Diskun is a newcomer representing the Famicom Disk System Universe


Specials and Final Smash

NOTICE: Like Lucario, Diskun gets more madly powerful as he takes damage. And the Disk Launch Charge is also MORE strongly chargeable from damage

Direction Move Description Final Smash
Standard Disk Launch Diskun chakrams a disk at opponents
Sideways Burst Diskun rocket dashes forward in a rage
Up Take the Cord! Diskun jumps highly grasping a controller cord
Down Sleep Mode Diskun takes a rest, this has a chance of launching opponents upwards if they are over Diskun when he begins to rest
Retro Diffusion Laser: Similiar to R.O.B. & Samus' Final Smashs

Smash Attacks

  • Up: Diskun Uppercuts Sharp as a disk
  • Sideways: Diskun Backkicks forward, Similiar to Zero Suit Samus' side smash
  • Down: Diskun spins like a disc, cut attacking opponents


Victory Animations

  • Diskun happily hops around and then waves at the screen
  • Diskun silently jumps behind a Fake "Victory!" Game cartridge and thumbs up at the screen

Losing/Clapping Animation

Diskun shakes back and forth in rage

Famicom Disk System Victory Theme

Flourished remix of Flat Zone 2, followed by the Light Plane Retro Theme on results screen (sorry, I'm working on it)


  • Up: Diskun holds up a battery that decreases with Diskun's Stamina
  • Sideways: Diskun holds a hand up
  • Down: Diskun briefly wipes out

Victory Chant


On-Screen Appearance

A Famicom Golf golf ball comes out of nowhere and lands on the battlefield, thats when Diskun comes, picks it up and bats it back, then throws the bat on the battlefield, instantly spawning a Home-Run Bat. Diskun then goes into a fighting stance


Costume Description Costume Number
Yellow Normal 1
White White Palette 2
Pink and Red Resembles Kirby 3
Blue and White Diskun's reverse colors/resembles Wii U symbol 4
Black Diskun Black Diskun 5
Blue and Green Reverse Kirby Colors, Resembling Kirby for Black Diskun 6
White and Blue Black Diskun's reverse colors 7
Red Black Diskun Palette, Resembles Mad Diskun 8

Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Snake's Codec

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