Dokapon Universe plays very similarly to Dokapon Kingdom - up to 6 players choose one of four starting classes and use a spinner to travel which goes up to 6 spaces. From there, the players attempt to get the most money, free the towns, and do the objectives the king gives them. The players also fight monsters, get items, shop, and more. There's also chances of events like abduction by UFO which is either good or bad, a demon named Weber appearing to people in first & second place who curses them, and more. Players can also master their class and unlock more classes, or do specific things to unlock even more.

Each character also has stats they can increase each level. The stats are ATK which is their physical damage, MAG which is both their special damage and special defense, SPE which increases chances of dodging and going first in a battle, DEF which is their physical defense, and HP which each level gives the player 10 more Hitpoints. Some classes once mastered also permanently boosts a stat each level. Each class also increases certain stats each level.

After everyone makes their turn, it goes to the next day. After every three weeks (21 days), the King will pull up the rankings and show what place everybody is in and show the chart of how they have progressed over the five weeks. He will also give the players an option to save. After one ingame month (six weeks), a random event will happen such as Wascally Wabbits, Surprise Sale, Monster Mansion, and more.

There are also two modes besides Story Mode (the main mode) - Batte Royale, where all players start at level 10 and try to become the most powerful by Month 5. By the end of Month 5, all the players will be forced to fight eachother. In this mode, you're unable to claim any towns or castles and are allowed to go anywhere you have played up to in Story Mode.

In Friendship Mode, a group of up to 4 players will playthrough a different kind of Story Mode - the King and Queen Penny want to show their love for the kingdom of Karkai so they put up posters asking for the friendliest adventurers around. Instead of fighting monsters, you engage in a dating simulator with them. Instead of buying weapons and spells, players can buy new compliments and actions to do in the dating simulator. Instead of stealing towns, players will spread the power of love to the town by hugging the mayors.


Some years after Dokapon Kingdom, the kingdom is filled with riches and food for years. However, another kingdom by the name of Karkai Kingdom is claiming they have the better kingdom. The king and Queen Penny put up posters all over the kingdom, claiming that whoever can take over all of Karkai's continents and show them that they have the better kingdom will win Princess Dime's hand in marriage - however, they can only give Princess Dime to the richest hero, just like how the king won Queen Penny's marriage 25 years ago.

In the middle of story


Name Description Unlock Criteria
Warrior One of four starting classes, the Warrior excels in using brute force to get what he wants. Every level, he gains +2 ATK and 1 DEF. Once Warrior is mastered, each level will give you +1 ATK. He can hold 8 items in his bag and can carry up to 6 Field Magic Books. His passive ability gives him a 15% chance of boosting his ATK for the next three turns by 10. If it activates while already activated, then it lasts for an extra turn and boosts the ATK by 12 instead of 10. Unlocked at the beginning.
Magician One of four starting classes, the Magician is able to outsmart most of his foes. Every level, he gains +2 MAG. Once Magician is mastered, each level will give you +1 MAG. He can hold 6 items in his bag and can carry up to 8 Field Magic Books. Magicians also have the chance of Field Magic hitting being higher. His passive ability allows him to have all items from the Magic Store be 5-10% off. Unlocked at the beginning.
Thief One of four starting classes, the Thief is a master of stealing items and hearts. Every level, he gains +1 SPE and +1 ATK. Once Thief is mastered, each level will give you +1 SPE. He can hold 10 items in his bag and can carry up to 5 Field Magic Books. His passive ability allows him to have a 25% chance of stealing one random item from a player whenever you walk over them. Unlocked at the beginning.
Archer One of four starting classes, the Archer can hit three Bullseyes in a row without even blinking. Every level, she gains +1 ATK and +1 MAG. Once Archer is mastered, each level will give you +1 SPE. She can hold 7 items in her bag and can carry no Field Magic Books. To make up for this, Archers have two passive abilities - the first one has a 10% chance of randomly casting any Field Magic on a random player. The second one will allow Archers to somehow get "Bullseyes" in battle which will cause them to get 15% more damage on the enemy - however this is a 5% chance. Unlocked at the beginning.
Darkling A class only obtainable by entering last place and getting the dark secret, the Darkling is short for "EVERYONE, RUN!" due to it's power. Darklings are unable to level up, with them not getting any EXP until you become normal (after 13 days) and win one battle. Darklings are given 999 in every stat plus weapons that add 999 more, and have the magic spell of Dark Blitz (which is the only way of being able to fight back against a Darkling if a player manages to reflect it) making them nearly impossible to kill. Darklings have the main goal of basically killing everyone and ruining their day, using special Dark Arts such as Continent Takeover (every town on the continent gets monsters taken on it) and stealing their towns by stepping on it (each giving EXP depending on the level of the town and the continent) AND by robbing them of all their money. Get in last place, be given the Dark Secret, and either reach the Dark Space all the way back on the first & final continent, or use the contract given to you by Weber randomly. You will also have to give up everything you own to become a Darkling (the only exceptions being your weapons.)
Cleric Usually the second class you'll do, Clerics are perfect doctors - they just don't have a license... Every level, she gains +1 HP and +1 MAG. Once Cleric is mastered, each level will give you +1 HP. She can hold 8 items in her bag and can carry 6 Field Magic Books. Her passive ability will randomly heal half of her HP after every five turns. Master one of the four starting classes.
Robot This cyborg had no magical abilities, so they turned to science to grant them power.Every level, he gains +1 HP and +1 DEF. Once Robot is mastered, each level will give you +1 DEF. He can hold 10 items in his bag and can carry 3 Field Magic Books. His passive ability will power him up every time he dies. Master two of the four starting classes.
Monk A man who has achieved true peace with the world, Monks are not afraid to kick Darklings hard - despite the injuries they will proceed to get. Every level, he gets +2 ATK and +2 HP. Once Monk is mastered, each level will give you +1 ATK. He can hold 6 items in his bag and can carry 5 Field Magic Books. His passive ability has a 50% chance each turn to raise ATK by 5 for one full week (which is unable to stack). Master Warrior & Cleric
Knight The bravest warrior throughout the lands, he may be slow but he can pack a punch! Every level, Knights gain +3 ATK and +2 DEF, but has -2 SPE each turn (and will ignore any mastered classes that raise speed), making it a slow powerhouse. Once the Knight is mastered, you will gain +1 DEF and +1 ATK each level. He can hold 10 items in his bag and can carry no Field Magic Books. His passive ability will have a 25% chance of increasing his speed by 15 each turn until he encounters an enemy. Master Warrior, Archer, Magician, and Thief.
Guardian An absolute tank, nothing will move the Guardian. Every FIVE levels, Guardians will gain +10 ATK and +5 DEF, but every other stat will be halved. Once Guardian is mastered, you will gain +2 ATK and +2 DEF each level. He can hold 10 items in his bag, and can carry no Field Magic Books. The passive ability of the Guardian will have a 10% chance to increase his ATK by 50 in the next battle he's in - but half his SPE. Master Monk and Knight.
Spellsword Master Magician & Warrior


Special events can occasionally be triggered when landing on a Yellow Space. They can have both a positive or a negative outcome depending on the event.

Name Description
Beggar An old man who will ask for one fourth of your current gold count.

  • If you give him the money, he may turn into the Goddess of Generosity. She will give you a random valuable item for your good deed and go away. Sometimes it will actually be an old man who will just disappear.
  • If you don't give him the money, he may just disappear. However, if he is the Goddess, she will curse you with a status effect.
  • If you don't have any money, he will usually erase your debt. He may give you a rare item such as a Guided Warp or a Deathblock instead
UFO An Unidentified Flying Object who will abduct you. He has a 25% chance of the following things -

  • If it's good, then all of your stats will end up raised by one.
  • If it's bad, then all of your stats will go down by one.
  • If it's good, then the UFO will give you a random item (including the Lost Technology.)
  • If it's bad, then the UFO will play a prank on you. If it chooses name, it will rename you to LOSER or SUCKER.
Weber A demon straight from hell who will give you a random item or curse you. If you fall in two of the items categories, it will pick a random one,

  • If you have a ton of items, he will give you the Big Bug - this will slowly eat up all of your items and field magic, and has a chance of eating your equipment.
  • If you have over 1M on hand, he will give you the Infinite Wallet - this will eat all of your current on-hand money in five turns. The only way to get rid of it is to gift it to the king (which will lower the value of your highest valued town.) However, if you gift it via church, you can still gift it under another player.
  • If you have not died in the last 25 turns, he will give you the Blackmail - in 2-5 turns, this will activate and cause the reaper to come get you. If you pay half of your money, you can give the Blackmail to another player.
  • If you have over 500 HP, he will give you the Nitroglycerin - this will have a chance to explode when you get attacked and leave you with 1 HP.
  • If you are hearing the whispers of dark revenge, he will give you the contract. This will automatically send you to the Dark Space and turn you into a darkling.
  • If you own over three castles, he will give you the Castle Contract that you can only sign. Once you sign it, he will give the castle to a random person (usually the one in last place.)
Roché A young boy in a pink costume who challenges you to a game of Roshambo (Rock, Paper, Scissors)

  • If you win, you will gather all the money from players who have lost. If nobody has lost to Roché, you won't earn any money.
  • If you lose and have debt, Roché will pay off your debt and call debt pitiful.
  • If you lose and don't have debt, Roché will take 1/4 of your current money.
Mitch Digger A mole who owns a drill. He will let you spin a spinner to see if he finds the hot spring in your town.

  • If the spinner lands on 0 or 1, your town's value will be halved.
  • If the spinner lands on 2 to 5, your town's value will be doubled.
  • If the spinner lands on 6, your town's value will be tripled.
Risque the Thief A gentlemanly thief who prides himself on his skill with stealing. For a fair amount of gold, he'll try his best to steal something from another player.

  • If you ask Risque to steal a player's money, he'll succeed about half the time and give you half of the player's on-hand gold.
  • If you ask him to steal a player's items, he'll succeed about half the time and give you a random item or field magic from their inventory.
  • If you ask him to steal a player's equipment, he'll succeed only on rare occasions and will give you the player's weapon, shield, battle magic, or accessory.
Steve the Poo-Head (NA) A red magician named Steve with Poo Hair who will curse you with a 50% chance of it succeeding.

  • If it succeeds, your character will be stuck with Poo Hair and be named Steve.
  • If it fails, Steve will give you $50,000.
Candy Man A wandering candy salesman. He will give you one of three random candies, each with a special effect.

  • The Golden Candy will double the money you get from battles (and any towns you win) in the next five turns.
  • The Anti-EXP Candy will half all the EXP you get for the next five turns - however, you can give it to any player you happen to pass.
  • The Health Candy will regenerate your HP by 50 for the next five turns. However, it has a 10% chance of reducing your total health by 5 points too (but not every turn though).

Continents and Towns

This is a list of all Continents and Towns inside of the continents. The Continents are listed in order in which ones you have to go through.


Name Description Amount of Towns Total Value of towns (at default)
Asiana The very first continent you'll end up in, Asiana is famous for Khan's Castle and Summer Cavern. It is also where the castle is located, and usually provides the first steps of young adventurers. 10 $1,570,000
Kasire A continent based off of Ireland, Kasire has the Potemple and in the snowiest part of the continent Caisleán Frost. It is recommended to wear both sweaters to warm up and bring a very powerful fan to get cold. 12


  • Steve the Poo-head (or Steve as the game calls him) is a reference to TheRunawayGuys, when in one episode of their Dokapon Kingdom lets play Chugga's character gets renamed to Steve as a prank and as another prank he gets given poo hair.
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