Digimon: Memories of Data (Sentai: Dejitaru Monsutā no Omoide 戦隊:デジタルモンスターの思い出?, lit. Sentai: Digital Monster's Memories) is the upcoming 2016 released on Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita in Japan June 20, 2016 and North America June 22, 2016. This game was set after event of Power Ranger Chronicles. This story was unknowingly about Memory Bank's malicious virus came down to the Digital World, causing the Digimon turned into new type of Digimon with many tails. The digital avatar was aided by Kyuemon's digital self created by the real Kyuemon's spirit to find the mysterious culprit who wants to destroys the past when Samuel Nakaoka the Second met Sora Takenouchi.

This game was based on PR: Digimon movies on Original Digimon Movie to Diaboromon Strike Back, but used on all game-exclusive like Naruto World's Tailed Beast Drive and Pretty Cure World's Rider's Rival Battle characters such as Ryuka.


Old Gameplay

  • Explores the free-roam Real World and Digital World.
  • Scan Digimon in 100%.
  • You can choose three Starter Digimon (Agumon, Kunemon or Dorumon).

New Gameplay

  • This new mechanic called World Shift to across two worlds.
  • The new attack method called Memories Finisher to 1-Hit KO on enemies.


Prologue: The Mysterious Incident

After the False BEASTs were defeated, The message for the mysterious being that says, however, "Thank You... For All Your Help... But there is still no chance..." and the mysterious virus came in and heads towards to the Digital World, causing the all Digimon into unknown type Digimon with many tails.

Chapter 1: The Digital World Interspace


Main Characters

  • Male/Female Avatar
  • Kagero Miwa - The son of Taishi and Ryuka.
  • Digital Kyuemon Izayoi
  • Past Samuel Nakaoka the Second (Original Digimon Movie/War Movie/Revive! GaoRed Movie/Diaboromon Revenges Movie)
  • Past Sora Takeouchi (Original Digimon Movie/War Movie/Revive! GaoRed Movie/Diaboromon Revenges Movie)
  • Mysterious Cloak Woman


  • Vrak
  • Digital Saya
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Ryuka
  • Taishi Miwa


Chapter Bosses

  • The mysterious virus (Prologue)

Minion Bosses



  • This game contains English Dub used for Re: Digitize and Cyber Sleuth characters, but some the dialogues were censored to new dubbed ones.
    • Some of the female characters' clothes were censored because of sexual.
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