Dizzy Goomba
Dizzy goomba
Species Origin Goomba
Latest Appearance Paper Mario: The Sage's Quest
Bowser Koopa troop

A Dizzy Goomba is a Sub Species of a normal Goomba. they are Goombas who get infected by a dizzy dial and become crazy.

They charge at everything they see except their allies which is unfortunate. still they can be tricked to fall off cliffs if Mario jumps at the last second. Unlike normal Goombas Dizzy Goombas don't fall off cliffs unlike normal Goombas.

They also made an appearance in Paper Mario: The Sage's Quest. As foes in the Pipe tunnel Caves. In this they are Stronger then regular Goombas and can throw dizzy attacks at you.

Crazy goomba

A Paper Dizzy Goomba that appears in Paper Mario: The Sage's quest.

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