Diaper Duty Series Logo
Developer(s) Vined Inc., EEA Inc. Logo on Cases
Publisher(s) Logo
Genre(s) Adventure, RPG
Spinoff(s) None
First Game Super Mario Bros.: Diaper Duty
Most Recent Game New Super Mario Bros.: Diaper Duty
Wii Logo, Nintendo DS Logo

The Diaper Duty Series is a spin off of the Yoshi series which is revolving around the baby versions of the Mario Cast. They are made by Vined Inc. and EEA Inc., although (Flame Games assisted on Diaper Duty Baseball Resort & Diaper Duty: Baby Party and Red Inc. assisted on New Super Mario Bros.: Diaper Duty). The game series has now been adopted by Fingerface Co. due to the original user of this game has abandoned it.


The first Diaper Duty game, Super Mario Bros.: Diaper Duty was made by Vined Inc. and had great reviews. Vined Inc. than made a sequel, Diaper Duty 2: The Eggs. Soon after that, EEA Inc. became a company and decided that the two games should be turned into a series, and the Diaper Duty Series was created. EEA Inc. and Vined Inc. worked on the first ten games together, until Vined Inc. quite the gaming business. EEA Inc. took over the series, making the popular game, Diaper Duty DS, as well as a bunch of spin offs. EEA Inc. also let Flame Games and Red Inc. work on a few games with them on the series.

Diaper Duty Games

The games are in order of story events, not release dates. All the games are platformers, expect for Diaper Duty RPG, Diaper Duty RPG 2, and New Super Mario Bros.: Diaper Duty (which is a 3D adventure game). Most of the games have good long storylines and each game's story continues in the next game. All the games are for the Wii expect Diaper Duty DS and the two RPGs, which are for the DS.

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