Disturbed Silhouettes is team of people who go and redesign characters and make them look cooler. If you are not a member, you aren't allowed to post on here.

Characters Done


If you want to be a member, we will see your art and accept you on our own, don't add yourself here

Joining Policy

Every member who joins (except the founders, and Spark01, who joined on unorthodox means) must go through a small trial. They must pick one of their characters, one who they honestly think needs a redesign, and redesign it. Then they'll upload it and JesseRoo, Hemu, Shroobario, and YoshiEgg will vote to accept or decline, and in the case of a tie, Mick13 will decide if they're in or not. If you are accepted, then you're in, if you're declined, we will tell you if it's a tie-breaker, and in that case, you went through all the trouble, and it was good enough to get half our artists to think it's good, so go ahead and use it.


Disturbed Silhouettes is a new concept, so thus not much impact has happened. Shroobario's Nightwolf was proposed to 1337doom to become the official appearance of Nightwolf, and JesseRoo, YoshiEgg, and Hemu asked Mick if Fred can become the new appearance, and he originally agreed, however now since there are multiple Fred redesigns, he has decided that they will be alternate forms to use in the new Fred series.

It was also discussed in chat the creation of a game featuring the redesigned characters, but that has not been confirmed yet. However, the discussion did inspire Omegaverse Corp. to use Wheelzen's appearance in Wheelzen Atomic.


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