Disney All-Stars Grand Prix is a fan-made racing game by AdamGregory03 (talk) that incorporates multiple Disney franchises. It is released for the Wii U, Xbox 360 and One, PlayStation 3 and 4, and Nintendo 3DS.



  • Grand Prix - Can be played up to four players. Race for the top in four tracks!
  • Time Trial - Your only opponent to beat here is the clock.
  • Single Race - Pretty self-explanatory.
    • Elimination - Don't get behind, or you're out of the race!
    • Skill - No items, just pure driving skill!
  • Turbo-Tastic Tournament - Somewhat of a story mode. It has you race on twelve randomly-picked tracks, with the first one always being Toontown Stadium. To plot is that King Candy from Wreck-it Ralph has claimed to have turned over a new leaf and invites many Disney stars to participate, unaware of his greedy plan.


It is confirmed the game will have fifty playable characters from multiple Disney franchises. It is also confirmed that fifteen of these characters will be available from the start, and the other thirty-five must be unlocked.

Default Playable

Image Character Franchise Vehicle Stats
Spd Acl Hnd Ofr Bst
Ariel Ariel The Little Mermaid Shell Rider
A vehicle made out of a giant clam's shell, where Ariel sits in the mouth. The wheels of the vehicle are made out of small sea shells and sand dollars.
7/10 9/10 5/10 9/10 2/10
Gravity-falls-dipper-mabel Dipper & Mabel Gravity Falls Mystery Ride
The golf cart that appears in Tourist Trapped.
7/10 5/10 6/10 7/10 9/10
Donald Donald Duck Disney Toons S.S. Daisy
A vehicle modeled after a tug boat with a duck-like tail on it's rear. The vehicle has orange and white striped life preservers for tires.
4/10 2/10 8/10 8/10 5/10
Disneygoofy2012 Goofy Disney Toons Goofy Jalopy
An old, jalopy-type vehicle that looks rusty and run down. You can see clouds of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe.
4/10 7/10 8/10 2/10 6/10
Lightning McQueen Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Cars Lightning McQueen
Lightning drives as himself.
8/10 7/10 6/10 3/10 9/10
Mickey Mouse art Mickey Mouse Disney Toons Mouse Machine
A light blue car with red accents modeled after the Mickey's Car item in Disney Infinity. Mickey's logo can be seen on the wheels of the car as well as the vehicle's front.
5/10 6/10 8/10 3/10 7/10
Minnie mouse Minnie Mouse Disney Toons Minnie Machine
A vehicle that is identical to Mickey's vehicle, except it is pink with white accents, and has a bow similar to Minnie's on the back hood.
6/10 5/10 8/10 3/10 7/10
Mulannew Mulan Mulan Fire Worker
A vehicle modeled after a Chinese Dragon parade float with a red, blue, and gold color scheme. Mushu can be seen riding on Mulan's shoulders.
8/10 5/10 4/10 8/10 6/10
WinnieThepooh Pooh Winnie the Pooh Honey Racer
A vehicle that appears to be carved out of a tree with a beehive hanging from one of it's branches. The vehicle's wheels are honey pots.
4/10 6/10 7/10 5/10 5/10
TOSRalph Ralph Wreck-it Ralph Wrecking Truck
Ralph's tow truck from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Disney Infinity.
5/10 8/10 8/10 9/10 2/10


  • Frank - Frank from Cars appears as a hazard in the Radiator Springs Speedway course.
  • Pluto - Pluto from Disney Toons appears in the background of the Toontown Stadium course.
  • Statler & Waldorf - It is confirmed that Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets will deliver commentary during the race.


Cup Title Description
Mouse Cup Toontown Stadium A stadium where toons of all kinds and ages come to watch a good race! It's a simple course that eases you into the world of racing.
Radiator Springs Speedway A race that takes place in Radiator Springs from Cars. Takes you through the iconic town landmarks, and even gets you chased by Frank!
??? Unknown A course that takes place underwater, most likely Atlantica.
Unknown A course that takes place on the Grid from Tron.


Item Description of Item
Hidden Mickey A simple speed boost.
Honey Pot This item leaves a patch of sticky honey behind the racer. If any opponents touch the honey patch, they will be slowed down greatly.
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