Disney’s Magic Kingdom Combat is a 4-Player fighting game that is scheduled to release in early 2016 on Steam. The game is also a collaboration between Capcom and Disney due to the two companies creating games with Disney properties in the past. The game features assorted characters from Disney's past as well as some Pixar and Silly Symphonies characters thrown into the mix.




The game is a hybrid between smash-style gameplay and street fighter gameplay with damage meters and stages included with hazards thrown in to differ each stage from eachother. The game's main focus is on Magic Meter which will gradually build up when fighting opponents. The Magic Meter has 3 segments which fill up upon fighting opponents during gameplay as previously stated. Once filled, the player will be able to unleash powerful moves depending on how many segments are filled on the meter. The powerful moves range from Kheingdom Combo which will rack up damage to other players, the Kingdom Crash which will send an opponent flying upwards resulting into a K.O and, the finisher move the Kingdom Crush which will obliterate the opponent.

The goal of the game is to see how many K.O's you can acheive from the Kingdom Crush and Kingdom Crash moves rather than knocking players off-screen to gain points. The game also features 3 different playstyles that influences each character's individual moveset. These 3 playstyles range from, Light which the character is agile but has weak attacks, Heavy in which the character is slow but has strong moves to make up for it, and finally Glass Cannon in which a character shares both features that Heavy and Light characters have and they can't take much damage.


The game's roster amount is undecided at the moment, however 12 characters have been revealed for the game.


Name Info


Mickey Mouse

Do I really have to explain who Mickey Mouse is? Here Mickey appears in his sorcerer form from Fantasia. He’s the most balanced character with all around stats. He can attack with magic, as well as summoning The Brooms and Willie the Giant.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck

The short-tempered duck from the Mickey Mouse cartoons. Donald's playstyle is Glass Cannon. He can attack with his anger and tantrums.



Goofy is an old companion to Mickey and Donald. According to his son, he’s the most athletically challenged being on the planet, which carries over into the game. His playstyle is Heavy. He can attack with weights, sports equipment and magic tricks.



Pete is Mickey’s rival and one of the first Disney villains. Or Goofy’s neighbor. Maybe they’re different people. Pete’s plastyle is Heavy. Pete can attack with a lot of things, like the steamboat he owns or his dog, Chainsaw.


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Before Mickey was around, we had Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald's playstyle is Light. He can remove parts of his own body, fly with his ears, and get his shadow to fight for him.

Dopey DMKC


One of the seven dwarfs that lived with Snow White. Dopey's plastyle is Light. He can attack with his pickaxe and his diamonds.

Pinocchio DMKC


A wooden doll who wanted to be a boy. Pinocchio's playstyle is Light. His specials include summoning The Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket to attack for him.

Dumbo DMKC


An elephant with big ears! And that's why they call him Dumbo. No other reason, just because of his ears. Dumbo's playstyle is Light. He can shoot peanuts with his nose. His specials include summoning Mr. Stork, the Pink Elephants and the crows.

Bambi DMKC


A literal deer child. That's who I'm putting in this fighting game. Go away. Bambi's playstyle is Light. He can attack with his hooves, as well as summoning Flower to squirt skunk spray at people.


Name Info


Horace Horsecollar

A horse character that used to hang out with Mickey frequently in the 30s and 40s. Horace's playstyle is Glass Cannon. He can attack with a plow and his horseshoes. He can also summon an army of mosquitoes to attack the opponent.

Win five matches as Mickey Mouse.


Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf from the Silly Symphonies short "The Three Little Pigs". His playstyle is Glass Canon. He can attack by blowing air, putting on disguises and... strapping an explosive rocket to his back? Doesn't seem very Big Bad Wolf-like to me.----

Win ten matches as Pete.

Grumpy DMKC


One of the seven dwarves. As his name suggests, he's grumpy. Grumpy has similar attacks to Dopey but he has a completely different playstyle. He also has a few more attacks that involve his anger. Grumpy's playstyle is Glass Cannon, making him rather different from Dopey.----

Win fifteen times as Dopey.


Name Info

Summoning Orb DMKC

Summoning Orb

A mysterious orb that will summon people to battle for you. When found, you have to race to be the first one to pick it up and have a non-roster character fight for you.

Tsum Tsum DMKC

Tsum Tsum

A cute little plushie that comes in a variety of Disney characters. Holding a Tsum Tsum while fighting will make your attacks stronger. Once you've hit your foe five times the Tsum Tsum will disappear.


Name Info

Magic Broom DMKC

Magic Broom

One of the many brooms that came to life to clean the castle in Fantasia. When summoned, Magic Broom will walk around and throw buckets of water. When it hits an opponent, it'll make that opponent weaker to damage for ten seconds. When thrown on the floor it'll make a puddle that you can slip on.

Alice DMKC


Before even Oswald there was Alice, a live-action little girl in a world of cartoons. In this appearance she's dressed up like a cowgirl, similar to her appearance in one of her old shorts. She can attack opponents by... shooting them? A bit nuts for a little girl, isn't it?

Toby Tortoise DMKC

Toby Tortoise

A tortoise who beat the hare, both in racing and boxing. Here he's based off of his appearance in "Toby Tortoise Returns". For a little while Toby slowly wanders around the stage, punching anyone who happens to come near him. The real threat begins when the fireworks in his back go off. Then he flies around the stage, doing massive damage to anyone unlucky enough to come into contact with him.



Name Info

Magic Kingdom DMKC

Magic Kingdom

One of the most iconic theme parks in the whole world. Specifically, the flowers in one of the most iconic theme parks in the whole world. Nothing much goes on here. It's just a flat stage in which you fight in the flowers.


Steamboat Willie

The classic boat that started Disney's legacy. You fight while the boat is moving along the river. There aren't any hazards, except for the water below. Don't fall in!

Clockwork Cleaners DMKC

Clockwork Cleaners

In this stage, you fight inside a gigantic clock! The screen scrolls to the right so you have to keep up with it. There are moving gears and springs you have to climb and jump over. You can use these to your advantage by knocking your opponents behind.

Disney Sketchbook DMKC

Disney Sketchbook

A giant sketchbook filled with sketches drawn by real Disney animators! There isn't that much hazards in this stage however, Disney villains can be drawn in order to interrupt your fight.




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