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Disney VS. Capcom: Decision of Eternal Hearts is a crossover fighting game featuring numerous Disney and Capcom characters. It will be released for the Nintendo Switch in 2019.


One morning, numerous individuals wake up to a shocking event! The dimensional boarders between numerous worlds are shattering! The sorcerer Yen Sid uses his magic to find out what's going on, and he learns that the fiendish Shadow Blot is responsible for this tragedy! The Blot is planning to merge all of the worlds into one so he can then transform the resulting merged world into a new Wasteland for him and his army of Blotlings to rule!! Yen Sid, in hopes of preventing this, summons an army of courageous heroes and reluctant villains to stop the Blot. Will the group succeed?


Compared to Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Disney VS. Capcom returns to the 3-on-3 tag format of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Players can switch between characters mid-battle by pressing the L/ZL button for the first partner, or the R/ZR button for the second one. A new feature implemented in DVC is the Duo Hyper Combo. If two certain characters are on the same team, then the player can issue a command input, costing four out of five sections of the Hyper Gauge, to unleash a powerful Hyper Combo in which the two characters work together.

Playable Characters

The game has a total of 72 playable characters, 36 from Disney and 36 from Capcom. 50 of them available from the start, 10 have to be unlocked, and 12 are DLC.


Image Name Bio Series
MICKEYnintendolook.png Mickey Mouse A mischievous yet kind-hearted mouse. For years, he has protected, and cared for his home and loved ones. He has had numerous jobs over the years, including owner and host of the House of Mouse night club, a master of the Keyblade and an apprentice to Yen Sid. Recently, he discovered a world of forgotten individuals, and saved it twice with the aid of a magic paintbrush bestowed to him by Yen Sid. Now, he wields the brush in battle at all times. Epic Mickey
Ultimate-Marvel-vs.-Capcom-3-MVC3-Character-Render-spider-man.jpg Spider-Man When high school student Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained the abilities of a spider, like climbing on walls and a Spider-Sense. But, he learned the hard way that with great power come great responsibility, when he chose not to stop a burglar getting away from the cops, not knowing that same burglar would take the life of his uncle. With this lesson in his mind, he fights crime all over New York City, fighting against fierce villains and protecting citizens, especially his loved ones. Marvel Universe
Luke Skywalker 1.png Luke Skywalker After years of being a farmer on the planet Tatooine, Luke's life would change when he purchased the droids C-3PO and R2-D2. He learned from them and Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi that he was the son of a Jedi knight named Anakin Skywalker, who was tricked by the fiendish Palpatine into becoming the Sith, Darth Vader. Under the influence of the Force, Luke became a Jedi warrior, and with his friends, the bounty hunter Han Solo, and his sister Princess Leia, he fights the Dark Side to save his home, in a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars
Wreck it ralph art.png Wreck-It Ralph A video game bad guy living in a Fix-It Felix Jr. arcade cabinet at Litwak's Arcade. Even though he may seem like a jerk when doing his job, he's actually a nice guy. He tried to prove it by getting a medal from the shooter game "Hero's Duty", but he soon learned that it took more than that to be a hero. He helped a glitch character from the racing game "Sugar Rush" named Vanellope get the chance to race, and together they saved the arcade from a group of virus-like Cy-Bugs and an illegal hacker from within Sugar Rush. Ralph still game-jumps when the arcade closes. Wreck-It Ralph
Mulan3D.png Mulan Fa A tomboyish maiden from ancient China. When her father, a former war veteran was drafted to fight against the Huns, she chose to go in his place, despite gender laws that only men could go, disguised as a man named Ping. Along the way, a small dragon named Mushu agreed to help her. Mulan did very well in training, though things did get a little rocky when her fellow warriors discovered her secret. Nevertheless, she was able to defeat the ruthless Hun leader Shan Yu, and became a legend. Now whenever the emperor needs her among the troops, she goes into battle. Mulan
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Epic Mickey render.png Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Once a star, now the ruler of the Wasteland. When Oswald first arrived in the Wasteland, he sought to make it a paradise for his fellow forgotten citizens. So he made it into his own version of a certain theme park. Though he had a personal grudge with his successor and half-brother Mickey Mouse for all the fame he received over the years. When the Blot took over and turned Wasteland into a twisted version of the place it used to be, Oswald was banished, and he was forced to team up with Mickey when he got pulled in. Things were a little rocky at first, but the two settled their differences and defeated the Blot. Now whenever Mickey needs Oswald's help, he's happy to come along. Epic Mickey
Captain-america.png Captain America In the early 1940's, at the brink of World War II, young and frail Steve Rogers was chosen by the government to partake in an experiment involving a serum that would turn him into a strong super-soldier, and on that day, the first Avenger, Captain America was born. Even though he was the only one to take the serum in it's perfection, due to the enemy infiltrating and destroying what was left, including the maker of it, Captain America led armies across enemy territory to fight for peace. In one of the final battles of the war, Cap fell into an icy river and froze in an iceberg. Amazingly, because of the serum, instead of killing him, it put him in a cryogenic sleep. By the time he woke up, it was the modern times, and the world had moved on without him. But some of the enemies Cap faced in the war found their own ways of surviving, and were still threatening the peace. So now, Cap continues to fight for justice, as one of the leaders of the superhero team, the Avengers. Marvel Universe
300px-Simba KHII.png Simba A fierce lion from the Pride Lands. As a cub, he was heir of Mufasa, king of the Pride Lands, and would eventually take his place. But, Simba's uncle Scar, filled with jealousy, allied with a pack of hyenas, killed Mufasa, and tricked poor Simba into believing he caused it. Simba fled to the jungle, growing up with his pals Timon and Pumbaa, and let the past go. But, with help from his childhood friend Nala, the wise and elderly Rafiki, and the spirit of his father, Simba regained his confidence, and fought against Scar for his position as king. With Scar and the hyenas defeated, Simba claimed his kingdom, and now protects the wildlife of his home from disaster. The Lion King
Stitch KHII.png Stitch An alien experiment created to cause havoc. When he was captured by the Grand Council and sent to be banished to a desert asteroid, a chain of events caused "Experiment 626" to end up instead on Kaua'i, Hawaii, USA. There, he was mistaken for a dog and adopted by a girl named Lilo Pelekai, and learned the meaning of "ohana". Since then, he has left his destructive past behind, and protects his family from the fiendish Dr. Hamsterviel. Lilo and Stitch
The-Incredibles- Bob Parr.jpg Mr. Incredible Robert "Bob" Parr, better known as Mr. Incredible, is a superhero with bulking strength. He was one of the best heroes in Metroville until he was forced into retirement along with many other "Supers" due to lawsuits. 15 years later, he was called back by a strange group on Nomanisan Island, and was dragged into a conspiracy involving a killer robot called the Omnidroid, and learned that his super-powered family was the most important thing to him when they discovered what he was up to and came to save him. Together, they defeated the Omnidroid and it's creator. Now, he leads his family as the superhero team, the Incredibles, to protect Metroville from fierce villains. The Incredibles
Lord Darth Vader.jpg Darth Vader As a young boy, Anakin Skywalker left his home on Tatooine and joined the Jedi to fufill a prophecy that stated he would defeat the Sith. But, the villainous Emperor Palpatine managed to have Skywalker give in to the dark side of the force, and became his second-in-command, Darth Vader. As Vader, he turned on his former allies and became commander of the Death Star. In the years that followed, he came into conflict with his son, Luke Skywalker. After learning about his family relations with Vader, Luke hopes that there is still good in this damaged soul, let's hope he's right. Star Wars
Goliathgarg.jpg Goliath The leader of the Manhattan Clan of gargoyles. His clan used to live in medieval Scotland until they were betrayed by a group of Vikings and turned into stone by the royal magician, Magus. A thousand years later, the castle they were in was moved to New York by the villainous David Xanatos, and the spell was broken. Now, allied with NYPD detective Elisa Maza, Goliath seeks to help his clan adjust to modern times and protect the city at night from supernatural threats. Gargoyles
Iron-man.png Iron Man Living on the high side of life, billionaire Tony Stark would get a view of what harm the weapons his company Stark Industries created were causing in the wrong hands, when he was taken hostage by a terrorist organization, and had his heart severely damaged. While imprisoned, he crafted an Arc Reactor into his chest to act as a pacemaker, and created the first Iron Man armor, which he used to escape from his captors. He has created numerous armors to use to fight bad guys, including the Silver Centurion, the Hulkbuster and the Stealth Armor. He's even given a few of his armors to his friends, like when he gave his best pal Rhodey the War Machine armor. And he is one of the leaders of the Avengers, who protect Earth from threats both global and cosmic. Marvel Universe
Elsa render making snow.png Elsa The queen of the kingdom of Arendalle, born with magical snow powers. As a young girl, she tried to hide her powers from everyone around her in fear that she might hurt someone. During her coronation, her sister Anna accidentally exposed her powers to residents of visiting kingdoms. With this revelation, Elsa tried to distance herself from the rest of the kingdom by making a snow palace on the mountains, but she unintentionally started a massive snowstorm that took an act of true love to stop. Now she uses her powers to help her kingdom. Frozen
3562186-perry.png Perry Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher's pet platypus who secretly works for the O.W.C.A., an agency of animal spies. When his owners aren't looking, he goes into action, to save his home in Danville from the numerous schemes of Dr. Doffenshmirtz. Phineas and Ferb
KH3DSam Flynn.png Sam Flynn Son of arcade game creator Kevin Flynn, Sam ran his company ENCOM when his father vanished. Soon though, while searching for clues to his father's disappearance, he was digitized into the "TRON system", a digital world created by his father, which had been overrun by the program CLU 2. Together with his father and the last ISO program Quorra, Sam stopped CLU from making his vision of a perfect world come true. TRON
Jack Skellington.jpg Jack Skellington The Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. Every year, he and his fellow spooks from Halloween Town make sure to give everyone a good fright on Halloween night. Although a gentlemen, he does have one flaw, when he has an idea, he sticks with it. This flaw almost led to disaster one year when Jack discovered wooden doors leading to other holiday towns, and decided to help out with Christmas by having his fellow spooks make gifts while he delivered them in place of Santa Claus. It didn't go as well as he hoped, as the gifts were faulty and caused such a scare on Christmas Eve. But he managed to get Santa to bring the faulty gifts back and do Christmas the right way. Jack continues to make Halloween the way it should be, and has even moved his faulty gifts to the Haunted Mansion so that the 999 Happy Haunts can enjoy Christmas their way. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mad-doctor.png Mad Doctor In his debut appearance in the cartoon of the same name, the Mad Doctor attempted to put the head of Mickey's dog Pluto on a chicken's body. The cartoon was his only appearance though, and he ended up in the Wasteland as a result. There, he partnered with Oswald to make the robotic Beetleworx that would help new arrivals. But he ended up converting himself into a Bettleworx and developed a lust for power. So when the Blot arrived, the Mad Doctor double-crossed Oswald and helped the Blot in hopes that in the end, only he and his robots would rule. Thankfully, he was stopped by Mickey. Here, joins the battle riding a miniature Bettleworx mech. Epic Mickey
Guardian Star-Lord Portrait Art.png Star-Lord When his mother was killed by the alien race known as the Badoon, Peter Quill sought to travel the cosmos to find out why. After becoming a NASA astronaut, meeting an entity called the Master of the Sun, and a brief partnership with the Ravagers, Quill found out that he was part-alien and royalty to the emperor Jason of Spartax. Eventually he formed the Guardians of the Galaxy, a group of cosmic warriors, and armed with his Elemental Gun, he's ready to fight ailen races. Marvel Universe
Mrs. Incredible.jpg Mrs. Incredible In her youth, Helen Truax used her power to stretch her body like a rubber band as the super Elastigirl, to prove that female superheroes were just as good as male ones. Just before supers were forced into retirement, she married Mr. Incredible, and together, they had three children who had powers too. When the Super retirement laws passed, she was quick to adapt, but was worried that her husband didn't like civilian life too much, and feared that he would get the family in trouble. When her husband was lured to Nomanisan Island, she managed to figure out what was going on with help from Edna Mode. She then went to save him and together with the kids, she helped Mr. Incredible in dealing with Syndrome and the Omnidroid. Now she and her family protect the city of Metroville as the Incredibles. The Incredibles
239efa52ae850f74ec73aa4fae190879.jpg Angela Gargoyles
Kim Possible Navigation.png Kim Possible Kim Possible
Randy cunningham by mykoklyt-d5znkqr.png Randy Cunningham Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
Frozone Full Body.jpg Frozone The Incredibles
Shuma-gorath.png Shuma-Gorath Marvel Universe
Boba fett.jpg Boba Fett (unlockable) Star Wars
Meridahunt.png Merida (unlockable) Brave
Gargoyles-Demona2.gif Demona (unlockable) Gargoyles
The Incredibles - Syndrome - Render.png Syndrome (unlockable) The Incredibles
Mvci-thanos.jpg Thanos (unlockable) Marvel Universe
Baymax Armor Wings Render.png Baymax (DLC) Big Hero 6
Scrooge McDuck DuckTales 2017.jpg Scrooge McDuck (DLC) Ducktales
Img-swsolo-char3.png Chewbacca (DLC) Star Wars
Jack Sparrow KHIII Render.png Captain Jack Sparrow (DLC) Pirates of the Caribbean
5a8dd33cb15d5c051b368fe3.png Gizmoduck (DLC) Ducktales
UltronInfinite.png Ultron (DLC) Marvel Universe


Image Name Bio Series
250px-Mega Man SSB4.png Mega Man A robotic boy whose real name is Rock, created by Dr. Light. When Light's partner, Dr. Wily turned on him and stole Robot Masters to conquer the world, Rock decided to fight against Wily. So Light upgraded him for combat, and since then, he has protected his home, Mega City, from Wily's army. Thanks to the special Copy chip built inside him, Mega Man can replicate Master Weapons from the Robot Masters he battles. He always has his fateful sidekick, the robo-dog Rush, by his side when needed. Mega Man
Ryu UMVC3.png Ryu A wandering warrior and serious trainer. He has wandered the world in hopes of becoming a skilled fighter. He has fought against the forces of Shadaloo and S.I.N. during his travels. Though he also has a problem trying to keep a demonic energy inside him called the Satsui No Hado from taking him over. He relies on his friends to help him in these situations. Street Fighter
Morrigan.png Morrigan Aensland A noble S-Class succubus who is the owner of her family's throne. She has a fondness for our world. When she was young, her soul got split into three pieces, one remaining in Morrigan, one sealed up in her adoptive father, Berial, and one becoming the entity Lilith. Morrigan has recently put all the pieces back together, and she's ready to protect our world from danger. Darkstalkers
Asura -0000.jpg Asura A demi-god who once protected individuals from the Gohma. However, he was betrayed by his fellow seven warriors, as they framed him for the murder of the emperor, killed his wife and took his daughter hostage. Fed up with anger, Asura fights to prove his innocence, get revenge on those who put him in his predicament and save his daughter. Asura's Wrath
ArthurG&G.png Arthur A valiant knight with an unfortunate tendency to lose his armor. Whenever the princess from his kingdom is in trouble, he goes out to rescue her. He fights off against supernatural forces to go further on his quest. Ghosts 'n Goblins
Ultimate-Marvel-vs.-Capcom-3-MVC3-Character-Render-zero.jpg Mega Man Zero The last creation of Mega Man's arch-nemesis, Dr. Wily. Mega Man Zero, or "Zero" for short, was created by Wily to defeat Mega Man and the rebellious Robot Master, Bass. But due to a flaw, he was sealed in a capsule until the year 21XX. When he got out, he attacked numerous Reploids before coming face-to-face with the leader of the Maverick Hunters, Sigma. The battle ended when both were infected by a big dose of Dr. Wily's deadly Maverick virus, which caused Reploids to break the number one rule of being a robot: don't attack people. While Zero was cured of his flaw, Sigma became the most diabolical and deadly Maverick the world had ever seen. Feeling a sense of remorse, Zero joined up with the Maverick Hunters along with his Light Labs counterpart, Mega Man X, to fight the Mavericks. Mega Man
230px-Chun-li.png Chun-Li A Chineese Interpol investigator seeking to avenge her father's death by battling the terrorist organization Shadaloo. Her battles have had her come across some friends, including Guile and Cammy, and fierce enemies including M. Bison and Juri. She is well-known for her stung and powerful kicks. Street Fighter
Amaterasu UMVC3.png Amaterasu The goddess of the sun. Taking the form of a wolf, she was summoned by Sakuya, the wood sprite, to restore life to Kamiki Village after it was drained by the eight headed demon Orochi. Allied with Issun, a Poncle artist, she fights the evil spirits of the demon Yami. Okami
PhoenixWrightUMVC3.png Phoenix Wright A renowned defense attorney famous for turning hopeless cases around and getting his defendant found innocent, as well as finding the real killer. He is allies with the Fey clan, who are well known for channeling spirits from the afterlife and letting them explain what's going on to the living. Ace Attorney
Chris UMVC3.png Chris Redfield An American Special Operations Unit captain and founding member of B.S.A.A.. Before hand, he was the sharpshooter of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team until it disbanded when one of it's members turned out to be working for Umbrella, a research group that created the deadly T-virus. Since B.S.A.A.'s formation, Chris has fought numerous B.O.W.s and zombies that were created by Umbrella. Resident Evil
Felicia.png Felicia A catwoman who was raised by a Sister named Rose in her youth. When Rose passed, Felicia decided to follow her dream to become a musical star. Her paranormal origins have made it difficult for her to blend in, but she does try as hard as she can. Darkstalkers
Dante-ultimate-marvel-vs-capcom-3-picture.jpg Dante A paranormal mercenary with demon blood in his veins. As a young boy, Dante and his family were attacked by demons, and he saw in horror the death of his mother. Inspired by demon hunter Lady, he formed the Devil May Cry shop, specializing in devil-hunting. Devil May Cry
AlexTVC.jpg Alex An American fighter from Manhattan who lost his parents when he was a young boy. Living with his best friend Tom, he trains at his buddy's gym. He entered the third World Warrior tournament when Tom was severely injured by the tournament's sponsor, Gill. Street Fighter
Firebrand.png Firebrand A Red Arremer that has lived for over 1,000 years. Nicknamed the Red Blaze by his peers, he is a skilled warrior among Astaroth's army. Ghosts n' Goblins
Viewtiful-joe.png Viewtiful Joe A movie-goer who found himself dragged into Movieland, a dimension where movies actually happened, and was given a special V-Watch by Captain Blue, which allows him to become his red-clad superhero alter-ego. He has been destined to save both Movieland and the real world three times, but strangely he's only saved them twice. He still waits for his third adventure. Viewtiful Joe
SpencerUMVC3.png Spencer Once a member of the armed forces of the Federal States of America, Nathan "Rad" Spencer lost his left arm to a grenade. He was then chosen as a test subject for bionics technology by T.A.S.C, the military's intelligence division. Outfitted with a robotic arm, Spencer then went to save his comrade Super Joe from the Imperial Army. Alas, he was forced to give up the arm when a group of anti-bionic protesters led a riot on the government. But a bombing caused by the terrorist organization known as BioReign has brought this bionic hero back into action. Bionic Commando
FrankWest.png Frank West A freelance photojournalist who has covered several events including wars. But none so interesting, as the zombie outbreak in Willamette, Colorado, launched by terrorist Carlito Keyes as revenge for the destruction for his home town. Frank managed to help survivors get out of town, and defeat numerous zombies and psychopaths. Dead Rising
Tron UMVC3.png Tron Bonne An air pirate from several thousand years into the future of Mega Man's world. As the mechanic of several machines, Tron in considered to be the brains in her family. Her greatest companions are the Servbots, forty tiny robots who follow her every command. Although stubborn and greedy, she is willing to help Mega Man's descendent, Mega Man Volnutt, when dealing with rival forces like Mega Man Juno and Sera. Mega Man
C. Viper UMVC3.png C. Viper A CIA agent tasked with infiltrating S.I.N. and taking down their leader Seth. While undercover, she was assigned to the "Battle Suit project", and entered S.I.N.'s tournament to test it, while keeping in mind her assignment from the CIA. When not working for her job, she takes care of her daughter, Lauren. Street Fighter
Jill UMVC3.png Jill Valentine Another former member of S.T.A.R.S. who formed B.S.A.A. after the organization's fall. She worked with her commrades against Umbrella and their deadly T-Virus. There was one point when she was captured by the very man who caused S.T.A.R.S. to fall, and was brainwashed to serve him. Thankfully, Chris was able to free her. Now she wants to take down the man that caused many zombie outbreaks to prevent him from causing any more harm. Resident Evil
Trish.png Trish Hoping to lure Dante into a trap, the evil demon Mundus created a demon resembling Dante's mother Eva. Named Trish, she followed Mundus orders and lured Dante, but soon developed feelings towards the demon hunter. She soon betrayed Mundus and became a hunter herself, working with Dante at the Devil May Cry shop. Devil May Cry
Batsu-tvc1.jpg Batsu A foul-mouthed, belligerent, and impulsive student with a strong sense of justice, and a kind heart. When his mother was kidnapped by the evil Hyo Imawano, Batsu transferred from his old school to Taiyo High so he could rescue her. Aided by fellow students Hinata Wakaba and Kyosuke Kagami, Batsu uses his attacks to fend off evil within the school. Rival Schools
Strider.png Strider Hiryu Strider
Nemisis.png Nemesis Resident Evil
Necalliclean.png Necalli Street Fighter
Hsien-ko.png Hsien-Ko (unlockable) Darkstalkers
CG2Astaroth.png Astaroth (unlockable) Ghosts 'n Goblins
Vergil.png Vergil (unlockable) Devil May Cry
Wesker.png Wesker (unlockable) Resident Evil
Akuma UMVC3.png Akuma (unlockable) Street Fighter
Haggar.png Mike Haggar (DLC) Final Fight
MegamanX.png Mega Man X (DLC) Mega Man
DohmaJedah.png Jedah Dohma (DLC) Darkstalkers
MonsterHunter.png Monster Hunter (DLC) Monster Hunter
Sigma MVCI.png Sigma (DLC) Mega Man
SFIII3rdOnlineGill.png Gill (DLC) Street Fighter