Disney's Creationauts is an open-world sandbox MMORPG and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DSGo and Nintendo Switch in 2017 and was later released on the MG Eternal in early 2019.



Thanos, the terrifying intergalactic warlord, has uncovered an ancient mechanical menace that has been locked away for years... the Cogs. Seeking opportunity, he gathers Syndrome, Lord Dominator, Kylo Ren, and a newly programmed Turbo to take control of these business-oriented robots and use their power for evil.

Yen Sid catches wind of this plot and decides to summon warriors to fight back against the Cogs. The players take the roles of these warriors.


Creationauts takes most of its inspiration from a past Disney MMO, Toontown Online. Players are able to create a character with different features and clothes based on various Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Disney XD/Toon Disney characters.

Creationauts can gather weapons from all around the Disneyverse, but basic weapons are equipped when you first create an account.

There are many different locations you can access, a la Club Penguin. You start out in the Creationaut Main Headquarters, where you can get missions from Yen Sid and access portals to other worlds in the Disneyverse.

Each player gets their own "pocket dimension" where they live. As a homage to the Toy Box from Disney Infinity, the landscape starts out flat, and can be changed using different tiles and structures. Other players can visit your pocket dimension.

The construction aspect also plays a part in the general game; you can build bases in any of the dimensions you come across, as long as you have enough supplies. Cogs may attack a Creationaut base at any time, and players will fight back until they retreat or the base is destroyed.

Amiibo cards for the game will be released in waves. These cards are usually found in packs of five, and they can be used to summon a Disneyverse hero to assist in battle against Cogs for a brief span of time.

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