Mario riding Dig Yoshi.

Dig Yoshi is one of Yoshi's Power-Ups. Yoshi obtains this power by eating a Dig Peanut.


Yoshi gets a brown color and claws instead of fingers, and is able to move freely underground by digging. Yoshi can't stop moving as Dig Yoshi. Yoshi turns back when he either leaves the ground he's inside, or when the time runs out. Yoshi will be sent back to the place he ate a Dig Peanut, after the time ran out.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Star Journey

Dig Yoshi originally debuted in Super Mario Star Journey. In Dig-Dog Bog's mission, Rooming to Underground, Dig Yoshi must dig to underground rooms to obtain a Power Star. In Polar Volcano's mission, Freeze the Place Again!, Wario and Dig Yoshi must reach a switch that freezes the now-active volcano, in order to get the Power Star. In Giant Oak Skyscraper, Dig Yoshi must reach an underground room around the roots of the tree, where a Power Star awaits.


  • Dig Yoshi's power is similar to Sonic after using a Yellow Wisp. However, Sonic actually dies after time runs out.
  • The Yoshi Mole Tank from the Yoshi's Island series is also similar to Dig Yoshi, although the Yoshi Mole Tank's controls are harder than Dig Yoshi's. Also, the Yoshi Mole Tank must reach a Yoshi Block to turn back normal without warping back, just like every Power-Up in the Yoshi's Island series.
  • Also similar form to Dig Yoshi is Digger Kirby from Kirby's Epic Yarn. However, as Digger Kirby, the player must press the 1 button on the Wii remote in order to dig, and must pass a reel gate to return in normal form.
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