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Keyan Altmanti was your average boy living within the Void, about 50 years after it consumed the Earth during the Dark Times. There was only one thing about him that set him apart from the rest of the kids...

He was the descendant of Sixty Four, the one of legend talked about in "mainstream" Void history, and no one knew it. Had he been known to be, his mother had described to him his predictable future: living under the constant guilt that people looked up to you as their savior, despite no heroic background. Such was a flaw in the human mind: to associate and assume without logic.

That is, until she died, along with Keyan's father in a civil uprising within their usually fair village. Keyan lived on the streets with his best, and also orphaned friend, Jeshu Ferra. They had to scavange for money and therefore food. Shelter was not an issue; they went wherever it was, and with many a canopied market in Voidial Village, shelter was there to stay.

Keyan: Jeshu, do you see it?

Jeshu: Yes...yes I do...

Keyan: Really? Because you usually have-

Jeshu: Yes kind girl, I would like some money, thank you...

Keyan: Oh my god, Jeshu! Little girl, keep your funds. Don't spare us, we're fine. Go along now.

The girl runs off and Keyan turns to Jeshu, annoyed but not angry. See this happened a lot. While Keyan maintained his kind and self-sufficient composure in the face of poverty, Jeshu wasn't like that. He wanted every bit of what was found and offered, regardless from where, what, or who. It was his nature.

Keyan: Now look there, I see a Setilbag (Setils being the currency in the Void) sitting there by that building. If we sneak around, we should be able to snatch it, and hopefully, it'll come with actual Setils inside.

Jeshu: So...we're roofing this?

Keyan: I believe that's the way to go, yes.

So Keyan and Jeshu carried out their plan they called "roofing"; scaling a building to its roof, then hopping from roof to roof, occasionally using obscured wires and such to clear wide distances, until they reached their target. Once they reached it, Keyan took the bag and looked inside.

5 Setils inside! That's about $5!

Keyan: This is great! Jeshu, look - Jeshu?

Jeshu: Shh, man. Look at this girl here...

Keyan: ...

What lies ahead in this tale?

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