Amy: Aaaaah!!

Dimentio: Hehehehe!

Dk64rules (series) II Part 2: Eight's New Plan

Written by Dk64rules


Sixty Four

Amy Cerato



Mick Cool

Eight Bit

Chapter 1: Is It Over?

Amy: Don't hurt me!

Dimentio: Oh, it's nothing. Just a slight pinch, followed by an obscene amount of pain.

Amy: Oh, well, in that..hey! That's terrible!

Dimentio: I know. Muahahaha!

Amy: Aaaaaah!

Sixty: Oh no!

Eight: Hahahahahaha!

[Sixty gets hit by the beam and falls to the asphalt road]

Sixty: Urgh...

Mick Cool: Hahaha! Serves you right, you traitorious fiend!

Eight: Traitorious?

Mick Cool: That's a word, right?

Sixty: much pain...

Eight: Go take him prisoner.

Mick Cool: Ok.

[Mick Cool jumps down to Sixty]

Sixty: Gotchya!

[Sixty punches Mick Cool, Mick Cool faints]

Eight: No!

Sixty: See ya!

[Sixty runs to Amy's house]

Amy: Eeeek!

[a slimy worm called a Dimension Leech crawls toward Amy]

Dimentio: Okay, soon you'll feel that slight pinch...

Sixty: Huh? Dimentio!

Amy: Ouch!

Dimentio: And here comes that obscene amount of pain!

Sixty: Heyyaahh!

[Sixty punches Dimentio, and Dimentio falls]

Dimentio: Urf!

Sixty: What the?

Amy: Sixty, help me!

Sixty: A Dimension Leech!

Eight: I do not want her dead! Stupid Dimentio!

[Eight blasts the leech with the Pulse Rifle]

Amy: Eight! You...saved me?

Sixty: Huh?

Chapter 2: Eight's New Plan

Eight: Now, do you see? I did not want you dead or hurt, I only wanted you with me. If Sixty did not try to kill me, I wouldn't have stabbed you all those years ago.

Amy: That's so....sweet.

Sixty: What?!

Eight: Will you come back to Void City with me, Amy?


Sixty: No!

Eight: Good. That makes me happy.

[a void opens up]

Eight: Au revoir, litttle Sixty!

[Eight and Amy disappear into the void with Dimentio]

Sixty: Argh! Stupid Eight! Why is he in my life, WHY?!

Mick Cool: I was thinking the same thing.

Sixty: Mick Cool?

M. Cool: All the time I was an ally to Eight put me in more pain then 2 Subspace Bombs. Can we be friends again?

Sixty: Yes. Now let's get Amy back!

M. Cool: Together!

Sixty: Yeah!

Chapter 3: Void City

Eight: Is it beautiful?

Amy: It is.

Eight: It's the finest castle in the Void City. Here, we will live together, immortalized by the light of the castle's awesomeness

Amy: Yes we will!

Eight: Let's go inside. Jayl!


Eight: Jayl?!

J.C.: [Over comm] Oh, sorry. I'm shopping back here in Sixty's town. Be right there.

Eight: You better be!

What will happen between Amy and Eight?

Has Sixty lost his love....for good?

Will Sixty and M. Cool's friendship last?

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