Devotee City
Greater Location Devotee City, Inner Realm
First Appearance The Paths Crossed
Current Ruler King Dedede (First Age-Second Age)

Micool the Master (Third Age)

King Toadstool & Princess Toadstool (Fourth Age)

Bowser (Fifth Age)

Current Inhabitant(s)
Varies over time

Devotee Castle is a large castle which appears in the Pathverse timeline. The castle was built in the inner realm by King Dedede to increase the morale of those who lived near it and to honor The Masters for creating the world. Homes and businesses were eventually built around it and eventually formed Devotee City.


First Age

During the First Age, Devotee Castle's construction had finished being built by Dedede's Waddle Dees. Some nomadic species set up homes in this area and eventually, this lead to business being involved in the area around Devotee Castle and a population surge. Eventually, the area officially known as Devotee City by King Dedede and it became a hotspot for traders and tourists. At this time the castle was also guarded by Dedede's army of Waddle Dees armed with weaponry such as swords and spears.

Second Age

During the events of the second age, on the 22nd anniversary of Devotee's construction one of Dedede's major advisors, Bandanna Dee, is kidnapped by the Blind Man. This makes Dedede paranoid and this leads to him running Devotee City horribly. The economy was having a downfall and eventually most the civilians were near Poverty. This lead to raids on Devotee castle by civilians and other people occupying Devotee City. During one of the raids (Of which was lead by Micool the First) most of Dedede's Waddle Dee advisors were killed by Micool (A small amount of the Waddle Dee Advisors managed to retreat from the castle when the raid started) along with King Dedede himself. This eventually lead to Micool's monarchy over Devotee City which is eventually passed down to Micool the Master and Queen Gardenia.

Third Age

Fourth Age

During this time, the Toadstool Monarchy had replaced the Micool Monarchy of the Third Age and Devotee Castle was ruled by King Toadstool. In a similar manner to how Dedede's Advisor is kidnapped, King Toadstool is eventually kidnapped which leaves Peach temporarily in charge of Devotee Castle and the city.

Fifth Age

Sixth Age

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