Dino Mutation Logo
Developer(s) Sora Ltd.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) Zekons
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Series Dino Mutation
Release Date(s) March 20, 2020
Mode(s) 1-2 players
Age Rating(s) Esrb-teen-logo-lrg

Dino Mutation (キョウリュウ遺伝 Kyōryūiden?) is the upcoming 2020 action-adventure game released on March 20, 2020 for Nintendo Switch. This game is not actually dinosaurs, but genetic-engineering creatures originated from the dinosaurs' DNA.


Dino Mutation Gameplay

Story Mode

Dino Mutation Story Mode

Battle Mode

Dybrid Catalogue


Dino Mutation summary:In the 2012, people excavates the ancient ambers where contains the dinosaur DNA. Though the dinosaur DNA are stored for the future in order to revive the dinosaur by cloning, one scientist named Dr. Akira Kyoryuji decide to create a new species for every dinosaurs. The one scientist successfully created a new creature by bio-engineered and splicing with every species DNA called Dybrid. Some of the Dybrids are created and sent to the huge deserted island called Dybri Island in order to survive, peace, passion, and survive of the fittest. However, the man who escaped from prison named Richter Akami stoles Akira's Dybrid data in order to create the ultimate Dybrid-human. Akira helps the main protagonist (whenever you pick the protagonist's gender) to stop Richter's plot from creating the Dybrid-human.



Main Characters

Characters Information
Protagonist (Male/Female) The main protagonist is also known as Dybrid Tamer. Akira give the protagonist the Dybrid larval.
Dr. Akira Kyoryuji The scientist who created the Dybrids despite without their friends' permissions that he created the new species of the dinosaurs.

Supporting Characters



Seven Dybrid Kings

Supporting Antagonists


There are 20 Dybrids that Akira encountered the enemy Dybrids commanded by the Seven Dybrid Kings.


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