Dimentio: Ugh, I hate this! If she's gonna digest me, she'd better do it! Freaking 3 years!

Ruka: Well, I've been here for ten years.

Dimentio: Oh, shut up!

Dk64rules (series) II Part 1: Love is in the Air....and so is Trouble!

Written by Dk64rules


Sixty Four (Age 16)

Amy Cerato (Age 16)

Dimentio (Age N/A)

Ruka (Age N/A)

Eight Bit (Age 17)


Chapter 1: In the City

Dk64rules: Hey, I'm back to officially narrate, so let's see where our hero is.

[what appears is a restaurant called "Le Meilleur"]

Amy: So, back then, was I really trying to eat you?

Sixty: Oh yeah, totally. I was, like, completely freaking out. What a crazy summer.

DK: Aah, that's nice, it's a date.

Sixty: Well, what else should we talk about?

Dimentio: Maybe talk about getting me outta here!

Ruka: Oh, pipe down. Dinner's coming.

Dimentio: Dinner?

Ruka: Do you know why Amy likes to eat? It's because she has too. I eat the stuff that comes in; I'm a gelatinic mass, after all.

Dimentio: Eeww....

DK: Okay.....Well at least the void is sealed....wait, what's that?!

Eight Bit: Gaaaaarrrrrghh.....I'! Where are!

DK: Uh oh!

Eight: Where's...Mick...Cool?!

Mick Cool's Spirit: Right here, sir.

Eight: I need destroy....Sixty....before....he.....does...Amy..

MC's Spirit: Does what with Amy?


MC's Spirit: don't mean....that kind of "does Amy" you..?

Eight: I do.

MC's I'll get right on that destroying thing, sir!

Eight: Heheheh....good.

[MC's S flies off into the lights of the city]

Chapter 2: Havoc in the Streets

MC's S: I wonder if the Micool Guy reincarnation spell works to solidify me...

MC's S: [utters gibberish-like chant]

Mick Cool: Hey, I'm solid! Yahoo! Now to destroy my ex-friend!

[runs until bumping into a guy named J.C.]

J.C.: Heyish, you like bumpingish into peopleish?

Mick Cool: Who the hell are you?

J.C.: I'm J.C., and I'm a bitish maddish at youish right nowish.

Mick Cool: Fine, if you want me gone, I'm going.

[Mick Cool walks towars Le Meillur]

Mick Cool: The restaurants name is The Best? Catchy name.

[M.C. walks in]

Sixty [glancing at door]: Um, Amy, I uh....gotta take a leak. Be right back.

[Sixty runs out the back door around to the front, strangles M.C.]

Mick Cool: Ack! Six..ty!

Sixty: Why are you here?! How are you solid again?!

Mick Cool: Gack! Ei..

Sixty: Ei? What the hell is Ei?!

Mick Cool: Ei...ght.

Sixty: Eight is trapped in the void! He has been for 3 years! Get out of here and let me enjoy my date!

Mick Cool:!

Sixty: Wha-?

[Sixty jumps out of the way of a pulse blast]

Eight: You like the Pulse Rifle and its energy blasts?

Sixty: Eight?!

Eight: Yes, that's my name. Alive I am, darkness I have.

Sixty: I'm on a date! Get your little accomplice and get away!

Eight: Oh, you speak of Mick Cool? Yes, he is quite the accomplice. Maybe he would be helping you right now if you didn't leave him for his death 3 years ago.

Sixty: Go away!

Eight: I intend to stay right here.

Sixty: Then leave me alone!

[Sixty runs back inside]

Amy: Hey, no one said you were competing for World's Longest Bathroom Break!

Sixty: We have a problem. Eight and Mick Cool are outside. They escaped!

Amy: Gasp!

Dimentio: Yes!

Ruka: Yeah! Dimentio gets to leave! No more sharin' food!

Dimentio: Ahem?

Ruka: Heh heh...

Dimentio: I can't leave. There's no way out!

Ruka: You could always take....Uvula Rapids.

Dimentio: Huh?

Sixty: Let's fight them! Like old times, Amy!

Amy: In "old times" I was captured.

Sixty: Consider this moving up a step on the warrior staircase,

Amy: Oh, you.

[They run outside, where Eight and M.C. are waiting]

Eight: Amy, long time no see.

Amy: I'd rather not see you.

Eight: If you took my hand in love back at the void 3 years ago, maybe this wouldn't be happening.

Sixty: You shut your trap, bastard!

Eight: Make me.

Chapter 3: Trouble Starts and Evil Arises

Ruka: The Uvula Rapids are a hidden set of rivers that will propel you out of the mouth.

Dimentio: And I have to punch the uvula for this to happen?

Ruka: Yes.

Dimentio: Why didn't you say "Make her puke?"

Ruka: That's too, um, unappealing.

Sixty: Fine. I will make you shut up!

[Sixty throws a punch at Eight, Eight jumps up onto a tall building]

Eight: Get them!

[Knights Seven, Eight, and Nine jump down]

Seven: I'm the Brave One.

Eight: I'm the Tough One.

Nine: I'm the Scary One.

Sixty: ......Maybe we should go, Amy. Amy?

[Amy ran home 5 minutes ago]

Sixty: Gaaaaah!

[Sixty starts running, and the clunky armored knights are much slower]

Eight: Argh!

[Eight fires the Pulse Rifle 5 times in Sixty's direction]

Sixty: Whoa!

[Sixty dodges a blast]

Sixty: Gaaah!

[Sixty barely dodges another]

Sixty: Swish!

[Sixty dodges another with no effort]

Sixty: Oh crap!

[Sixty closely slips under another blast]

Sixty: Oh No!

Dimentio: Ok, let's do this.

Ruka: Okay, I'm gonna stay inside.

[Dimentio punches the uvula, and the rapids rise]

Dimentio: Uhhh.....Hmmmm....This looks...

Dimentio: DANGEROUS!!

[The rapids blast Dimentio out of Amy]

Amy: Blaaah!

[Dimentio regains his normal size as fresh oxygen fills his lungs]

Dimentio: Goodbye, silly girl.

[Dimentio blasts Amy out of her house, onto the street]

Amy: Ow!

Dimentio: No running now, girl.

Amy: Aaaaaah!

What happened to Sixty?

What is Eight's new evil plan?

Will Amy survive Dimentio's torment?

Read Part 2.

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