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Dice With Death
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Platform(s) V2LogoSmallglow
Genre(s) Role-playing game
Party game

Dice with Death is an RPG-themed party game co-produced by Pixelburst Gaming and Ninkancho for the The V² console. It will have fully 3D environments, despite using a pixelated aesthetic including blocky textures and voxelated and billboarded models.


Players roll virtual dice to move around one of many boards, collecting gold and items that can help with stats, battling, or mobility. In Quest Mode, all players work together to defeat monsters; in Versus Mode, the objective is to be the last player standing on more constrained forms of the boards.

Upon moving past an opponent, a battle will begin, and dice rolls and certain items can be used to deal damage. Board movement and attacking both take a turn, whereas item usage does not.

Players can also visit caravans - item shops which are able to move from place to place like characters and monsters. Monsters can also attack them if they pass, and caravans can be destroyed if they sustain enough damage. This adds yet another layer of strategy to purchasing rare items, because they likely won't be available forever.


Quest Mode

In Quest Mode, players are pitted against monsters roaming the boards. If all monsters are defeated, the players will win, and vice-versa.

Versus Mode

Versus Mode is a competitive free-for-all, featuring more traditional party-style gameplay. The main goal is to defeat fellow players' characters and be the last person standing. The boards also appear in a more constrained form to ensure that players battle often.


Name Difficulty Description
Castillo Fortuna The long-abandoned fortress of some king or another, filled to the brim with treasure and ripe for plundering! This is a simple map with few hazards; the only problems you'll have to deal with are monsters and other players, so it's ideal for newcomers or people who want to blame their failures on others instead of a random number generator.


Name Description
BanditBandanna DWD
Bandit Bandanna
A scarf used by pickpockets, thieves, highwaymen, and miscellaneous criminals of that sort. Wearing it makes you a thousand times more suspicious-looking.

Increases the success rate of Stealing when equipped.
BloodKatana DWD
Bloody Katana
An eastern blade named for its unique red color. Nobody knows whether this red is the metal's natural color, or if it truly is stained by blood.

Increases damage dealt in combat by 1 when equipped.
Critical hits occur more frequently when equipped.
BustedSword DWD
Busted Sword
The biggest and weakest sword in history. Famous among blacksmiths for its shoddy design, superfluous size, and blunt edge. At least it's heavy!

Increases damage dealt in combat by 4 when equipped.
Breaks after 5 hits.
A cursed blade which yearns for betrayal and the bloodshed of its master. Most famed for its first wielder, a legendary king, and his traitorous son.

Increases damage dealt in combat by 2 when equipped.
When stolen or looted from its originl owner, +1 to the damage boost.
DeathScythe DWD
Death's Scythe
A scythe that Death himself rented to you. It is his game, after all. It's called "Dice with Death" for a reason. Be careful with this!

Instantly defeats struck enemies when equipped.
Breaks after 3 hit.
A blazing sword that is very, very picky about who wields it. It's a powerful blade, but burns the impure with its fiery aura.

Increases damage dealt in combat by 5 when equipped.
Drains 1 HP per turn when equipped by anyone other than its original owner.
HeartPotion DWD
Heart Potion
A nasty-smelling red potion that greatly accelerates the rate at which the drinker's body generates blood. Basically, you can adventure longer without bleeding out.

Restores half the user's health when used.
Consumed after 1 use.
ManaPotion DWD
Mana Potion
A sickly-looking purple potion that is basically a super-addicting narcotic. Side-effects include hallucinations and comas. ... It also restores mana!

Restores one charge of mana when used.
PottedPlant DWD
Potted Plant
A beautiful sunflower to take up inventory space while you travel across the world and beat up monsters and/or friends! Yay for psychopathy!

Regenerates 1 HP per turn outside of combat when equipped.
RegenPotion DWD
An actual magical curative that actually restores wounds. No, seriously. It has no drawbacks or anything. It straight-up heals you.

Restores one health barrier when used.
SoldierSword DWD
Soldier's Sword
A cheap weapon mass-produced for infantry. About as expendable as its wielders, but hey, it's still sharp, cheap, easy to find, and at least somewhat reliable.

Increases damage dealt in combat by 1 when equipped.
StreetKnife DWD
Street Knife
A small blade sold in large cities. Though they're meant for self-protection, gangs of street thugs often use them for their own purposes.

Critical hits occur more frequently when equipped.
Should Dice with Death have classes like mages, rogues, etc.?

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