NOTE: If something in parenthesis is with the dialogue, it is thoughts. If it is on it's own line, then it is a note, either from me, or the game. Avoidable dialogue will be in it's own section

First Group

(In Angel's cabin)

Konata: Hello Angel. I am Konata. I am here to help you. I am your Guardian Angel.

Angel: Okay. I do not know how to react... at all.

Konata: Angel, I must tell you of your quest that you must take.

Angel: (Oh no. I am tired because I haven't slept yet, and I just used the last of my energy to battle those monsters)

Konata: The story starts like this. It dates back to 724 years ago. The story starts with a young warrior, brave and gallant............ .......... ...... .. ............. .  . .............. ....... .. . ..... . ....................

(Reference to the running gag in the Paper Mario series how whenever a long story starts, Mario usually falls asleep and all words are replaced with a random assortment of dots)

(9 hours later)

Konata: ....... ..... . . ... ... .... ......... .. ... ....... . .. .... .......... . .. And that's why you have to go on this quest. Did you understand? I did tell you the short version.

Angel: Huh? Oh yes I understood... (I'm screwed)

Konata: Fully and clearly?

Angel: Yes. I did. (I am so screwed)

Konata: Good. We shall depart right now.

Angel: Okay. We shall go. (I am so, very, very, screwed)

Konata: Our first destination is your hometown, Serea.

(Near the entrance of Ninea)

Angel: Excuse me, miss?

NPC: Yes?

Angel: Uhm, can you give us directions to the town Serea?

NPC: No, I'm afraid not. You should talk to the fortune-teller for that. That place is quite distant.

(Inside the church at Ninea)

Angel: Excuse me? Hello?

Father Francis: Yes? What do you need?

Angel: Do you know where the fortune teller is?

Francis: It should be on the west side of town.

Angel: Thank you. *Walks away, but then bumps into someone, who drops the books they were holding* Oomph, oh I'm sorry. I'll help

???: No, I can do it. Please just leave.

Angel: No, it was my fault. Let me help you.

???: I appreciate your generosity, but it's not necessary.

Angel: Ok then.

Konata: Excuse me, you are named Joseph Nym, are you not?

Joseph: Why do you want to know? Oh, I see. Your just fortune-tellers. People like you disgust me. Fancy tricks, fake magic, crystal balls, all just bologna. You are just fakers.


Joseph: Why? Because you know everything with your "special powers"? I mean how else would you know my name, you've never been here.

Konata: And how do you know that?

Joseph: I can easily remember anyone that comes here. The only way that you could've known my name was through that lucky guess.


Angel: Um, Konata? Are you-

Konata: STAY out of this. Are you going to tell me why you are giving us such sass.

Joseph: I told you. Your just lousy fortune-tellers.

Konata: WE ARE NOT-

Angel: *Pulls her away* We shouldn't be fighting. Especially in a... (It's been so long since I've been in a place like this... what was it called?)

Konata: *Pulls her arm away from Angel* I told you to stay out of this.

Angel: Shouldn't we just be more ci-

Joseph: Shut up.. I don't have time for the likes of you.

Angel: Stop being so mean! We are not fortune-tellers!

Joseph: Then what are you then?

Angel: Warriors, I guess? Would that be right Kona-

Konata: Yes. That would. Now, just-

Joseph: Hold it. You two are way to peasent-like to be warriors.


Joseph: I said peasent-LIKE.

Konata: Same thing.

Joseph: No, it isn't.

Angel: *Pulls her away* -Whispering- People are coming. Stop this arguement. RIGHT NOW.

Konata: Fine. We'll be back.

Joseph: Doubt it.

Konata: WHY YOU-

Angel: *Slaps Konata* SHUT. UP. *Pulls her away*

(Near the Fortune-Teller in Ninea)

Konata: *struggling to get free*

Angel: OK. Now we're away, and almost at the fortune-teller.





Konata: I can't beleive that I have to work with him.

Angel: Huh?

Konata: You know, like in the story I told you.

Angel: Oh yeah. I forgot.

Konata: Well, let's go find the fortune-teller.

Angel: (It's official. I am superbly screwed.) I can't beleive your an angel, but then how else would you have been able to get to my house in a ray of light?

Joseph: ... Angel?

(Inside the fortune-teller)

Angel: Excuse me? Is the fortune-teller here?

Konata: We would like directions to Serea please.

Joseph: Serea? That would be 9 miles east.

Konata: YOU!

Angel: *slaps Konata* Didn't you remember what you to- I mean reminded me? He has to join us.

Joseph: Hold it. *closes eyes*

Konata: DON'T SLEEP! *goes to punch him*

Joseph: *grabs punch* *opens eyes, which suddenly have started to glow a bright blue*

Angel: What is he doing?!

Joseph: Tell me the truth.

Konata: I am an angel, and we-

Joseph: That is all I need to know. I can sense lies.

Angel: I am glad that didn't take more fighting.

(In the entrance of Serea)

Angel: Serea... I'm home *tear*

(In a Flashback)

???: Angel, where are you?

Younger Angel: *swings down a branch* Here I am!

???: There you are sweetie *Picks up Angel*

Younger Angel: *smiles*

???: Come inside Angel. It's getting dark.

Younger Angel: Yes daddy!

???: Hello honey. Hello Angel.

Younger Angel: Hello mommy!

Angel's Mom: We are going to eat now. Are you hungry?

Younger Angel: Not very.

Angel's Mom: You will after this! *Starts tickling Angel*

Younger Angel: *laughing a lot*

Angel's Dad: Honey, come on. Stop being so silly.

Angel's Mom: Oh, she's a child. It's always silly with her.

Younger Angel: Not true!


Angel: Memories...

Joseph: Angel, are you ok?

Angel: Yes, I am. What do we need to get here again Konata?

Konata: We need a necklace. It has been passed down through your family. The reason is that it has great magic power.

Angel: OK, so where should-

???: In the rubble that were once houses of course.

Angel: OK so- Wait! Who are you?

???: Bonjour. I am Archurro, mademoiselle.

Joseph: Why are you here?

Archurro: Why, I am just a traveling artist.

Konata: So why are you here specifically?

Archurro: Searching for something to be put in art. And you lovely lass *Points at Angel* would be perfect.

Angel: What?

Archurro: And a perfect scene would be for battle. Since I can easily remember scenes, this would be good. Try not to hold back.

(After Battle)

Archurro: Fufufufu. You made a great fight mademoiselle et monsieur.

Konata: What about me?

Archurro: You also were a great fighter, at least for the standards of an angel. But aren't all guardian angels like that?

Joseph: Wait, how did you-

Archurro: How could I not? It was obvious. You all have special powers, do you not?

Konata: Yes. We do.

Archurro: So, I should keep that in mind. Au revoir! *lunges onto a rooftop, and dashes away*

Angel: That man is weird.

Konata: Welcome to my world. As an angel, I used to have to keep watch over many people, lots of weird ones. Then I became a guardian.

Joseph: How did he know that you were an angel?

Konata: I'd rather not talk about it.

Angel: But-

Konata: I told you... Is it suddenly getting bright here?

(Bright light shines brightly)

???: Hello Joseph.

Joseph: W-Who are you?

Angel: It's okay.

Konata: Hello Johan.

Johan: I am here to help you. I saw your conversation. Konata, I always knew that you wanted to be a guardian angel because you were lazy.

Konata: JOHAN!

Angel: Konata, don't make what happened before happen again. It would be a pain if you fought this much.

Konata: Stay out of this.

Johan: Stop doing that. She will become a cur if you keep her out of all the fights.

Konata: WHY YOU-

Angel: *tackles Konata* STOP IT! I can't beleive everyone's being such a dastard!

Joseph: I think you are making bad first impressions. You are coming off to be uncooperative.

Konata: *slaps Joseph* YOU, GUH!

Johan: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such a hothead. You are such a cur sometimes.

Konata: STOP BEING SUCH AN SASS. You are so mean.

Johan: I'm just telling you what you can improve on.

Konata: And that is something you can improve on.

Johan: Arse.

Angel: *uppercuts them both* Stop fighting. We DO have to work together.

Johan: Fine.

Konata: Since when were you the boss?

Angel: Since the beginning of the game. *points at player* You! Behind the screen! I AM the main character, right?

Player: Yes/No

(If you say Yes)

Angel: OK. We can continue.

(If you say No)

Angel: Really? I am the main character! Right? Thought so. So we can now continue.

(After getting the pendant)

Angel: OK. I found it. Where do we go next Konata?

Konata: To the Heydra Sea. Near the bottom, there is a crown that was in a ship before sinking...

Joseph: We should get going then.

Johan: We-

Angel: Shut up. She seems sad.

Johan: I didn't know she had sadness. She is always idly sitting around, relaxing.

Angel: Shut up.

Johan: Fine, fine.

(Near the Heydra Sea)

Angel: OK. So how do we get down there?

Konata: We have to find a f- *Angel gets caught in a net* Angel!

Joseph: I'll help *gets caught in another* Crap!

Angel: Joseph, try your best to break free!

Johan: Konata, come on! We have to protect them!

(In the prison cell)

Angel: *waking up* ugh... Joseph? Where are... *yawns* we? (I'm so tired again)

Joseph: Morning sleepy head.

Angel: How long was I out?

Joseph: An hour.

Angel: Say, why did you think we were fortune-tellers?

Joseph: Because, there was no one who moved out of Ninea for so long, and there was no one who told you about me. I just knew that for some reason. Fortune-Tellers pretty much always knows everyone's name, so you seemed like ones.

Angel: Oh. Wait how?

Joseph: They all have feeble magic. Not even close enough for divination.

Angel: OK then. But-

Joseph: They have training in divination, so they automatically know names. But they usually think that they have enough to do it if they leave early. I though you were phony ones because you were so young.

Angel: OK then.

Konata: If you two lovebirds are done, we need to find a way to get out.

Angel: *gives dirty look* Shut the flap up.

Bandit Leader: Shut up. You are annoying the others.

Angel: YOU! BECAUSE OF YOU THE- *whispering* Konata what are we saving?

Konata: World.

Angel: WORLD COULD BE-  *whispering* Sorry it was like a 7 hour long story. What would happen?

Konata: Explode.


Bandit Leader: I doubt it. Now shut up.

Angel: *panicking* What are we gonna do? We can't escape, we can't persuade, we can't do anything!!!! *breathes heavily*

Konata: Come on. There is someone coming for us.

Angel: How do-

Johan: We can sense it. Joseph, you can too, right?

Joseph: Yeah. I can. Try doing some kind of telekinetic thing.

Angel: Alright then. *strains, but to no avail* I-can't-seem-to-get-it-to-work!

Joseph: Well, let's just wait. It's our only hope now.

Angel: OK. I just am worried and panicked.

(Again, in teh prison cell)

Angel: I wonder when he will get here.

Allen: BOO!


Allen: What the hell did you just say?

Angel: I am extremely against profanity.

Allen: ... ok then... But "foul key"?

Angel: Just ignore the strange euphamism.

Secahnd Growp

(At teh Hydrea Sea agan, I hav no idya whi I m purpesly mispiling)

Angel: So what's here again?

Konata: A brace.

Angel: Does it have the same thing a ma bob as the necklace?

???: Yes and hello.

Angel: The third angel's here, skip the introduction.

Johan: I was going to say that...

Konata: And? It doesn't matter. We have Daniel here.

Angel: So we are going to swim there. Well, let's dive in.

Daniel: Wouldn't our clothes get wet?

Angel: So?

Daniel: Well, it, will show for you.


Daniel: So what would we do?

Konata: Well, I guess no one will ask what to do because you three can't breath underwater, but because our clothes will be wet. There is a plant that grants a bubble thing.

Daniel:... so I didn't need to refer to that...

Konata: Embarrased?


Konata: Well, it's a bit back.

  • nom nom nom*

Optional Parts

(In a town, after buying a spy to get info)

Spy: Angel, were you the one who ordered me?

Angel: Yes.

Spy: Give me 300 Gold if you want to know my info.

Angel: Alright. Here. Now what was it.

Spy: I never said I was gonna tell you anything. I just asked if you wanted to know. If you want me to tell you, that'll be 913081204 Gold.

Angel: WHAT!! Why would I give you that much!? Why would you even try!?

Spy: Money = Power. Power = Wario. Wario = 4 Farts. 4 Farts = All the magic in the world. All the magic in the world = A spec of sand. That's what I want. A spec of sand.

Angel: How the blabbersauce does that even make sense?

Spy: Because that's how my logic goes.

Angel: How do you have a different logic?!

Spy: Because it's Insane Troll Logic.

Angel: You mean an internet troll!?


Angel: What the clap does that mean?

Spy: It means DInrgieA in EOTINGlkwksF.

Angel: What the floss does that mean?

Spy: It means DkrkeArfvkaE in EGLNALewnfkubes.

Angel: Aaaaand what the W does that mean.

Spy: Eundgf Ijfkge DIrngkjebtn EIRNGrkjenrg IRNkjbwekfngeeujnbrgkjnerj.

Angel: Can you speak normally?

Spy: Doj4ng Eo303jrf rt'gNSfkgjbawEBFkehjrbgfEIRGbwkijebw.

Angel: Can you not speak gibberish?

Spy: S3o2i4jh or3ihwngo 3oie999 492u301829402 2093.

Angel: Can you speak english?

Spy: Yes I can. Bye. *flies away by pulling his hair and screaming*

Angel: What.

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