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A standard DOOM system device in it's frozen state.

Desynchronized Order Oriented Mechanism or DOOM for short, is the mechanism that the Doomuli use to "freeze" their brain cells and consciousness, allowing them to become immortal and beyond their original species. Although the Desynchronized Order Oriented Mechanism was not invented by Doomulus Prime, he is it's first known user and has since limited it's use to him and his organization. The Doomuli derive their name from the mechanism. The device was created by Exotoro (tbc) to explain the Doomuli's name as well as explain many major factors on how they work.


The Desynchronized Order Oriented Mechanism is used by the Doomuli to "freeze" their brain cells- and by result- their consciousness, allowing for a stability that would otherwise not be possible through technology to become immortal. If the Desynchronized Order Oriented Mechanism is deactivated through some kind of measure, the person will resume their normal life span and begin to slowly lose the ability to process thought as their brain cells die.

There is some disadvantages to using the DOOM system. First, the Desynchronized Order Oriented Mechanism cannot be easily used in organic bodies. Only skeletons have had positive results- hence the Doomuli craft artificial bodies made of metal over their original skeletons in most cases. Second, the freezing of the consciousness results in the Doomulus becoming fairly static in their development. While they are able to form new relationships and memories, their personalities remain fairly locked.

The DOOM system however, remains a powerful tool for Transhumanism individuals such as Doomulus Prime. With a 100% success rate across multiple species in the New Fantendoverse, it provides the backbone for the Doomuli project and has helped it succeed exponentially.


  • The Desynchronized Order Oriented Mechanism does not require a skeleton to function. It is only recommended.
  • The Desynchronized Order Oriented Mechanism lacks the ability to be backed up through computers as it's holding brain cells, not information.
  • The Desynchronized Order Oriented Mechanism appears as an orange cube containing the brain cell information in frozen fluid form. It would be easy to kill a Doomulus forever if this device was completely destroyed. If it malfunctions, it becomes fluid but still allows for users to live.
    • The reason it's a fluid is mostly metaphorical out of the fiction. Fluids flow in liquid form, less so when turned into ice. As such, users with liquid DOOMs would be able to flow and change while frozen DOOM users wouldn't be able to do so.