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Boxart of deviantKART
Developer(s) Logo.png
Publisher(s) deviantART
Platform(s) 3DS/Wii U/PCX
Genre(s) Raceing
Release Date(s) Holiday 2013
Mode(s) Cup Mode 1-4 players (local)
Battle Mode 1-4 players (local) And 2-6 players (online)
Blue Sphere 1-4 players (local) And 2-6 players (online)
Age Rating(s) TenUp.jpg
Media Included 3DS Card/Wii U Disk/PCX Disk


Unlock Players

Downloads Players

Cups/Free Run Mode

Paint Cup
Daziy Cup
Mushroom Cup (Unlock)
  • Elmore Speedway
  • Coco Beach
  • Chemical Plant Zone 

  • Sandy Hills
Flower Cup (Unlock)
  • Shy Guy Roundup!
  • Snow Kingdom
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Rainbow Road
Cookie Cup
Ring Cup
  • Eggland
  • Luigi's Speedway
  • Goomba-Pinball
  • Tail Land
Star Cup (Unlock)
  • Anais' Speedway
  • Airship Madness
  • Carnival Night Zone
  • Dark Hills
Cown Cup (Unlock)
  • Boom-Boom's Doom-Doom
  • Snow Panic
  • Dark Drew's Castle
  • Draw Road

Battle Mode

Coin Rush/Balloon Fight



Cilck Here


Cilck Here

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