The Disaster Trio is a small group of mainly three bandits working for Voldom as his three major henchmen, making their first appearance in Paper Mario: Prophecy of the Arts.

Notable Members


The main leader of the Disaster Trio, considering himself the strongest and most powerful out the three, though his cunning pride can also be taken as a flaw. Despite being extremely desperate to bring any forces carrying a Fortuned Crystal down, he still cares for his teammates, as seen from Chapter Eight.


A once neutral-aligned Bandit that has now turned to the dark side, a majority of his attacks revolve around magic and is often serious about his work. However, he is also very intelligent and knows much about the Mushroom Kingdom as a whole, though he may sometimes brag about it.


The brains of the group who is extremely inventive and likes to do pranks for those who fall to his traps. Besides his inventive nature, he is the most energetic and hardworking, but never seems to take a break at his gadgets, thus the other henchmen calling him a "workaholic."


The newest and only female member of the trio, despite only being an apprentice to Buckello. Unlike him, she is sometimes considered a brat by the other henchmen, but still, keep her due to her short temper. Marcy appears a secondary antagonist in the Isles of a Mirror DLC.



While each member has their own personal backstory of joining the Mushroom Rebellion, it was not long before meeting each other and soon deciding to create a sub-group known as the Disaster Trio, with the name based off of Voldom's main goals of destruction. However, they would occasionally hide their regrets of joining to the boss.

One day, Buckello would introduce a feisty, armless tabby to the group yet barely anyone would've accepted her. When Voldom decided to test her on the Trials, she was somehow able to complete half of them, thus becoming an apprentice to one of its members.

Paper Mario: Prophecy of the Arts

Throughout Mario's journey, the main trio had multiple attempts of stopping Mario from retrieving the Fortuned Crystals with separate battles with him, only to arrive in failure. In the second final chapter, they all challenge Mario in a mini-boss battle before he and his partners could enter the castle.

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