Dice Man is a Robot Master from the Mega Man series and is Megaman's friend. He was created by JetStreak and is JS Games property.


Dice Man is a robot designed to keep track of the casino business. He likes to gamble a lot and dislikes secret agents. He also likes to play cards with Dr. Light and Roll.

Appearance New Enemies New Characters

He looks like a giant dice cube, hence his name. Part of his head is also a dice cube, his belt is made of money chips, and he has a cannon arm that shoots spheres. His color scheme is purple.


  • Dice Throw
  • Gamble Tumble
  • Lucky Shot

Appearance in Games

All-Star Heroes

He makes his debut in All-Star Heroes II: Nazo Unleashed as a mini-boss at first, but then joins as a playable character.



  • He is friends with Tumble from the Mario Party series.
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