The Destructive Seven is one of the villain groups in the RenarioExtreme series. They were once servants of the Shine Emperor, but were all punished/banished for their bad behaviour/disobedience/arrogance. Their leader appeared to be the Shadow Lord, but the true leader is Deathscar, the one who gave them dark power to energize them.

Members and their past

Shadow Lord

Formerly named Lucifer, the assumed leader of the Destructive Seven, and the longest living demon in the PokeMutant World. He was once a favorite servant of the Shine Emperor, but gets banished after he killed Pokemon by lightning strike. After getting banished, Lucifer fills his heart with pure anger and hatred, and asks for more power so he could conquer the PokeMutant World, which the power were all given to him by Deathscar. While attacking the world, the Shine Emperor and the Gold Master created eight spirits together and defeated him. He is now the boss of Dr. Mewtwo and his minions, who are also seeking to conquer the PokeMutant World.


The most arrogant out of the demons, he loves to show off.





The only girl of the demon group, Lilithian loves to act like asexy celebrity.


The most disturbing member of the Destructive Seven, Glotton loves to eat everything, but is also the most unintelligent member of the group. He was punished for making Pokemon fat and unhealthy by feeding them too many unhealthy food.

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