Developer(s) Hybrid2
Publisher(s) Hybrid2
Genre(s) Science-fiction, Fantasy
Spinoff(s) None

Doctor Whooves is a spin-off series of both Doctor Who and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic produced by Hybrid Co. and broadcast in the Hybrid Net every Saturday. It stars The Doctor, the Sole Survivor of Gallopfrey, constantly going on adventures to save and fix problems in the universe, traveling along with a varying companion. It started to air in 2012.



Artwork Name Description
DoctorWhoovesArtwork Tenth Doctor A troubled, lonely and wounded heart from the Last Great Time War, this incarnation of the Doctor can be quite serious when it's time. However, he is heavily interested on human and alien culture, and will always try to show a happy face to others, trying to hide is inner sadness.


Artwork Name Description
DerpyHoovesDW Derpy Hooves Derpy Hooves is a calm, crazy open-minded girl with a vision problem. However, she can be quite clever sometimes, even though she is mostly lonely and marginated from society. Identifying with The Doctor, both being lonely souls, she joins him in his travels and starts developing a friendship with him.


Artwork Name Description
N/A Dalcolts The Dalcolts, a long-lasting line of mechanical, sentient creatures are extremely powerful beings who have annihilated planets and whole universes. However, now not much of them are still alive, but even if so, they're still one of the biggest threats to the entire world.
N/A Living Puppets The Living Puppets are one of the first original creatures of the show, being sentient, hand-made puppets controlled by a mysterious energy force from Outer Space. With hypnosis skill and powerful magic, these creatures can be quite of a threat.


Season 1

Number Name Description Enemies
01 Wrath of the Stars A magician has come to the town of Ponyville, called Trixie, and has done a magic show to demonstrate her abilities. However, when two small ponies unleash the Ursa Major, a certain mailer receives a visit... Ursa Major
02 Clever Eyes After uniting with Derpy Hooves, a clever, open-minded pony with another vision of life, The Doctor tries to elaborate a plan to return the Ursa Major to her lair and save all of Equestria. Ursa Major
03 Puppet Show The Doctor, after saving Ponyville, decides to show Derpy Hooves the TARDIS and the universe. What better way to do so than a look into the past? However, when they go to medieval Manehattan, to a famous Puppet Show, everything goes wrong... Living Puppets
04 Quarentine Derpy, traveling with the Doctor once again, finds herself locked on a spaceship infected with a virus. Meanwhile, The Doctor tries to find a way for her to escape before it's too late. Epsilon Virus
05 Heavy Rain Derpy and the Doctor try to settle and rest after their adventures. However, soon, they discover the planet they've choosen isn't the most correct to do so: an acid rain capable of destroying everything in it's sight seems to be coming, and the planet is evacuating... The Rain
06 Machines of Destruction The Doctor, traveling through space and time with Derpy, crashes with a mysterious ship in the middle of his journey. However, he soon discovers that in that ship, rest the sole survivors of the ancient Dalcolts. Dalcolts
07 Imprisoned As the Dalcolts imprison Derpy Hooves and The Doctor, left in separate rooms, he starts to think a plan to try and save her... and probably the whole universe, too. Dalcolts
08 Lady and Princess of the Stars The Doctor and Derpy Hooves travel back to the times of Star Swirl, a great magician who created a incredible amount of spells. However, during their visit, they discover a great secret... Starfall Androids
09 Ruthless Revenge The Doctor and Derpy Hooves, coming back to Ponyville, discover a hostile species of aliens and old enemies of him have nearly took over the whole earth. While trying to fight the, they discover something even more peligrous... TBA
10 The Bomb After discovering the Earth Invasion was a trap, and the true menace is deep in Outer Space, The Doctor and Derpy Hooves have to race against time to find the Bomb and deactivate it... or else, the whole universe will meet his end. TBA

Season 2


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