Laser code 314

The activation code for the laser gun.

Laser Gun

This code will allow you to shoot a concentrated laser at will. For ease of use, a holographic gun of your choosing will be generated at runtime. Note that, like you, this gun has no internal structure and thus is unaffected by the environment.
Rain's Recording

This is the first activation code obtained, as it is impossible to leave the Abandoned Cabin without it. The player can choose between a rifle and a pistol, the former being more accurate and the latter being faster.


For some purposes, the light emitted by your body can be disadvantageous. This code should allow you to dim it for a time, and re-enable it when necessary. Note, however, that this has the unwanted side effect of weakening your vision in dark areas.
Rain's Recording

The Dimmer essentially allows the player to sneak up on enemies, or to avoid or confuse them by hiding. The code for it can be found on a chip directly inside the Hidden Cave.

Data Transfer

As an ambient, none of your consciousness is stored in your body. Thus, you are perfectly capable of transferring it into that of another ambient with the use of this fairly simple code. I've programmed the rabbit ambient to allow you to access its AI.
Rain's Recording

Using Data Transfer give the player the ability to transfer their consciousness into the rabbit. This allows them to reach certain areas that are normally inaccessible and to run faster; however, it is impossible to attack while playing as the rabbit.

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