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Note I was an unsuccessful story started by DK in 2010 at the so-called successor wiki to Fantendo, The Everything Bagel, which is does not exist anymore. The story at its core (in the few chapters released) was a dramatized take on the "boys vs. girls" topic, placing a more serious tone on it without making any sense whatsoever on how the conflict came to be. Met with harsh criticism, Note I ceased production soon after its start.

Perhaps what infamous story has caused and influenced since then is more significant than itself. Note I's demise caused the production of a new DK story to begin, this one called Fantendo Rebellion, where the characters of Fantendo would rebel against Unten and Plumber, who were creating the "Bagelverse" to replace the Fantendoverse. Being seen as an attack on TEB after the hate of Note I and even more ridiculous at that, a huge flame war began...


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