Dino Rhino



Stomping on a Dino Rhino will turn it into a Dino Torch.
Species Origin Dinosaur (Ceratopsian)
Alignment Neutral

Dino Rhinos are a species of Ceratopsian dinosaur creatures that live on Dinosaur Land. They are large, yet slow enemies that first appear in Super Mario World. They will follow Mario when he is nearby, jumping over walls, Warp Pipes, and other obstacles to continue their chase. They are immune to Fireballs from Fire Mario.

If a Dino Rhino is jumped on, it will become a Dino Torch (also spelled Dino-Torches and sometimes called Mini Rhinos). These are significantly more common than Dino Rhinos in Super Mario World; they case Mario at a faster speed and have the unique ability to breath fire unlike their larger counterparts. They can breath fire forward to attack Mario from afar or breath fire upward to prevent him from jumping on them. Unlike Dino Rhinos, Dino Torches are not immune to fireballs.


Mario Kart: Infinity Remix

Dino Rhino makes its Mario Kart series debut and its overall playable debut in Mario Kart: Infinity Remix. It is a heavyweight character, meaning that it has among the highest speed and weight stats in the game, though its acceleration and handling can dip into the lowest levels. It also has good traction and poor mini-turbo.

Dino Rhino is an unlockable character, and is unlocked randomly after winning a gold trophy on any cup on any engine class.


Dino Rhino

Dino Torch

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