Destiny's Star EX Logo
Developer(s) Games Logo (No Text)
Publisher(s) Nintendo and OmegaAlpha
Platform(s) Nintendo EX
Genre(s) Adventure/RPG
Series Destiny's Series
Release Date(s) November 2, 2015
Mode(s) Single Player, Local Multiplayer (EX Gamepad Required), Online Multiplayer, Extras
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E10
Media Included EX Game Disc
Cost $49.99
Destiny's Star EX is a remastered version of the PC game Destiny's Star for the Nintendo EX, developed by OmegaAlpha Games and published by both OmegaAlpha and Nintendo. It features better graphics, a 3D overworld, and extra levels and weapons.

Differences from Other Versions (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)

  • The EX version has ten additional levels, fifteen additional weapons, and one new area.
  • The graphics are much better and more detailed than in the other versions.
  • More special items have been added to the EX version.
  • Some of the character and weapons designs are slightly different.
  • Stats on some weapons and characters are different.
  • Some enemies from other versions are removed from the EX versions, and new ones are placed in as well.

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